How To Get More Shopify Shopify product reviews For Your Online Store?

We are right now in 2019 and in a world where scams are all over us. On top of this, there are endless things online that are not necessarily or primarily scams but are not just of quality or reputable.

Some companies lie and are full of deception. A company dealing in selling products online might tell its customers that their ordered products will arrive in a few days only for the customer to wait for days and even months to place their hands on them. These are just some of the things that are presently happening on the World Wide Web and believe it or not the average customer is pretty much aware of this.

In this post, we will be sharing the advantages of getting Shopify product reviews, how to get more reviews, the tools to use for gathering Shopify product reviews, and how to encourage customers to write reviews.

Product Review Benefits

There is simply no denying the fact that Shopify product reviews deliver great benefits to every retailer, especially small and medium-sized businesses. However, it is really strange to find that some retailers still somehow overlook the significance of cultivating Shopify product reviews that in itself is a HUGE missed opportunity. This is for the simple fact that Shopify product reviews serve as great raw materials for business strategies that are brought for improving top line revenue and sales.

Establishing Credibility: Imagine you have just started with a dropshipping web store and you’re up against established brands and large chains! How do you expect your web store to stand up tall against the competition posed by the big chains? Well, David can surely bring down the Goliath even in today’s world with the right marketing strategies in place. Shopify product reviews can improve the online presence and awareness about your products and brand.

Not only this, genuine and honest reviews can establish that all-important sense of trust by offering feedback from past and existing users to the visitors of your web store. Establishing this sense of authenticity and trust with your existing as well as potential customers is the right and best way for establishing the foundation for repeat purchases and a mutually-beneficial business relationship.

Attracting and retaining customers: It is a well-known fact that search engines such as Google love product reviews. While products and websites without reviews have less chances of attracting more organic traffic and ranking high in search engine result pages, regularly-updated websites with reviews and ratings go a long way to evoke and retain the attention of customers.

Good reviews for your web store from customers mean that they are putting their name and reputation behind yours, and without being paid for it. Isn’t that the best form of marketing for your business? Not only this, product reviews can be the most compelling reason for uncertain and even somewhat clueless or reluctant pre-buyers to finally jump up the fence and make purchases from your web store.

User-Generated Content

One of the biggest advantages of product reviews is that they are a form of user-generated content. When users and buyers leave product reviews on our store pages, more content is added to our store. Plus, it also suggests to new visitors and search engines that the store is a reliable authority and who knows Google may feel like, “Oh this web store is a good authority on product XYZ and I’m going to place it on the first page.” Can anything ever be better than this? Never ever!

How Do You Collect Shopify Shopify product reviews?

How do you start with collecting Shopify product reviews? Well, Shopify makes it extremely easy to gather reviews.

In the Shopify App Store, you can find dozens of apps for gathering and displaying Shopify product reviews. Product reviews, Shopify’s own free app, may be super basic in appearance but it does a great job to installing more than 1,000 reviews.

If you want to take Shopify product reviews of your store to the next level, you should ideally have a look at these options:

Stamped IO can be described as a tool for gathering reviews from actual customers and using their words for promoting your products, services, and brand. It lets you send automatic emails to your customers and request them to provide reviews about their latest orders. This may relate to their thoughts and feedback on the purchased product or their overall experience about the user-friendliness of the web store or if their queries were timely and adequately handled by the team of customer support executives. also lets you easily customize request emails for customer reviews to reflect your brand as a whole, from logos to the choice of colors to assist customers identify with your brand. This also helps in inculcating a sense of pride, association, and loyalty.

Moreover, these request emails can even display information about related products or recommendations based on purchase patterns of the customers. With, the customers of your store offer a distinctive and impressive voice to the business for attracting visitors, enhancing trust ratings, and improving conversions by big margins.


This image-based Shopify product reviews app is ideal for owners and marketers of dropshipping eCommerce stores that are looking for extremely visual and lifestyle reviews.

Let’s say you’re selling something like diamond pendants. Lucky for you, your customers are highly likely to be the kind of people who would love to click and post photographs of their pendants on Instagram. Loox makes it extremely easy for you to collect those reviews and even display the posted pictures in a very nice-looking and appealing review section on your page. This will help in generating a lot of user-generated content like product images.

The good news is that both these Shopify apps come with free trials that allow you to find out which one is best for you. If you’ve just started with a dropshipping web store, you can simply trust the Shopify product reviews app.

How Do You Get More Shopify product reviews?

Make it Easy to Leave a Review

The easier and quicker you make it for customers of your web store leave a review on your products, the more likely you are to have their reviews. Remember, customers should never be expected to go to 3-4 levels deep on your website and then search for the product they bought from you from thousands of available products to leave a review. NEVER!

Ask The Right Questions

To get started with this, you have to first identify the type of questions and answers that you want to have before you even make a move asking customers to leave their reviews. What was/were the things that prompted them to make a purchase? How was their overall buying experience with you? Did they face any kind of hurdle while placing an order? What are their biggest concerns when making an online purchase? What are the things that the target audience is interested in?

Getting aligned with these questions will help you get relevant and meaningful testimonials and reviews.

Display Your Reviews prominently on Your Website

A good idea to get honest feedback is to get on the same websites as your customers. This can be easily done by making your accounts on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest easily accessible from your store. This helps customers quickly put comments and questions.

Your web store must prominently include reviews from customers on the website too. This helps in gathering lots of social proof and letting others see that customers of your store are actually loving or enjoying your products.

If the received reviews are particularly entertaining or good enough to encourage others to make purchases, you must share them on all social media accounts or find a way or two to highlight them in some way. This promotional strategy is a great way to encourage more customers to write reviews for you besides appreciating the efforts of customers who have already written such great reviews for you. And, don’t forget to give a loud shout out to these amazing customers.

Send Purchase Follow Up Emails

One of the best ways to get reviews from customers is to send them post-purchase email requests asking for their reviews. To get the best response, you must ideally send review requests within a week of the time they have made and received the order when the purchase is still fresh on their mind.

Use Incentives to encourage Customer Reviews

Everyone loves to get pampered! Encourage your customers to leave Shopify product reviews by offering discounts, coupons, and other kinds of rewards to them every time they leave a review. This of course also helps in encouraging repeat sales. You should ideally put a loyalty program in place that is a great way for tracking and distributing your incentives.

Immediately Contact Those Who Leave You Negative Reviews

Yes, it is the positive reviews that build your brand but if you are a business owner who ignores negative reviews, you are totally wrong. Ignoring negative reviews is the biggest mistake you (as a store owner) can do. If you believe that the reviewer is justified in their review or if similar issue has been raised by other customers too, you must take this as an opportunity to immediately contact the customer and get it sorted out. And just imagine the kind of impact it will leave on others when the same customers who posted negative reviews went on to appreciate your professionalism and customer-handling skills in their subsequent reviews. This will surely be even better than a first-time positive review!

The point is to do everything possible to get as many reviews as possible from everyone who buys from you. Start working on the reviews for your Shopify store’s products and brand right away! This will surely make a huge difference in terms of your conversions and help you become an authority in your niche.

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