Best US Dropshipping Suppliers for Shopify [Top 10]

Top 10 Best US Dropshipping Suppliers [Boost E-Commerce Success]

Are you ready to supercharge your Shopify e-commerce store with the best US dropshipping suppliers? Finding reliable suppliers who offer top-quality products and exceptional service is essential for your business’s success. That’s why we’re here to help you discover the top 10 US dropshipping suppliers that can take your e-commerce venture to new heights. Get ready to transform your Shopify store into a thriving online business.

If you’re contemplating the launch of an online business utilizing the Shopify platform, you’ve likely encountered the concept of dropshipping. This method involves selling products without the need to maintain inventory or handle shipping. When embarking on a dropshipping venture, one of the pivotal decisions to make is selecting suitable suppliers.

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What is dropshipping?

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping stands as a retail fulfillment technique in which the store owner refrains from stocking the products. Instead, when a purchase is made in the store, the product is procured from a third-party supplier who takes care of the shipping directly to the customer. This approach empowers you to offer a diverse range of products without the burdens of warehousing or shipping, making it an appealing business model due to its low initial investment requirement.

The Significance of Choosing the Appropriate Dropshipping Supplier

The Significance of Choosing the Appropriate Dropshipping Supplier

The choice of suitable dropshipping suppliers for your Shopify store holds immense importance in determining the success of your business. Here are several compelling reasons why this decision is critical:

  1. Reliability and Quality: The reputation and dependability of your chosen dropshipping supplier have a direct impact on your business.
  2. Fast Shipping: In today’s retail landscape, customers expect swift product delivery. Therefore, collaborating with suppliers offering expedited shipping options is vital to ensure customer satisfaction.
  3. Product Selection: Offering a wide array of products is fundamental in providing more choices to your customers.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Pricing plays a pivotal role in attracting customers. Opt for suppliers offering competitive pricing, allowing you to set appealing price points for your products and generate healthy profit margins.
  5. Communication: Effective communication with your suppliers is paramount. Ensure they have a responsive and supportive support team in place to address any issues or inquiries you may encounter.

By diligently and thoughtfully selecting suitable dropshipping suppliers for your Shopify store, you can significantly improve your prospects for success in the fiercely competitive e-commerce arena.

Why dropshipping is the best business to opt for

Why dropshipping is the best business to opt for

  • Shipping Options and Competitor Choices:

66% of online shoppers are willing to purchase from a competitor if they offer multiple shipping options. This highlights the importance of providing flexible and convenient shipping choices to meet customer expectations and retain their business.

  • Retailer Budget Priorities:

61% of retailers are prioritizing their e-commerce platforms financially and online sales channels in the retail industry, with investments being made to enhance their digital presence.

The e-commerce environment is highly competitive, and dropshipping businesses typically experience success rates within the range of 10% to 20%. This highlights the necessity for implementing effective strategies to succeed as a dropshipper.

  • Challenges in Finding Suppliers:

84% of e-commerce retailers identify securing a reliable supplier as the biggest obstacle when starting a dropshipping business. This emphasizes the critical role of trustworthy suppliers in the success of a dropshipping venture.

  • Profitability for Suppliers:

Suppliers can earn 18.33% more profit when selling to drop shippers compared to their direct sales. This reveals the economic benefits of catering to the dropshipping model.

  • AliDropship and Niche Stores:

86% of drop shippers using AliDropship prefer niche stores. This choice reflects the trend toward specialized and targeted product offerings, which can resonate better with specific customer segments.

Now, let’s delve into the broader statistics related to the dropshipping market:

  1. Market Size and Growth: In 2018, the worldwide dropshipping market was appraised at approximately USD 102.2 billion. Predictions indicate that the industry is on track to achieve a valuation of around $500 billion by the year 2027, indicating significant growth potential.
  2. Annual Growth Rate: The dropshipping market is expected to experience an average annual growth rate of 24% from 2020 to 2026, indicating sustained expansion in the coming years.
  3. Adoption by Retailers: Around 27% of online retailers have adopted dropshipping as a fulfillment method, highlighting its widespread usage as a business model.
  4. Profitability of Dropshipping: Dropshipping businesses are known to generate 50% more profits than sellers who maintain traditional online inventories, making it an attractive option for many entrepreneurs.
  5. Global Sales Share: In 2017, dropshipping accounted for 23% of online sales worldwide, highlighting its substantial contribution to the e-commerce sector.
  6. Prevalence of Dropshipping: Nearly 33% of online stores utilize the dropshipping method, showing its popularity among e-commerce businesses.

These statistics collectively paint a picture of the growing importance and potential of dropshipping in the retail industry, as well as the challenges and opportunities it presents for both retailers and suppliers.

Key advantages of using US dropshipping suppliers for your Shopify store:

Key advantages of using US dropshipping suppliers for your Shopify store:

US dropshipping suppliers offer several distinct advantages for Shopify store owners, and these benefits can contribute significantly to the success of your e-commerce business.

1. Fast Shipping Times:

One of the primary benefits of US dropshipping suppliers is their proximity to your customers if you’re primarily selling to the US market.

2. Quality Control:

US dropshipping suppliers are often subject to stricter quality control regulations and standards. This means you’re more likely to receive high-quality, reliable products to offer to your customers, reducing the likelihood of returns and customer complaints.

3. Reduced Shipping Costs:

When working with US dropshipping suppliers, you can benefit from lower shipping costs, especially for domestic orders. Lower shipping costs can help you offer competitive prices and increase your profit margins.

4. Better Customer Service:

Communication with US-based suppliers is more convenient due to time zone alignment and ease of communication in English. This can be crucial for addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a smooth partnership.

5. Product Variety:

US dropshipping suppliers often offer a wide range of products, making it easier to find product preferences. The diversity of product offerings allows you to expand your product catalog and meet customer demands effectively.

6. Brand Reputation:

Selling products sourced from US suppliers can enhance your store’s reputation. US-made or US-sourced products are often associated with quality and reliability, which can build trust with your customers.

7. Market Trust:

Many consumers prefer buying products from domestic sources due to trust and familiarity with US brands. Using US dropshipping suppliers can help you tap into this trust and boost your sales.

8. Legal Compliance:

US suppliers are more likely to comply with US laws and regulations, ensuring that the products you sell meet safety and quality standards.

9. Ease of Returns:

Dealing with US suppliers can simplify the returns process. If customers need to return a product, the proximity of the supplier can make the return process smoother and more cost-effective.

10. Customization Options:

Some US suppliers offer customization services, allowing you to create unique, branded products. This can set your store apart and build brand identity.

Top 10 Best US dropshipping suppliers for Shopify

1. Spocket

Spocket Review: Connecting Your Shopify Store with US Dropshipping Suppliers

Spocket is a dedicated platform designed to facilitate your connection with dropshipping suppliers primarily from the United States (US) and Europe (EU). While they also collaborate with suppliers from other countries, it’s important to note that approximately 80% of the suppliers on Spocket are from the US and EU.

Top 10 Best US dropshipping suppliers for Shopify: Spocket

Key Features of Spocket

1. Wide Range of Product Niches:

Spocket stands out as a versatile dropshipping supplier because it offers products in various niches. Whether you’re interested in fashion, electronics, home decor, or other categories, Spocket’s extensive catalog provides a wide array of products to choose from.

Key Features of Spocket

2. Order Samples:

Spocket offers the advantage of ordering product samples.  By physically examining samples, you can ensure that your customers receive high-quality items, contributing to customer satisfaction.

3. Product Research Tools:

Spocket provides tools that can assist you in finding winning dropshipping products. These tools can be invaluable for discovering products that are in demand and have the potential to boost your sales.

4. Branded Invoicing:

As your business grows, Spocket’s Pro plan offers branded invoicing options.

Pros of Spocket:

  1. Sample Orders: The ability to order samples sets Spocket apart, ensuring you can assess product quality firsthand.
  2. Product Research: Spocket’s tools for finding winning dropshipping products can give you a competitive edge.
  3. Branded Invoicing: The Pro plan allows for branded invoicing, enhancing your business’s professionalism.

Cons of Spocket:

  1. Customized Packaging: If your goal is to private label your business and ship products using customized packaging, Spocket may not be the best fit, as this feature is not available.
  2. Product Pricing: Some items on Spocket may be priced relatively high, which can make essential to consider the cost structure when pricing your products.

Key Features of Spocket

How to Connect Spocket to Shopify:

Connecting Spocket to your Shopify store is a straightforward process. You can achieve this by installing Spocket’s Shopify app, which seamlessly integrates the two platforms. This integration allows you to manage products, orders, and other essential aspects of your dropshipping business conveniently.


Spocket offers various pricing plans to cater to different business needs. While you can create a free account to explore Spocket’s catalog, their pricing plans include options for more extensive usage. You can benefit from cost savings by opting for annual billing instead of monthly payments.

Key Features of Spocket: pricing

As a special offer, you can take advantage of a FREE 30-day trial by using the coupon code “SpocketTrial” during checkout. Spocket provides a flexible and user-friendly platform for connecting with US and EU dropshipping suppliers, offering a wide array of products and essential tools to help grow your Shopify store.

The Rising Trend of Spocket in the World of E-Commerce

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, staying ahead of the curve and adopting innovative solutions is crucial for business success. One such rising trend that has been gaining traction in recent years is the use of Spocket as a primary tool for connecting Shopify stores with quality-focused dropshipping suppliers. Here’s a closer look at the rising trend of Spocket in the e-commerce landscape:

1. Focus on US and EU Suppliers:

One of the notable aspects contributing to Spocket’s popularity is its strong emphasis on US and EU suppliers. As e-commerce evolves, customers increasingly seek faster shipping and high-quality products. By connecting with US and EU suppliers, Spocket addresses these demands, providing a competitive edge to Shopify store owners looking to offer reliable and timely shipping to their customers.

The Rising Trend of Spocket in the World of E-Commerce

2. Extensive Niche Diversity:

E-commerce entrepreneurs are often drawn to Spocket due to its diverse product catalog. Spocket supports a wide range of niches, spanning from fashion and electronics to home decor and more. This versatility allows business owners to tailor their product offerings to meet specific customer preferences and market trends, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive store.

3. Sample Ordering Capability:

The ability to order product samples stands out as a key trend in the world of dropshipping. This feature mitigates the risk of selling subpar products and reinforces customer trust. Spocket’s support for sample orders aligns with the growing trend of prioritizing product quality and customer satisfaction.

4. Product Research Tools:

As the e-commerce landscape becomes increasingly competitive, staying informed about product trends and market demand is vital. Spocket offers product research tools that help entrepreneurs identify winning dropshipping products. This trend reflects the need for continuous adaptation and product optimization in e-commerce ventures.

5. Branding and Professionalism:

Building a solid brand image and conveying professionalism is a rising trend in e-commerce.

6. Cost Savings through Annual Billing:

The trend of seeking cost-effective solutions is ever-present in the e-commerce industry. Spocket addresses this trend by offering cost savings to users who opt for annual billing over monthly payments. This approach appeals to budget-conscious entrepreneurs.

7. Free Trial Offer:

The rising trend of offering free trials in the e-commerce industry is designed to empower entrepreneurs to explore and evaluate platforms without financial commitments. Spocket acknowledges this trend with a FREE 30-day trial, enabling users to test the platform’s features and benefits thoroughly.

2.  Syncee

Syncee Review: Your Guide to US Dropshipping Suppliers on Shopify

Syncee is a B2B platform dedicated to facilitating connections between e-commerce entrepreneurs and US-based dropshipping companies. By providing a directory of US dropshipping suppliers, Syncee simplifies the process of finding reliable partners for your Shopify store. Here’s a detailed look at Syncee’s features, advantages, and areas for consideration:

Syncee Review: Your Guide to US Dropshipping Suppliers on Shopify

Key Features:

1. Wide Range of US Dropshipping Suppliers:

Syncee offers a comprehensive directory of US dropshipping suppliers across various niches. Whether your business focuses on hunting, fashion, or any other niche, Syncee’s supplier list provides options to cater to diverse customer preferences.

2. Auto Order Feature:

Syncee’s Shopify app includes an auto-order feature that streamlines the order fulfillment process. New orders generated on your store are automatically forwarded to your chosen supplier. This automation eliminates the need for manual order placement, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

3. Chat with Suppliers:

Communication is a vital aspect of forming successful partnerships with dropshipping suppliers. Syncee offers a built-in communication tool, allowing you to engage with potential suppliers. This feature enables you to ask crucial questions and clarify important details before finalizing partnerships, contributing to informed decision-making.

Pros of Syncee:

  1. Diverse US Dropshipping Suppliers: Syncee’s extensive list of US dropshipping suppliers covers a wide array of niches, enhancing your ability to curate a product selection that aligns with your store’s focus.
  2. Auto Order Automation: The auto-order feature integrated into Syncee’s Shopify app simplifies the order fulfillment process, reducing manual work and potential errors.
  3. Effective supplier communication: The built-in communication tool enables direct interaction with suppliers, facilitating effective and informed decision-making.

Cons of Syncee:

1. Pricing Structure:

  • Your product volume influences the cost of using Syncee. If you intend to publish more than 25 products in your store, the minimum monthly cost is $49. This pricing structure can be a consideration when budgeting for your e-commerce venture.

How to Connect Syncee to Shopify:

  • Syncee’s integration with Shopify is seamless and straightforward. By installing the Syncee app from the Shopify App Store, you can easily add new products to your store and streamline the order fulfillment process.


  • Syncee offers a range of pricing plans, with costs ranging from $29 to $99 per month. To start selling with Syncee, you’ll need at least the Basic plan.
  • It’s worth noting that Syncee offers a 14-day trial period without charges, allowing you to evaluate the platform’s suitability for your business.
  • For additional cost savings, consider annual billing, which can help you save up to eight months of subscription fees.

Syncee Review: Your Guide to US Dropshipping Suppliers on Shopify

Syncee is a platform that simplifies the process of connecting with US-based dropshipping suppliers, offering a broad selection of suppliers, order automation, and practical communication tools. When selecting a drop shipping solution for your Shopify store, Syncee’s diverse supplier options and automation features make it a valuable tool for e-commerce entrepreneurs looking to streamline operations and expand their product catalog.

3. AppScenic

AppScenic Review: Empowering Your Dropshipping Business with Advanced Features

AppScenic, a newcomer in the world of dropshipping solutions, is making waves by offering a comprehensive toolkit designed to automate and optimize your online business. Here’s an in-depth review of AppScenic, highlighting its features, advantages, and considerations:

AppScenic Review: Empowering Your Dropshipping Business with Advanced Features

Key Features:

  1. Complete Dropshipping Toolkit: AppScenic sets out to be your one-stop-shop for all your dropshipping needs. It combines a range of essential features, including product syncing, auto-ordering, shipment tracking, and streamlined payment processes. This comprehensive approach aims to simplify and automate your dropshipping operations.
  2. Verified Worldwide Suppliers: AppScenic has curated a network of verified dropshipping suppliers from top dropshipping countries, such as the US, EU, UK, Canada, and Australia. This wide geographical coverage enables you to source products from diverse regions, expanding your product catalog.
  3. Multi-Platform Integration: AppScenic offers integration with multiple e-commerce platforms, including eBay, Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce. Additionally, they have plans to expand their integration to Amazon, Etsy, and Ecwid in the near future, making it adaptable to a variety of online businesses.

Pros of AppScenic:

  1. Extensive Worldwide Supplier Network: AppScenic boasts a vast network of worldwide dropshipping suppliers, currently offering access to 385 unique suppliers from over 40 countries. This extensive supplier base enhances your ability to source products from diverse regions and niches.
  2. Fast Shipping from Regional Warehouses: AppScenic’s suppliers prioritize fast shipping, with delivery times of two to five days from their US, UK, and EU warehouses. This enables you to provide swift and reliable service to your customers, contributing to a positive shopping experience.
  3. Auto-Ordering for Effortless Operations:AppScenic simplifies the order fulfillment process by offering auto-ordering capabilities. This feature eliminates the need for manual order placement, streamlining your operations and reducing the risk of errors.
  4. Easy Refunds with Escrow System: AppScenic’s escrow system adds an extra layer of assurance for returns and refunds, alleviating the need to directly engage with suppliers for these processes. This feature simplifies dispute resolution and enhances customer service.

Cons of AppScenic:

  1. Paid Monthly Plan Requirement:While AppScenic offers numerous benefits, one consideration is that it requires a paid monthly plan for access to most of its advanced features.
  2. Transaction Fee on Select Plans: AppScenic imposes a transaction fee on all plans except the Elite plan when paid yearly.

How to Connect AppScenic to Shopify:

Integrating AppScenic with your Shopify store is a straightforward process. You can connect the two platforms by installing AppScenic’s dedicated Shopify app, ensuring seamless product synchronization and order management.

How to Connect AppScenic to Shopify:


  • AppScenic provides a free 7-day trial period, allowing you to explore and test its features before making a commitment.
  • Following the trial, AppScenic offers pricing plans starting at $24 per month, with options going up to $78 per month. It’s essential to note that the free plan primarily provides limited functionality, and the paid plans are required to push and sync products to your Shopify store.

How to Connect AppScenic to Shopify:

AppScenic is emerging as a dynamic player in the dropshipping industry, offering a comprehensive toolkit with a diverse supplier network, fast shipping, automation features, and an escrow system for hassle-free refunds. While its requirement for a paid monthly plan and transaction fees on select plans are considerations, the platform’s wide-ranging features make it a compelling option for e-commerce entrepreneurs looking to optimize their operations and expand their product offerings.

4. Sellvia

  • Sellvia is a relatively new US dropshipping supplier developed by AliDropship.
  • It was created to address the issue of long delivery times from Asia to North America.
  • Sellvia purchases products from suppliers in Asia and stores them in a US warehouse in Irvine, California, allowing for faster delivery times to customers in North America (1-3 business days).

Top 10 Best US Dropshipping Suppliers [Boost E-Commerce Success]

Pros of Sellvia:

  • Fast delivery times, with all orders processed within 24 hours and delivered within one to three business days.
  • Every product includes a sample product description that can serve as inspiration for crafting your unique product descriptions.

Cons of Sellvia:

  • The profit figures displayed on Sellvia’s product pages may be misleading, as they do not consider shipping costs, which can sometimes exceed the product price. Additional business costs should also be considered.

Connecting Sellvia to Shopify:

  • To connect Sellvia to a Shopify store, you can simply install Sellvia’s Shopify app.


Sellvia offers two pricing plans, each tailored to meet the needs of dropshippers.

1. standard plan

Priced at $39 per month, the standard plan offers the advantage of unlimited product imports and order processing. This plan serves as a robust starting point for individuals embarking on their dropshipping journey.

2.  Sellvia Pro

For those seeking additional features and support, Sellvia Pro is available at $69 per month. This premium plan not only provides unlimited product imports and order processing but also includes a turnkey store, which can be a valuable asset for entrepreneurs looking to streamline their e-commerce operations.

Top 10 Best US Dropshipping Suppliers [Boost E-Commerce Success]

It’s worth noting that Sellvia offers a 14-day free trial, allowing users to explore their services and evaluate which plan suits their business best. You can start your trial by clicking here!

5. Modalyst

About Modalyst:

Modalyst is a reputable US dropshipping supplier designed source, list, and sell a wide range of products, particularly those stored within the United States. While Modalyst is well-known for its extensive collection of fashion niche products, it also provides products in other niches.

Top 10 Best US Dropshipping Suppliers : Modalyst

Pros of Modalyst:

  1. Sell Established Brands: One of the key advantages of using Modalyst is that it allows you to offer products from renowned brands, including names like Calvin Klein, Diesel, and Puma. This can be a significant selling point for your store, as customers often trust and seek out products from well-known brands.
  2. No Monthly Fee for Small Inventories: If you are just starting your dropshipping business and have fewer than 25 unique products listed on your Shopify store, Modalyst offers the perk of unlimited sales without the burden of monthly membership fees. This can be particularly beneficial for new entrepreneurs looking to minimize initial expenses.

Cons of Modalyst:

  1. Primarily Fashion-Centric: While Modalyst does provide a diverse array of products, it primarily focuses on the fashion niche. If you intend to venture into other popular dropshipping niches like pet supplies or electronics, you might find that Modalyst’s product range is not as extensive as you’d like.
  2. High Transaction Fees: Modalyst charges a 5% transaction fee for every order placed through their platform. This transaction fee is relatively high compared to industry standards and can impact your profit margins.
  3. Premium Suppliers Cost: If you’re interested in accessing Modalyst’s premium suppliers, you’ll need to subscribe to their Pro plan, which costs $90 per month. This subscription cost is relatively expensive for some dropshippers.
  4. Negative Reviews: It’s worth noting that Modalyst’s Shopify app has received some negative reviews from users in recent times. Be sure to research and consider these reviews before making a decision.

Connecting Modalyst to Shopify:

Integrating Modalyst with your Shopify store is a straightforward process.To integrate both platforms, you can use the Modalyst Shopify app, accessible through the Shopify app store.


Modalyst offers a flexible pricing structure designed to accommodate various business needs:

  1. Free Plan: If your store has fewer than 25 products, you can use Modalyst for free. This is an attractive option for beginners or those with smaller inventories.
  2. Paid Plans: For stores with a larger number of products, Modalyst provides pricing plans with additional features and benefits. These paid plans offer more extensive capabilities and customization options.

Top 10 Best US Dropshipping Suppliers : Modalyst

It’s essential to keep in mind that Modalyst’s pricing information may evolve over time. To obtain the most up-to-date and accurate details regarding their pricing plans.


AliExpress has become a go-to option for many Shopify dropshippers in search of dependable US-based suppliers. It has gained remarkable popularity in the e-commerce domain, primarily owing to its extensive product selection, cost competitiveness, and vast network of suppliers. AliExpress stands out as an excellent resource for dropshippers to discover the right products to feature on their Shopify stores.

Why AliExpress is a Preferred Choice for Shopify Dropshippers:

Diverse Product Rang

Diverse Product Range:

AliExpress boasts an extensive product catalog, granting dropshippers access to a wide array of choices. This versatility allows them to cater to diverse target markets and specific niches, thus expanding their business potential.

Diverse Product Rang

Competitive Pricing:

AliExpress is renowned for its competitive prices, enabling dropshippers to optimize their profit margins. They can procure products at cost-effective rates and then offer them for sale at a markup on their Shopify platforms.

Dependable Suppliers:

AliExpress maintains a substantial network of suppliers, with a significant number located within the United States. This geographical diversity ensures swifter shipping times and enhanced customer satisfaction for Shopify dropshippers.

Seamless Shopify Integration:

AliExpress offers a seamless integration with the Shopify platform, simplifying the process of importing products and efficiently fulfilling customer orders. This streamlined interface enhances the overall dropshipping experience. 

Buyer Protection and Support:

AliExpress prioritizes buyer protection, guaranteeing that customers are shielded against fraudulent activities and substandard products.

In essence, AliExpress provides a dependable and user-friendly platform for Shopify dropshippers to identify US-based suppliers and secure products for their online stores. Its widespread appeal, expansive product selection, cost-competitive pricing, and responsive customer support have solidified its position as a top choice among ecommerce professionals in the dropshipping industry.

7. Oberlo


Oberlo, a well-regarded dropshipping app, seamlessly integrates with Shopify, positioning itself as one of the top choices for US dropshipping suppliers. Here’s an in-depth look at Oberlo, its integration with Shopify, and its key features and advantages:

Integrating Oberlo with Your Shopify Store:

Integrating Oberlo with your Shopify store is a straightforward process:

  1. Install the Oberlo App: Begin by installing the Oberlo app from the Shopify App Store.
  2. Product Import: Once installed, you can immediately start importing products from various suppliers onto your Shopify store.
  3. Effortless Management: Oberlo simplifies inventory management, order tracking, and order fulfillment, all with just a few clicks.

Key Features and Advantages of Using Oberlo for Dropshipping:

  1. Wide Product Selection: Oberlo connects you with a vast network of suppliers, granting access to a broad array of products to populate your online store. This diversity ensures you can cater to various target markets and niches.
  2. Automated Order Fulfillment: Oberlo automates the entire order fulfillment process. When a customer places an order on your store, Oberlo handles order processing, tracking, and shipping, saving you time and effort.
  3. Product Customization: Oberlo offers product customization features, allowing you to tailor product titles, descriptions, and images. This flexibility empowers you to create unique product listings that resonate with your target audience.
  4. Price and Inventory Updates: The app automatically updates product prices and inventory levels on your Shopify store. This ensures that you never inadvertently sell products that are out of stock or priced inaccurately.
  5. Simplified Product Import: Oberlo streamlines the product import process. You can effortlessly import products into your Shopify store using the Oberlo Chrome extension or the app’s built-in product search and import feature.

Oberlo is a dependable and user-friendly app designed to streamline the dropshipping process on Shopify. With a vast supplier network and comprehensive automation features, Oberlo empowers Shopify store owners to focus on business growth without the burden of inventory management and manual order fulfillment. It’s seamless integration and robust feature set make it a valuable asset for dropshippers in the e-commerce industry.

8. DropCommerce

DropCommerce is a prominent platform that serves as a crucial link between online retailers and dependable dropshipping suppliers in the United States and Canada. Their expansive selection comprises high-quality products spanning various niches, facilitating the process for Shopify store owners to discover the ideal items for their customer base.

Regardless of whether your store focuses on apparel, home decor, accessories, or electronics, DropCommerce offers a comprehensive inventory. They meticulously curate their supplier network to guarantee that only the finest products are accessible to retailers. This ensures that you can present your customers with products that are not only fashionable and in demand but also of exceptional quality.

Benefits of Collaborating with US Dropshipping Suppliers via DropCommerce:

  1. Faster Shipping Times: The strategic emphasis on partnering with US and Canadian suppliers results in significantly reduced delivery times for your customers. This plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall customer experience and elevating satisfaction levels.
  2. Higher Product Quality: Suppliers based in the US and Canada are renowned for their unwavering commitment to product quality. Engaging with these suppliers guarantees that the products you offer meet the highest standards, leading to contented customers and fewer product returns.
  3. Effortless Communication: Dealing with suppliers in the same time zone and sharing the same language simplifies communication considerably. This fosters enhanced collaboration, swifter issue resolution, and more streamlined operations for your Shopify store.

With DropCommerce, you can access an extensive array of premium products sourced from US and Canadian dropshipping suppliers. This not only ensures swift shipping times and superior product quality but also facilitates efficient and effective communication. Elevate your Shopify store and create lasting customer satisfaction by leveraging the benefits of working with these North American suppliers through DropCommerce. Start growing your store and delighting your customers today.

 9. Doba

Doba, a prominent dropshipping supplier based in the United States, stands out for its extensive product inventory, offering a diverse selection to Shopify store owners. Here’s an in-depth look at Doba, including its vast product range, advantages, and benefits of using it as a dropshipping supplier for your Shopify store:

Doba’s Large Inventory of Products:

Doba is a leading dropshipping supplier in the United States, granting access to an impressive catalog of over two million products sourced from top-tier suppliers.

Whether you’re searching for electronics, fashion items, home decor, or pet supplies, Doba has you covered. Their extensive inventory empowers you to discover the perfect products that align with your niche and target audience. Doba consistently updates its product catalog to keep you ahead of the latest trends, allowing you to offer your customers the most sought-after products.

Benefits of Using Doba as a Dropshipping Supplier for Your Shopify Store:

  1. Time and Cost Savings: Doba takes care of inventory storage and product shipping, eliminating these logistical concerns. This frees you to concentrate on business growth and serving your customers, leading to significant time and cost savings.
  2. Effortless Product Sourcing: Doba has cultivated relationships with reliable suppliers, ensuring that you have access to high-quality products. They provide comprehensive product data, including detailed descriptions, images, and pricing, streamlining the process of listing products on your Shopify store.
    Benefits of Using Doba as a Dropshipping Supplier for Your Shopify Store:
  3. Competitive Pricing: Doba offers competitive wholesale pricing, enabling you to maximize your profit margins. Real-time inventory and pricing updates are also provided, ensuring that you can offer the most competitive prices to your customers.
  4. Dropshipping Automation: Doba seamlessly integrates with Shopify, simplifying the automation of your dropshipping business. Orders placed on your Shopify store are automatically transmitted to Doba for fulfillment, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.
  5. Excellent Customer Support: Doba offers comprehensive customer support to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise.

By selecting Doba as your dropshipping supplier for present benefits from time and cost savings. This robust partnership empowers you to focus on growing your business while offering top-quality products.

10. Wayfair

Wayfair, a well-established and reputable online retailer, has gained recognition as a dependable dropshipping supplier for Shopify store owners. Here’s a closer look at why Wayfair is considered a reliable supplier and the benefits of using them for your Shopify store:

Wayfair as a Reliable Dropshipping Supplier:

Wayfair is widely acknowledged as a trusted dropshipping supplier, primarily for the following reasons:

  • Extensive Product Selection: Wayfair boasts a vast and diverse product catalog, with an impressive inventory of over 14 million items.
  • Efficient Order Fulfillment: Wayfair handles direct delivery to customers’ doorsteps. This efficient service not only saves Shopify store owners time but also streamlines their operational resources.

Benefits of Using Wayfair for Your Shopify Store:

When opting for Wayfair as your dropshipping supplier for Shopify, you can reap several advantages:

  • Competitive Pricing: Wayfair offers competitive pricing, enabling you to set retail prices that ensure a profitable margin. They also regularly provide discounts and promotions, allowing you to offer enticing deals to your customers.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Wayfair provides a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of importing products. They offer comprehensive product information, including images, descriptions, and specifications, making it convenient for Shopify store owners to create compelling product listings.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Wayfair has built a strong reputation for its customer service. They offer reliable support and assistance to both Shopify store owners and their customers, ensuring a positive and responsive buying experience.

Wayfair serves as a reliable dropshipping supplier for Shopify store owners. Their extensive product range, efficient order fulfillment, competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, and strong embarking on or expanding their dropshipping business.

FAQs about Best US Dropshipping Suppliers

FAQs about Best US Dropshipping Suppliers

What is dropshipping, and how does it work with Shopify?

Dropshipping is a business model where you partner with suppliers to fulfill orders on your behalf and integrate it with dropshipping suppliers’ products, allowing you to sell items without holding inventory.

Why should I consider US dropshipping suppliers for my Shopify store?

Opting for US-based suppliers can result in shorter shipping times, better product quality, and improved customer satisfaction, especially if your target audience is in the United States.

How do I choose the right dropshipping supplier for my e-commerce store?

To select the best supplier, consider factors like product quality, pricing, shipping options, reliability, and customer service. It’s essential to research and compare suppliers to make an informed decision.

Are there any specific niches or industries where US dropshipping suppliers excel?

US suppliers often excel in niches such as fashion, beauty, electronics, and home goods due to their quick shipping times and product quality.

What are the key advantages of working with US dropshipping suppliers on Shopify?

Advantages include faster shipping, reduced shipping costs, better communication, and the ability to cater to a US-based audience effectively.

Do I need a business license to work with US dropshipping suppliers on Shopify?

Most US suppliers don’t require you to have a business license to partner with them, but it’s crucial to check the requirements of each supplier.

How can I ensure the success of my Shopify store when using US dropshipping suppliers?

Consistent marketing, optimizing your store, providing excellent customer service, and staying updated on industry trends can contribute to your store’s success.

What are some common challenges when dealing with US dropshipping suppliers?

Challenges may include competition, managing product returns, and maintaining effective communication with suppliers.

Can I change dropshipping suppliers once I’ve established my store on Shopify?

Yes, you can change suppliers if you find a better fit. However, the process requires careful planning and management to avoid disruptions in your business.

Is it possible to have multiple US dropshipping suppliers for my Shopify store?

Yes, many e-commerce entrepreneurs work with multiple suppliers to diversify their product offerings, reduce risk, and cater to various customer preferences. It’s essential to manage multiple supplier relationships effectively.


In conclusion, the success of your Shopify e-commerce store hinges on partnering with reputable US dropshipping suppliers. By choosing the right suppliers, you can streamline your operations, reduce overhead costs, and provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience. So, whether you’re just starting your e-commerce journey or looking to revamp your existing store, these US dropshipping suppliers are your key to unlocking sustainable growth and profitability. Remember that staying informed, building strong relationships, and continuously evaluating your suppliers will be crucial for maintaining your e-commerce success in the long run.

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