Shopify Apps for Dropshipping: Must Have in 2023

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping Must Have in 2023

We’re excited to announce our list of best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping in 2023!!

With thousands of options available in the Shopify app store, it might be challenging for you to narrow down the top Shopify apps. Consequently, our specialists have done the legwork necessary to locate some top-notch Shopify dropshipping apps for your use.

All These best Shopify dropshipping apps will enable you to smooth your Shopify dropshipping business and save you hundreds of hours each month while growing your brand faster than ever.

We know that you are curious about what made these apps top. To find out the answer, let us tell you about the features of each app. We selected these apps because we believe that you will benefit from their features.

Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Best Shopify App

Dsers AliExpress Dropshipping 

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Dsers AliExpress

Dsers AliExpress Dropshipping is an easy, hassle-free app to manage AliExpress dropshipping. It can process hundreds of orders with ease. This can really make your Shopify dropshipping store grow.

This app is very easy to use. Avoid wasting time studying its controls because you can start using it right away. You can just click on the button and wait for the app to process your order. 

Features and benefits of Dsers AliExpress Apps

  • Allows you to quickly and easily place numerous purchases with AliExpress.
  • Finding and importing goods is a breeze with DSers.
  • Boost your company’s growth by tapping into exclusive suppliers offering lower pricing and superior quality.
  • DSers allows you to quickly add new items and make changes.
  • Have fun with the ease of having a centralized system for managing your various Shopify stores.
  • You can quickly come up with unique promotions and deals for your client.
  • Sync and monitor delivery shipments in real-time.
  • You can easily set specific dropshipping suppliers in a particular country.
  • Simply switch your product’s supplier if you’re unhappy with their service.
  • Pick a delivery option that works best for your customers.
  • Always stay up-to-date on product availability and pricing.

Pricing of DSers

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Pricing of Dsers

Basic- Free

Advanced- $19.90/month

Pro- $49.90/month

  • Appropriate to manage 25 Shopify stores and 750000 products.
  • All features of the advanced plan.
  • Control several platforms from a single dashboard.

Spocket US & EU Dropshipping

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Spocket US & EU

The spocket dropshipping tool is mainly a solution for overload just with US and Europe suppliers. If you want to cut down the extreme shipping times, the spocket app can be the perfect solution. 

This app allows you to source your product straight from the US and Europe suppliers. Search for the product and import it into your stores directly from their platform. 

Features and benefits of Spocket US & EU Dropshipping App

  • Faster dropshipping services.
  • Offers print-on-demand at reasonable pricing. 
  • No minimum order is required for your purchase.
  • Offers products with huge discounts so that you can provide a competitive price for your customers. 
  • Never shows out-of-stock products on their app. 
  • The automated one-click system helps you to order without any hassle from reliable suppliers. 
  • Keeps on updating your product, and you can track your product as well. 
  • Offers you to customize your products and deliver as per your requirements. 
  • The 24/7 active customer service will always be there when you need them. 

Pricing of Spocket

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - pricing of Spocket

Free- Free

  • Browse more than 3 million products. 
  • Free dropshipping service for Aliexpress.
  • Appropriate for those entrepreneurs who want to browse products only. 


  • Suitable for entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses. 
  • Access to order unlimited items.
  • Provides access to necessary features. 

Pro- $49.99/month

  • Suitable for a mature business plan
  • Get access to premium products. 
  • Provides branded invoicing. 


Syncee Global Dropshipping

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Syncee Global Dropshipping

Syncee is an all-in-one dropshipping solution for a variety of different drop shippers. They offer a full suite of automation importing and syncing different e-commerce platforms

They have taken their products up a notch in their software space and have become a great app for your dropshipping business. No matter your e-commerce website or online store, you can use this app.

Features and benefits of Syncee Global Dropshipping App

  • Find all those trending products to clearly understand what is in demand.
  • You will find only real suppliers here. 
  • With just some clicks, you can import products to the store
  • Get your desired products with intelligent product search.
  • Both shopping in bulk and individual purchase is available in this app. 
  • Pay after your customer orders from you. You can pay via Paypal, Credit card, or Stripe.
  • A unique tiered structure for pricing will help you customize your own price margins. 
  • No inventory risk. Only ready-to-sell items are available on the app. 
  • Get customer service completely free with a dedicated team. 
  • The Datafeed manager provides you with all the necessary services to make a successful search and purchase. 

Pricing of Syncee

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Price of Syncee

Starter Plan-Free

  • Get your products with zero transaction fee
  • The pricing setting is dynamic. 
  • Get access to over 5 million products with bulk product management. 

Basic plan- $29/month or $26.58/month billed at $319 once per year

  • Offers auto order system
  • App updates automatically daily
  • Zero transaction fee with dynamic pricing. 

Pro plan- $79/month or $72.42/month billed at $869 once per year

  • Access 10,000 products
  • Get free support and zero transaction fees. 
  • Bulk product management with auto order system. 

Business plan- $129/month or $118.25/month billed at $1,419 once per year

  • 30,000 products. 
  • Additional plans are available for this package.
  • Auto-order policy and get updated daily. 

DSM AliExpress Dropshipping

DSM Dropshipping offers the comfort of shopping for your business without surfing here and there. This wholesale supplier for e-commerce has gathered everything under one roof. 

Their easy-to-operate app offers amazing services and makes it easier for you to grow your business. You can find your desired product completely free with just one click.

Features and benefits of the DSM AliExpress Dropshipping App

  • Amazing searching options offer you to search for products through a photograph, keywords, and even budget. 
  • Offers automated dropshipping fulfillment that delivers products within 7-15 days. 
  • For faster delivery, with different shipping services. 
  • To make your brand stand out, they also provide label and packaging services
  • They inspect every product before delivering it to your address. 
  • Import top-rated products from Aliexpress with just a few clicks. 
  • Offers advanced product editing to give you a clear look at the products. 
  • Adjust the pricing with their advanced pricing rules. 
  • Get the updated products that auto-syncs with the price list and inventory. 
  • Live chat supports 24/7 customer service

Pricing of DSM 

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Pricing of DSM

Basic- Free to install

  • No MOQ is required for service fulfillment
  • Order unlimited items from Aliexpress.
  • Allows you to track your product. 

Advanced- $19.90/month

  • All basic plan features. 
  • Offers 500 product updates from Aliexpress. 
  • Provides an update of Shopify inventory address. 

Ryviu: Aliexpress Reviews App

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Ryviu Aliexpress reviews app

Ryviu provides you with reviews of products while generating social proof. This product review app helps you to get a clear idea of their evaluation and customer support interactions. 

This app started its journey in 2016, and till now, it has been upgraded with amazing features and services.

Features and benefits of Ryviu: Aliexpress Reviews App

  • Shows customer reviews for every individual item. 
  • Uses different themes to display product reviews. 
  • Google snippets are used to stand out in the reviews. 
  • You can edit the layout
  • Provides prominent reviews on every page. 
  • The review import tool will also help you gather reviews from other pages. 
  • You can ask clients about any product. 
  • The review email request feature will send you updates on customer reviews. 

Pricing of Ryviu

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Pricing of Ryviu

Free- Free

  • Import 20 reviews for each product. ( up to 50 products)
  • SEO and google rich snippet service. 
  • Import from only Aliexpress. 

Basic- $6.99/month or $5.24/month billed at $62.90 once per year

  • Feature of the free plan. 
  • Import 200 reviews for each product. (up to 400 products)
  • Import from Amazon and CSV.

Advanced- $9.99/month or $7.49/month billed at $89.90 once per year

  • Feature of the basic plan. 
  • Import 500 reviews for each product. (up to 1000 products)
  • Import from DHGate and Etsy.

Unlimited- $19.99/month or $14.99/month billed at $179.90 once per year

  • Features of the advanced plan. 
  • Unlimited review import. 
  • Import reviews from Oberlo and other sources. 

Fera Product Reviews App

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Fera Product Review App

The Fera review app lets you set up product review widgets quickly and easily. Here the review widgets are completely customizable, and you can improvise the outlook with your imagination. 

Build trust with your customers through this honest review app and get the best outcome. 

Features and benefits of Fera Apps

  • Manage reviews from different platforms like Facebook, Etsy, or Google. 
  • SEO optimization helps you rank your reviews in google searches. 
  • Show your reviews more beautifully with gallery review widgets
  • Manage reviews by declining or approving reviews. 
  • They show you the reviews first, and you have the power to either show them to your dashboard. 
  • Post individually or combine reviews, photos, and videos altogether. 
  • You can sync reviews and share them with multiple sites. 
  • Offers you to create automatic follow-ups.
  • You can publish reviews in multiple languages

Pricing of Fera

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Price of Fera


  • Active widget-1 
  • Sync both Facebook and google reviews. 
  • Review request- 10 orders/month

Startup- $9/month

  • Features the free plan. 
  • Active widget- 3
  • Review request – 100 orders/month
  • Complete design customization 


  • Features the startup plan. 
  • Active widget- 10
  • Review request – 1000 orders/month
  • Customization available

Medium- $99/month

  • Features the small plan. 
  • Active widget- 20
  • Review request- 10,000 orders/month.
  • Sync from multiple stores. 

Trendsi Fashion Dropshipping

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Trendsi Fashion Dropshipping

Trendsi fashion dropshipping app is a supply chain solution for your dropshipping business. This online B2B marketplace helps you grow your business while providing back-end infrastructures and dropshipping fulfillment services. 

Trendsi provides every detail to satisfy their customer, and with this app, you can check recent updates easily. 

Features and benefits of Trendsi Fashion Dropshipping Apps

  • The fast shipping policy ensures that you get the product within a week. 
  • It is easier to search for any product with Trendsi. 
  • With just one click, add any product to your online store
  • Provides advanced supply chain solutions
  • No need to spend much to start a business; scale your business gradually. 
  • They provide photos and measurements of every item to get the perfect product. 
  • No need to worry about inventory management. They ship and customize for you. 

Pricing of Trendsi

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Pricing of Trendsi

Free to install 


Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - CJDropshiping

CJDropshipping started its journey in 2014 and built its app to provide an open platform offering a one-stop dropshipping fulfillment solution. 

Their service is completely free for all users. 

Features and benefits of Spocket Apps

  • Importing products is as easy as clicking a few buttons
  • Connect products to generate more sales.
  • You can work privately with this app; we won’t show your sales or top-selling product to other competitors. 
  • Use post sourcing request option for a sold item. 
  • Confirm the order by just pressing the “Add to cart” button. 
  • Easy shipping cost calculation process

Pricing of CjDropshipping 

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Pricing of CJDropshiping

Free to install 

Why should you use Shopify Apps for Dropshipping?

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping - Why should you use shopify App

There are a lot of benefits to adding Dropshipping apps for Shopify. The following are the top 8 reasons why you should use Shopify’s dropshipping apps:

  1. They will make your dropshipping business more professional.
  2. Automate your business process.
  3. You Can easily find and add products.
  4. Update inventory details automatically.
  5. Increase the ability to control your products and customers.
  6. You can customize your product pages.
  7. Best way to increase sales and sales conversions
  8. You can easily add new features to your dropshipping store.

FAQs About Shopify Apps for Dropshipping

What Shopify apps do I need for dropshipping?

Answer: 8 best Shopify apps for dropshipping are-

  • DSers- AliExpress Dropshipping
  • Spocket US & EU Dropshipping
  • Syncee Global Dropshipping
  • DSM AliExpress Dropshipping
  • Ryviu: Aliexpress Reviews App
  • Fera Product Reviews App
  • Trendsi Fashion Dropshipping
  • CJDropshipping

Is Spocket free to use?

Answer: You can start free and browse the products catalog of products. For boosting your sales, they have three other plans.

  • Starter- $29.99
  • Pro- $49.99
  • Empire- $99.99

How do I start dropshipping on my phone?

 Answer: Steps to start dropshipping on your phone-

  • Step1: Sign up, register and create your Shopify store.
  • Step2: Do product research and add some products.
  • Step3: Select the best suppliers for your products.
  • Step4: Start marketing your store.
  • Step5: Take your orders and place them with your supplier.
  • Step6: Add some Shopify apps to automate your store.

What can I use instead of Oberlo?

Answer: The best alternatives of Oberlo are-

  • Dsers
  • SaleHoo
  • Spocket
  • Printful
  • Dropified
  • DSM- AliExpress dropshipping
  • AutoDS All in-one dropshipping
  • Ali Orders AliExpress Dropship
  • AliDropship

How do I add dropshipping products to Shopify?


  1. Step1: Go to your Shopify admin and press “Products” from the left menu bar.
  2. Step2: Press “Add Your Products.”
  3. Step3: Add Title, Description, Media, inventory, Pricing, shipping, and options. 
  4. Step4: Press “Save.”
  5. Step5: Edit product details and status when needed.

What’s Next

Shopify is incredibly versatile. The platform offers an array of features and an enormous amount of flexibility. The Shopify App Store is packed with apps that will allow you to do anything and everything you want on your Shopify store.

Shopify’s app is a must-have for any dropshipper serious about expanding their business. Each of the apps offers a unique set of features and functionality. 

Pick your Shopify apps from the list above according to your business needs. If you don’t have your dropshipping store yet, buy your prebuilt dropshipping store and contact our expert team now!!

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