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The travel industry is expected to record significant growth until 2019, driven by a steady rise in tourist flows. The online travel category is currently experiencing rapid change with expansion of mobile bookings, personalization and peer-to-peer travel services being the main disruptors.

The rise of the mobile bookings is changing booking patterns, consumer behavior and business models in travel. Global mobile travel sales accounted for $96 billion in 2014, and are expected to reach $260 billion in 2019, which is 25% of total online travel bookings.

Online travel services are a $250 billion business in the U.S. with over 75% of travel bookings being made exclusively online. Google predicts that the further rise in mobile devices will have a major impact on online travel services, which could have a major impact on the decline of the in-person travel industry.

Reasons to enter this Travel Market

The industry has benefited from an increase in travel to emerging economies.
Technology has revolutionized the industry over the past decade in the favor of online travel agencies.
The industry will benefit from the improving economy and increased consumer spending.

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