How to buy a prebuilt Shopify store? [Experts Tips]

How to buy a prebuilt Shopify store

If you’re considering venturing into the world of e-commerce and looking for a shortcut to kickstart your online business, buying a prebuilt Shopify store might be the perfect solution.

This detailed manual will take you step-by-step through the procedure from understanding the benefits of purchasing a prebuilt store to making an informed choice. We’ll delve into the intricacies of acquiring a Shopify business, focusing on BeBiggy, one of the leading players in this arena.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and insights needed to make a strategic investment in a prebuilt Shopify store, ensuring a smooth entry into the thriving world of online entrepreneurship.

How do you buy a prebuilt Shopify store online?

Purchasing a prebuilt Shopify store online and customizing it to your preferences is a streamlined way to enter the e-commerce market. Here are the steps to acquire and tailor a prebuilt Shopify store to your needs:

  1. Seek Out Reputable Sources: Start by identifying trustworthy platforms or sellers that offer prebuilt Shopify stores. Well-regarded options include Shopify Exchange, Flippa, Empire Flippers, and private sellers.
  2. Define Your Niche: Select an industry or niche that aligns with your interests, knowledge, and market trends. Ensure that the prebuilt store you consider matches your chosen niche.
  3. Review Available Listings: Explore the listings on your chosen platform to find a prebuilt store that suits your criteria and budget. Pay attention to details like niche relevance, revenue statistics, traffic sources, and pricing.
  4. Thorough Store Analysis: Examine the store’s performance meticulously. Review financial reports, traffic sources, conversion rates, and other key metrics to gauge the store’s potential. Verify the accuracy of the data provided by the seller.
  5. Negotiate and Finalize the Purchase: Contact the seller to negotiate terms and pricing. Once you reach an agreement, proceed with purchasing the prebuilt Shopify store.

How can I obtain a free prebuilt Shopify store?

How can I obtain a free prebuilt Shopify store?

To obtain a free prebuilt Shopify store, you can explore the Bebiggy platform, which offers free Shopify stores. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Bebiggy website: Go to the official Bebiggy website to get started.
  2. Browse available stores: Bebiggy often offers a selection of prebuilt Shopify stores ready to use. These stores are created in various niches, making finding one that matches your interests easier.
  3. Choose your store: Browse the available free stores and select the one that best aligns with your chosen niche or business idea.
  4. Customize your store: Once you’ve chosen a store, you can customize it. You can modify the store’s design, add products, and tailor it to your branding and business needs.
  5. Launch your store: After you’ve made the desired customizations, you can launch your free prebuilt Shopify store and start your e-commerce journey.

Exploring BeBiggy: Your Gateway to Prebuilt Shopify Stores

Are you eager to explore e-commerce and embark on a profitable online business journey? BeBiggy is your gateway to achieving this goal with ease and efficiency. As one of the leading platforms specializing in prebuilt Shopify stores, BeBiggy offers many advantages for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners.

BeBiggy is a good option for entrepreneurs looking to start a Shopify store without building it from scratch. BeBiggy also offers various Shopify development and marketing services to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Exploring BeBiggy: Your Gateway to Prebuilt Shopify Stores

Here are some specific data and stats about BeBiggy:

  • Number of stores: BeBiggy has over 300 pre-built Shopify stores for sale.
  • Niches: BeBiggy offers stores in various niches, including fashion, beauty, home and garden, electronics, and more.
  • Industries: BeBiggy offers stores in various industries, including retail, e-commerce, and services.
  • Average price: The average price of a pre-built Shopify store on BeBiggy is $119 – $999.

Why Choose BeBiggy Over Other Platforms?

Why Choose BeBiggy Over Other Platforms?

Choosing the right platform to purchase a prebuilt Shopify store is a critical decision on your path to e-commerce success. BeBiggy stands out as an exceptional choice compared to other platforms in the market. Here’s a detailed breakdown of why BeBiggy should be your top pick:

Extensive Selection of Prebuilt Shopify Stores

BeBiggy boasts over 10,000 prebuilt Shopify stores, offering a diverse range of industries and niches. Exchange Marketplace and Shopify Exchange feature fewer businesses, limiting your choices.

This extensive selection ensures you find a store that aligns perfectly with your business objectives and personal preferences.

Stellar Customer Satisfaction:

BeBiggy maintains an exceptional average customer satisfaction rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. In contrast, while other platforms may offer customer reviews, they often lack the same consistency regarding positive feedback.

This high satisfaction rating signifies that BeBiggy consistently provides a superior customer experience backed by trust and reliability.

Budget-Friendly Options

Affordability is one of BeBiggy’s key advantages. The typical price range for stores listed on BeBiggy falls between $119 to $999, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of budgets.

On the other hand, Flippa, Empire Flippers, and Shopify Partners often feature stores with higher price tags. BeBiggy’s cost-effectiveness opens the door to entrepreneurs who might find other platforms financially prohibitive.

Verified and Trusted Sellers

BeBiggy collaborates with experienced and trusted sellers with a successful track record in e-commerce. This stringent vetting process ensures that the stores listed on BeBiggy are high quality and have a proven performance history.

End-to-End Support:

BeBiggy offers comprehensive support throughout the purchase process. Their dedicated team is available to assist you in finding the perfect store, negotiating with sellers, and finalizing the transaction.

This end-to-end support simplifies the buying experience, particularly for newcomers to e-commerce. In contrast, other platforms may not provide the same level of guidance and assistance.

Additional Services:

BeBiggy goes the extra mile by offering supplementary services such as migration, customization, and optimization. These services are designed to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your newly acquired business.

The BeBiggy Advantage: Products and Services

BeBiggy is a marketplace for pre-built Shopify stores. It offers various stores to choose from in various niches and industries. BeBiggy also offers various Shopify development and marketing services to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Products and Services

  • Pre-built Shopify stores: BeBiggy has over 300 pre-built Shopify stores for sale. Professionals design these stores and are ready to go live. The lowest price of a pre-built Shopify store on BeBiggy is $199.
  • Shopify development services: BeBiggy offers various Shopify development services, including custom store design, development, and integration. BeBiggy’s Shopify development services can help you create a unique and professional-looking store that meets your needs.
  • Shopify theme customization: BeBiggy provides Shopify theme customization services to assist you in building a distinctive and expert-looking store that represents your company.
  • Shopify app development: BeBiggy offers Shopify app development services to help you create custom Shopify apps that meet your specific needs.
  • Shopify migration services: BeBiggy offers Shopify migration services to help you move your existing Shopify store to a new platform.
  • Shopify SEO: BeBiggy offers Shopify SEO services to help you improve your Shopify store’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Unveiling the Prebuilt Shopify Stores on BeBiggy

BeBiggy is your gateway to a treasure trove of prebuilt Shopify stores that span various niches and industries. Here, we offer a glimpse of some specific stores to showcase the diversity and quality that awaits potential buyers:

1.  Fashion Forward

Store Name: “ChicStyles Boutique”

Niche: Fashion and Apparel

Overview: ChicStyles Boutique is a prebuilt Shopify store tailored for fashion enthusiasts. With a sleek and responsive design, this store provides a seamless shopping experience for customers.

It features a wide range of clothing, accessories, and footwear, making it an ideal choice for entrepreneurs passionate about the fashion industry. The store also has an engaged social media following and a proven track record of revenue.

2.  Gourmet Delights

Store Name: “Gourmand Delicacies”

Niche: Food and Gourmet

Overview: Gourmand Delicacies is a prebuilt Shopify store that caters to the world of culinary delights. Whether you’re interested in fine foods, exotic ingredients, or artisanal kitchenware, this store has everything.

It offers a selection of delectable products, and the robust branding and marketing strategies ensure it captures the essence of gourmet living. This store appeals to those who have a passion for gastronomy.

3.  Techie Haven

Store Name: “Gizmo Galaxy”

Niche: Electronics and Gadgets

Overview: Gizmo Galaxy is a prebuilt Shopify store designed for tech enthusiasts. This store covers a broad spectrum of consumer electronics, from cutting-edge gadgets to smart home solutions.

Its store design is user-friendly and aesthetically appealing, and already possesses a substantial social media following. The store’s operational efficiency, including seamless order processing, sets it apart in the tech niche.

4.  Zen Retreat

Store Name: “Tranquil Haven”

Niche: Home and Wellness

Overview: Tranquil Haven is a prebuilt Shopify store focused on home and wellness products. If you’re passionate about creating a soothing and peaceful environment in customers’ homes, this store offers various products to achieve that.

From home decor to relaxation aids, it’s a one-stop destination for those seeking harmony. Its brand narrative emphasizes the importance of well-being, creating a connection with the audience.

5.  Pet Paradise

Store Name: “Pawfect Companions”

Niche: Pet Supplies

Overview: Pawfect Companions is a prebuilt Shopify store catering to pet lovers. It features many pet supplies, from food and accessories to grooming tools and toys.

The store’s design ensures easy navigation for customers who want the best for their furry friends. It also leverages a strong social media following, emphasizing the store’s commitment to the well-being of pets.

Streamlined Purchase Process on BeBiggy

At BeBiggy, we understand the importance of making purchasing a prebuilt Shopify store as smooth and efficient as possible. The purchase process on BeBiggy is designed to be streamlined and easy to follow. Here are the steps involved:

Step #1: Browse the BeBiggy.

The BeBiggy marketplace features a wide variety of prebuilt Shopify stores. You can filter your search by niche, industry, price, and other criteria.

Step #2: Review the store details.

Once you have found a store you are interested in, click on the store listing to view more details. This will include information about the store’s niche, products, traffic, revenue, etc.

Step #3:Press Buy now.

If you want to buy the store, you can do so by clicking the “Buy Now” button.

Step #4: Purchase the store.

BeBiggy will facilitate the transaction and transfer the store’s ownership to you.

Step #5: Create a Shopify Account.

After buying the store, you need to make a Shopify account and link it to the store. The store can then change as your items and branding are added.

Step #6: Get Customer Support.

BeBiggy also offers various support services to help you with your purchase. You can contact BeBiggy customer support for assistance if you have any questions or problems.

Here are some tips for making the purchase process on BeBiggy as smooth as possible:

  • Do your research: Before you purchase a store, ensure that you have done your research and that the store is a good fit for your needs.
  • Ask questions: Ask the vendor everything you want about the shop without hesitation. The more you know about the store, the better decision you can make.
  • Use BeBiggy’s support services: BeBiggy offers various support services to help you with your purchase. If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact BeBiggy customer support for assistance.

Post-Purchase Support: Nurturing Your Shopify Business

Post-Purchase Support: Nurturing Your Shopify Business

BeBiggy offers various post-purchase support services to help you with your Shopify business. Here is some data about BeBiggy’s post-purchase support:

  • Customer support: BeBiggy offers 24/7 customer support to help you with any questions or problems you have with your Shopify store.
  • Technical support: BeBiggy offers technical support to help you with any technical issues you have with your Shopify store.
  • Marketing support: BeBiggy offers marketing support to help you promote your Shopify store and drive sales.

Some Examples To Consider

Here are some examples of how BeBiggy’s post-purchase support services can help you:

  • If you have a question about how to use a Shopify feature, BeBiggy customer support can help you.
  • If you are having a technical problem with your Shopify store, BeBiggy technical support can help you fix it.
  • If you need help promoting your Shopify store and driving sales, BeBiggy marketing support can help you develop and implement a marketing plan.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of BeBiggy’s post-purchase support services:

  • Be clear and concise when explaining your question or problem.
  • Provide as much detail as possible.
  • Be patient and courteous.

BeBiggy vs. Exchange Marketplace: A Comprehensive Comparison

BeBiggy and Exchange Marketplace are two popular platforms for buying and selling pre-built Shopify stores. Both platforms offer a wide variety of stores, but they have different strengths and weaknesses.

Store Variety:

  • BeBiggy offers a diverse range of prebuilt Shopify stores across over 50 industries.
  • Exchange Marketplace has a wide selection but may not be as extensive as BeBiggy.

Customer Reviews:

  • BeBiggy encourages customer reviews, providing valuable insights for buyers.
  • Exchange Marketplace also features customer reviews, enhancing transparency.

Customer Support:

  • BeBiggy offers comprehensive support, guiding buyers through due diligence.
  • Exchange Marketplace provides support but may not be as extensive as BeBiggy.

User-Friendly Experience:

  • BeBiggy is known for its user-friendly interface, catering to both newcomers and experienced users.
  • Exchange Marketplace also offers a user-friendly experience.

Price Range:

  • BeBiggy’s stores typically fall in the $119 – $999 price range.
  • Exchange Marketplace features a range of prices, with some options below $5,000.

Overall Transparency:

  • BeBiggy prioritizes transparency with detailed store information and customer reviews.
  • Exchange Marketplace offers transparency but may have limitations compared to BeBiggy.

Which platform is right for you?

If you are looking for a wide variety of high-quality pre-built Shopify stores and are willing to pay a premium, BeBiggy is a good option. BeBiggy also offers various Shopify development and marketing services to help you grow your business.

Exchange Marketplace is a good option if you are on a budget and looking for a wider variety of established Shopify stores. However, it is important to note that Exchange Marketplace does not offer seller vetting, buyer protection, or post-purchase support. So, Bebiggy is better in any condition.

BeBiggy and Flippa: A Head-to-Head Analysis

BeBiggy and Flippa are two popular online marketplaces for buying and selling businesses. However, they have different strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to understand the differences before choosing a platform to use.

Store Variety:

  • BeBiggy provides a wide array of prebuilt Shopify stores in over 50 industries.
  • Flippa also offers a range of online businesses, but BeBiggy’s industry diversity stands out.

Customer Support:

  • BeBiggy provides comprehensive customer support, guiding buyers through purchasing.
  • Flippa offers support, but BeBiggy’s assistance may be more extensive.

User-Friendly Experience:

  • BeBiggy is known for its user-friendly platform, suitable for both beginners and experienced buyers.
  • Flippa also offers a user-friendly experience, but BeBiggy’s interface is particularly praised.

Price Range:

  • BeBiggy’s prebuilt stores generally fall in the $119 – $999
  • Flippa features various price points, including options below $5,000 and $300,000.

Which platform is right for you?

Choosing the right platform for purchasing a prebuilt Shopify store is crucial, and BeBiggy stands out as the superior option. BeBiggy offers a broader selection of prebuilt stores spanning various industries, providing more options for potential buyers.

The platform prioritizes transparency, encouraging customer reviews and ratings so you can make well-informed decisions. BeBiggy also offers comprehensive support throughout the purchase process, including due diligence and negotiations, ensuring a smooth experience.

Additionally, BeBiggy is user-friendly and accessible, making it the ideal choice for both newcomers and seasoned Shopify users. For a seamless and comprehensive prebuilt store buying experience, BeBiggy emerges as the better platform of choice.

Testimonials: Real Stories of Success with BeBiggy

Testimonial 1: Emily’s Journey to E-commerce Success

BeBiggy made my dream of owning an e-commerce business a reality. I had been researching various platforms to purchase a prebuilt Shopify store, and BeBiggy stood out. Their platform was incredibly user-friendly, and its extensive range of businesses was impressive. What truly set them apart was their dedicated customer support. The BeBiggy team guided me through every step of the process, from choosing the right store to the final ownership transfer. Today, my online store is thriving, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to go with BeBiggy.

Testimonial 2: Mark’s Profitable Investment

“I had contemplated entering the e-commerce world but starting from scratch was daunting. BeBiggy’s platform provided a game-changing solution. The variety of stores available was staggering, and I found one that perfectly matched my interests and budget. What I appreciated most about BeBiggy was their commitment to transparency. They offered a comprehensive store history, including revenue figures and customer reviews. With their guidance, I made an informed investment. My Shopify store is now thriving, and I owe a large part of my success to BeBiggy.”

Testimonial 3: Jenny’s Hassle-Free Acquisition

“I’d heard about the potential of prebuilt Shopify stores, but I was worried about the complexities of the buying process. BeBiggy, however, exceeded my expectations. From selecting a store to negotiating the terms and transferring ownership. Their customer support was exceptional, and I always felt confident in their guidance. My Shopify store was a great investment, and I’m grateful to BeBiggy for making the journey hassle-free.”

Where can I buy a Shopify store for dropshipping?

You can purchase a Shopify store for dropshipping from various sources, including dedicated marketplaces and online platforms.

Bebiggy is a reputable online marketplace that offers prebuilt Shopify stores for dropshipping. They specialize in creating and selling dropshipping-ready stores in various niches. To buy a Shopify store for dropshipping from Bebiggy, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Bebiggy website: Start by going to the official Bebiggy website.
  2. Browse available stores: On Bebiggy, you’ll find a selection of prebuilt Shopify stores tailored for dropshipping. These stores are already set up with product listings and often come with essential tools and resources to kickstart your dropshipping business.
  3. Choose your store: Browse through the available dropshipping stores on Bebiggy and select the one that aligns with your niche or business preferences.
  4. Purchase the store: After selecting a store, you can purchase it directly through the Bebiggy platform.
  5. Customize and launch: After purchasing the store, you may alter it to reflect your branding, add or modify product listings, and configure your settings. After customization, you can launch your Shopify store and start your dropshipping venture.

Is it worth buying a pre-built Shopify store?

Is it worth buying a pre-built Shopify store?

The decision to buy a pre-built Shopify store depends on your specific business goals, experience, and budget. Here are some factors to consider when determining if it’s worth buying a pre-built Shopify store:

  • Time and Convenience: Pre-built Shopify stores can save you a significant amount of time. They often come with pre-configured settings, designs, and product listings, allowing you to launch your e-commerce business more quickly.
  • Expertise: If you’re new to e-commerce or dropshipping, a pre-built store can provide a valuable head start. It often includes industry-specific features and tools you might not be familiar with.
  • Niche Selection: Pre-built stores may already be tailored to a specific niche, which can be beneficial if you want to enter a particular market.
  • Cost-Effective: While you’ll need to invest in purchasing a pre-built store, it can be cost-effective when compared to the time and resources required to set up a store from scratch.
  • Customization: Consider your ability to customize the store to align with your branding and business goals. A pre-built store should allow for customization.
  • Support and Training: Some sellers or platforms may offer training and support to help you manage your pre-built store effectively.
  • Budget: Weigh the cost of purchasing a pre-built store against the potential savings and benefits it offers in terms of time and effort.

Is there a pre-built Shopify store for $17?

Yes, there are pre-built Shopify stores available for $17. However, it is important to be aware that the quality of these stores may vary. Some stores may be well-designed and developed, while others may not. It is also important to note that these stores may not have all of the features and functionality that you need for your business.

If you are considering buying a pre-built Shopify store for $17, I recommend that you do your research and read reviews of the store before you buy it. You should also make sure that the store has all of the features and functionality that you need for your business.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a pre-built Shopify store:

  • The reputation of the seller: It is important to buy a pre-built Shopify store from a reputable seller. This will help to ensure that the store is of good quality and that you will receive good support if you need it.
  • The features and functionality of the store: Make sure that the store has all of the features and functionality that you need for your business. For example, if you are selling products that require shipping, make sure that the store has a shipping integration.
  • The reviews of the store: Read reviews of the store before you buy it. This will give you an idea of the quality of the store and the level of support that you can expect from the seller.
  • If you are unsure about whether or not a pre-built Shopify store is right for you, I recommend that you consult with a Shopify expert. A Shopify expert can help you fulfill your needs and recommend the best option for your business.

FAQs about prebuilt Shopify store

FAQs about prebuilt Shopify store

How can I purchase a prebuilt Shopify store on BeBiggy online?

To purchase a prebuilt Shopify store on BeBiggy, simply explore their website and browse through the available listings, making your selection more convenient.

Can you buy pre-made Shopify stores?

Yes, you can buy pre-made Shopify stores from a variety of marketplaces, such as Bebiggy, ThemeForest, CodeCanyon, and Fiverr. When buying a pre-made Shopify store, it is important to do your research and choose a store from a reputable seller.

Where can I find prebuilt dropshipping stores for sale?

You can find prebuilt dropshipping stores for sale on platforms like BeBiggy, which offer a diverse selection of dropshipping businesses in different niches.

What is Shopify Exchange, and how does it work?

Shopify Exchange is a marketplace dedicated to buying and selling Shopify stores, allowing users to browse listings, review store details, and contact sellers to initiate a purchase. But unfortunately, it’s closed now.

Is buying a prebuilt Shopify store a good idea?

Buying a prebuilt Shopify store can be a good idea, as it offers a faster and more efficient way to start your online business and often comes with established customer bases and proven revenue streams.

What are the best prebuilt Shopify stores currently available?

The best prebuilt Shopify stores available may vary depending on your specific niche and business goals, so it’s essential to research and choose a store that aligns with your objectives.

Where is the ideal place to purchase a pre-built store?

You can conveniently acquire pre-built Shopify stores from BeBiggy, a comprehensive eCommerce store with a wide selection of fully optimized options.


In conclusion, the world of e-commerce is evolving rapidly, and prebuilt Shopify stores offer a strategic entry point for aspiring entrepreneurs. BeBiggy stands out as a leading platform for acquiring prebuilt Shopify stores, offering diverse options, customer-centric services, and a streamlined purchase process.

While alternatives like Empire Flippers and Shopify Exchange exist, BeBiggy’s commitment to user satisfaction, value, and a vast range of choices sets it apart. As the digital marketplace expands, BeBiggy paves the way for success, making it a top choice for securing your prebuilt Shopify store in 2024.

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