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Browse The BeBiggy Shopify Stores For Sale Below!


Simply choose a Shopify store from one of the many popular niches below.

Ready-to-use stores in a wide range of niches.
Starter packages perfect for those just starting out.

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Simply choose a Shopify store from one of the many popular niches below.

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Premium eCommerce Stores

If you are serious about building an eCommerce business, look no further than our premium dropshipping stores.


● High-quality designs using premium themes on Shopify
● Connected to the best dropshipping suppliers in the USA, Europe, and China
● Preloaded with up to 10,000 top-selling products
● Fully-automated, Shopify-based website
● Secure online order processing
● Free shipping in the US and worldwide A wide selection of over 1 million
● Free LIFETIME ACCESS to Shopify store management, marketing courses, and customer support

Buy Ready Made Shopify Store

Exclusive eCommerce Stores

These one-of-a-kind branded stores are sold only once because we don’t make each kind twice. As expected, they are our bestsellers!


● High-value brandable domain name
● Unique designs built on premium Shopify themes
● Preloaded with up to 10,000 products from the US, Europe, or China
● Fully-automated, Shopify-based website
● Secure online order processing
● Free shipping in the US and worldwide
● Free LIFETIME ACCESS to Shopify store management, marketing courses, and customer support

Our Latest eCommerce Stores For Sale

Buy Shopify Stores From BeBiggy

Hot off the press! These Shopify stores are our newest additions. Pick your favorite Starter, Premium, or Exclusive package.

Buy Turnkey Shopify Store

Custom eCommerce Stores For Sale

These stores are made to order. You can purchase them to be built on any of the regular, premium, or exclusive stores.


● Regular Custom Store – same as starter stores
● Premium Custom Store – same as premium stores
● Exclusive Custom Store – same as exclusive stores

Start your turnkey online dropshipping business with prices starting from ONLY $29!

Each Shopify store we build is delivered as a

Fully-functioning eCommerce store with:

  • trending products from trusted suppliers
  • payment processing
  • automated order processing
  • website hosting
  • data protection and online security
  • eye-catching custom designs and so much more!




Ready-to-use stores in a wide range of niches.

Starter packages perfect for those just starting out.


Get a headstart on your eCommerce startup with an inexpensive online store from our wide selection.
At BeBiggy, we boast years of experience in designing niche-specific dropshipping online stores on Shopify, the largest platform of its kind on the market.
Our team of professionals painstakingly curates trending products guaranteed to make you a profit. We also carefully research the most reliable suppliers from the US, Europe, and China.

Buy Pre Built Shopify Store

Start Your Online Business ASAP!


Become an eCommerce website owner instantly! Get a Shopify store up and running in 24 hours—even without technical knowledge or experience.
We fully automate all the dropshipping processes to make each store we build as easy to operate as plug-and-play.
No need to process orders and payments, manually upload products one by one, or ship items to your customers.

Buy Pre Made Shopify Store

All Set, Ready To Go Live!


Spend less time starting your business. Choose one — or many — Shopify dropshipping stores, then go live right away.
These done-for-you stores eliminate a large chunk of work that typically goes into building an online store, such as designing a website and looking for a platform to host it.
Whether you plan on running an eCommerce store as a side hustle or as a full-time business, you can do it alone, albeit with a little help, and save money on hiring assistants.

Buy Ready Made Shopify Store

Quick Launch Even For Newbies!


Open your digital retail store in no time — no design or development skills required. If you’ve ever thought of running an online business but haven’t been able to do it due to a lack of capital or time, now is the time.
Retail shopping has majorly moved away from brick-and-mortar establishments to online stores. It’s time you took advantage of this opportunity.

Buy Turnkey Shopify Store

Your Success Starts Here!

There has never been a better time to run a digital retail store than now.

Launch Your Dropshipping Store Now

In 3 Easy Steps

BeBiggy is the best eCommerce solution you didn’t know you’d been looking for.

Check out how fast and effortless it is:

Step 1: Browse from our selection and choose your store.

We offer pre-built dropshipping stores in the most popular and profitable niches such as fashion, fitness, baby, fragrance, and beauty. Check out the demo before placing your order to get an idea of your eCommerce website’s appearance and functionality.

Step 2: Buy your selected store online.

Add your selected store to the shopping cart. Pay online through our secure payment page. Within 24 hours, you will receive the exact same eCommerce store you saw in the live demo. It’s ready to go live with preloaded dropshipping products and connected suppliers.

Step 3: Launch your dropshipping business!

Go ahead and make your ready-made store live and start selling. You also get free lifetime access to our Shopify Dropshipping Courses and customer support.

Start An Online Retail Business From Scratch In Just 24 Hours

Dropshipping is a great way to start an online business with little upfront investment. But most budding entrepreneurs hesitate to get their feet wet with this business model due to a lack of technical skills.

But you can now get your dropshipping eCommerce store up and running swiftly, even without all the know-how!

BEBIGGY is the answer.

Our done-for-you pre-built dropshipping stores listed for sale on our website are your ticket to the world of online selling.

With BeBiggy, you are assured of purchasing from an established provider with zero risk. Our pre-made stores are completely compatible with Shopify, one of the most popular and user-friendly dropshipping platforms on the market today.

But first things first…

What Is Dropshipping?

It’s an innovative business model for running an online retail store. Dropshipping does away with all the nitty-gritty of running a traditional model, which includes buying physical products and then taking care of storage and shipping.

Instead, today, an entrepreneur can build a website, list products, market and promote them, accept orders, and profit from these efforts. But what about inventory, transportation, and everything else in between?

With dropshipping, customers’ orders are forwarded to suppliers who take care of packing the items and shipping those to the recipients.

Our done-for-you pre-built dropshipping stores listed for sale on our website are your ticket to the world of online selling.

It’s a cost-effective way of retail selling because the business owner doesn’t need to manage inventory and fulfillment or worry about purchasing wholesale, storage, sorting, packing, and delivering.

And if an entrepreneur is fortunate enough, he can also find a vendor who takes care of the customer service aspect of the business as well.

Another upside to this business model is the freedom to determine profit margins. You can go as high as 300% markup without limitations or restrictions from your suppliers.

Just one more hurdle remains: building the digital store. Since it’s essentially a website, it goes without saying there are many cogs and wheels involved. Even the most entrepreneurial spirit might give up on the long list that includes hosting, web design, content, apps, tools, and connecting to a dropship platform.

But not anymore!

BBeBiggy has filled that gap. We’ve removed all the obstacles between you and your dreams of becoming a successful retail magnate, albeit virtually. No more building a website on your own or hiring a professional to do it for you. Quit worrying about sourcing products and hosting your website.

All that is done, done, and done.

Shopify is an all-in-one solution to these challenges. As an all-inclusive platform, it not only hosts your site but also allows you to connect your store to various suppliers all over the world. Plus, it relieves you of all the technical management and hacking issues common to WordPress-based web hosts.

The BeBiggy marketing course also comes in handy. We equip you with skills to promote your store and your products. Plus, you get to enjoy our lifetime customer support, so you can be rest assured we have your back for life!

Now all you need is the willingness to market your eCommerce store and the tenacity required to run any business.

And, of course, that entrepreneurial spirit!

BeBiggy Pre-Built Dropshipping Stores: What You Get

When you purchase your Shopify dropshipping store from us, you are essentially buying a completely functional eCommerce business with the following features:

Type: Ready to go live Shopify Dropship Store
Delivery: 24 hours
Design: Custom, high-quality
Editable: Full freedom to change design, products, and prices
Responsiveness: Mobile-friendly
Product Importation: Unlimited, 1-click system
Order Processing: Automated
Shipping: FREE to the US and worldwide
Products: Preloaded up to 100 (Starter) or 10K (Premium and Exclusive)
Out-of-Stock Products: Automatically disabled
Pricing Setup: Full control to set up prices and profit margins
Value Addition: Edited product names and images
Suppliers: Vetted and trusted from the US, Europe, and China
After-Sales Support: Lifetime
Custom Domain Name: Supported
Ownership: Full and Permanent
Monthly Expense: Shopify subscription starting at $29/month
Profit Sharing: None (the owner keeps all profits)
Liquidity: Grow and resell the business at a higher price

Here are the other numerous advantages of choosing pre-made dropshipping stores from BeBiggy:

Turnkey Solutions

Have permanent ownership of a Shopify dropshipping store ready to go live instantly. Complete with products, shopping cart, checkout payment method, and automated fulfillment. Just log in and launch your online store. It’s as simple as that.

No Profit-Sharing

Because you fully own your Shopify store, you also get to keep all the profits from your sales right from day one. The payment we receive for your purchase is a one-time deal. This gives you the freedom to adjust your margins and launch promotional discounts.

Push Button Import System

No need to create or recreate any content or product data. Our 1-click product import feature automatically populates all the details in your listings. These include description, image links, and pricing.

Dropshipping is basically a no-inventory business. Your job as an online store owner is to market the products listed on your retail website. Vendors take sole responsibility for manufacturing, warehousing, and delivery to your customers.

Hands-Free Inventory Management

At BeBiggy, we’ve taken it a notch higher by having your out-of-stock listings automatically disabled. That’s another aspect you can tick off your to-do list.

Fully Customizable eCommerce Website

What you see on the live demo of the Shopify store you select is what you get. But you have the free hand to replace the colors, fonts, images, and copy if you are so inclined.

Simply hit the Edit Layout button and make any change you want directly on the live page.

Universal Compatibility

Each BeBiggy eCommerce store template is designed to be 100% compatible with all current browsers. On the customer end, the stores can be viewed clearly and navigated effortlessly on any digital device.

Data Protection And Online Security

Thieves don’t wear ski masks or wield guns in the digital world. Rather, they hack into the websites of unsuspecting business owners to steal their customers’ personal information. This is a common scenario among WooCommerce stores as they are based on WordPress, an open source platform.

Scale Up Without The Risk

Connect with reliable suppliers from the USA, Europe, and China who can consistently provide you with a goldmine of high-quality products at competitive prices. All with no inventory management, warehousing, and fulfillment responsibilities.

Get Paid Instantly

Make your customer experience seamless with a frictionless checkout process. Your BeBiggy Shopify store accepts payments through credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s Club, Discover, and JCB), Apple Pay, and PayPal. All transactions are secure on any major payment gateway, including

What You Can Expect From BeBiggy

So, you’ve decided to start a dropshipping business and have come to buy your online store from us. Now what?

To put it straight and simple, these are the things the BeBiggy team will do for you:

  1. Set up on the Shopify platform the same store you saw in the live demo. This includes your Shopify account, the same website design, and dropshipping apps.
  2. Connect with trusted suppliers and import the best products for you to sell.
  3. Test out everything and deliver the store to you in a ready-to-go-live state. You make it live when you decide you’re ready.

But what if you have questions or need guidance?

Worry not. We have created thorough video tutorials that will help you learn everything from A to Z about Shopify, dropshipping, and marketing and growing your dropshipping eCommerce business.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. Just send us an email. Our support will have your back.

Or you can check out our FAQ section below. It’s quite comprehensive, and you might find the answers you’re looking for.

Why Do Thousands of Customers Believe In Bebiggy Pre Built Sites?

Here’s what we offer that no other Shopify premade store shop does:

Affordable Online Retail Business

Start a professional store on Shopify in 24 hours without spending months or tens of thousands of dollars building it. We do all the work, from setting up your Shopify account to connecting your store with suppliers. We’ll even help you connect it to your domain.

A Smorgasbord Of Options

Our collection of store types and targeted markets boasts a wide coverage: from starter stores to established websites, different niches such as clothing, household, and toys, and various interests like travel and pets. Simply pick the one that resonates with you.

Full Transparency

ou pay for only the price you see on our website and get exactly the same store as that in the demo. No hidden charges.

Complete Ownership

Just like a brick-and-mortar structure that you own upon full payment, so it is with the BeBiggy stores. Once we deliver the virtual keys to you, we relinquish all our rights to your eCommerce website.

Focus On Business Growth

With the basics of your eCommerce website taken care of, you can direct all your time and effort to marketing your store and promoting your products. No experience is necessary — our online courses provide all the knowledge you need to succeed, including a peek into your competition.

Resale Potential

Any retail business can be sold at a profit, even a Shopify dropshipping store.  For a low capital outlay and zero inventory management, it is quite a lucrative investment. Just ensure you maintain a steadily increasing revenue—this will boost the value of your business.

Lifetime After-Sales Support

After the website handover, we won’t leave you alone to figure out the whys and hows of your Shopify store. Our customer support team will help you troubleshoot technical glitches, find profitable products, use the Shopify tools, and solve other issues.

How A Shopify Dropship Store Works

The backend of your Shopify store is very simple to operate because the platform enables the features we add to make your life easy. That’s why we chose it!

Step 1:

Upload Your Product

When you purchase your Shopify store from us, it’s already preloaded with a number of products depending on the package you selected. But it won’t hurt to add more in the future, especially when your store has gained traction.

Uploading new products regularly, like weekly or even daily, is a good idea for niches with seasonal trends like fashion.

Before you get demotivated by the thought of manually adding those items one by one, remember that all our stores come with a 1-click product import. It allows you to upload as many products as you want in one go.

Step 2:

Process Orders

Another benefit of purchasing your Shopify store from BeBiggy is that order processing is automated. This means your customers are sent directly to your suppliers when they place an order.

In turn, the vendors will take care of packing and shipping those orders. You don’t need to do anything on your end.

Step 3:

Order Fulfillment

Your suppliers deliver the items to your customers. And that’s it!

Frequently Asked Questions

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