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Do you want to diversify your line of products in your new business? Do you always have a stock but want to make sure that your clients believe you? If yes then today I m going to show you ways that can give your business a new dimension. The customer satisfaction is the key aspect of a business and a customer can only build trust if delivery of the product is made on time. But how can you guarantee that you will not run out of stock? You will need more inventory but this will take a lot of resources, time and money, and will require management. The answer to this problem is DropShipping!

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a product order fulfillment process in which merchants buy goods from a vendor who ships them directly to the consumer who bought them from the merchant. To make it sound simple, the customer purchases an article from your inventory; you forward the customer’s purchase details to your dropshipper i.e. the supplier and pay wholesale price. The supplier then packages and delivers the product to your customer. The advantage of this merry-go-round process is that the website running a dropship business does not necessarily have to hold any inventory; neither is there a need for a warehouse full of products nor has to deal with the burden of handling additional expenses of manufacturing and delivery of products.

How does the dropshipping business operate?

To begin with, the first thing a fresh business does is build its own Dropshipping store, also known as the eCommerce store. In the next step, products are listed its dropshipping website. Now the business customizes it according to the targeted audience and also uses SEO so that customers can find the store easily. Where does the product come from and whose product is the business selling?  The product comes from different suppliers and brands. Now here the question arises as to why be there a need for this when the suppliers and brands can sell the product directly to the customers? Well, these companies only focus on innovation of products that rely on retailers to sell them.  Dropshipper sells for these brands whose products are not sold to the public.

You get their price lists and put their products for sale on your site. When a customer makes any purchase, you place that order with the supplier.  A drop shipping business has to only order the product after the customer has paid you. Then you will contact that supplier and ask them to ship the particular item to the customer. Then they ship it and charge you. The net profit is the difference between your retail price and what your payment to the supplier. And for most of the dropshipping business, the average profit is approximately 25 to 30 percent, though it may vary depending on the position of the dropshipping business.

Thus, to maintain the earned profit and make sure you earn more, you need to do your best to make your online dropshipping platform win the game. Attracting the clients to your online store and turning them into potential customers is the hard job that you have to do. Designing the online e-commerce business stores has now become easy with the help of multiple websites developing tools and software but, to run them effectively is still a daunting task. One of the main things that govern the success of the dropshipping business on the internet is the optimization of the platform according to the rules and regulations of the search engines. As the majority of the people search for the products online through the Google search engine, it is compulsory for your store to follow the guidelines mentioned in the latest SEO algorithms provided by the webmaster Google.

How much site is worth after optimizing it according to the latest organic SEO demands?

The answer to this lays in the raised monthly income and the satisfaction on the face of the dropshipping business owners. Doing SEO is one of the best gifts that you can give to your work business. Amazon, one of the best dropshipping business models at the face of the earth, is achieving its goals and passing every hurdle with flying colors because of the amazing marketing and SEO optimization of its online business.

Here are the top six secret ways you can modify your business platform:

  1. Choosing the right keywords

So, the goal here is to generate high-quality traffic and make more conversion, right? For this, the number one SEO technique is to find the right keyword for your business and the right keywords for your e-commerce website. And, the only way to do that is to do a good research. Again, the target here is to find the keyword that describes your business perfectly. It must be easy to rank, relevant to the web page theme and makes it easier for Google to understand your content.

A little tip here, you should never go for the broad keywords or the ones which will toughen the competition. Using this tip always work! The drawback of doing otherwise is the increase in the bounce rate of the web page and a low conversion rate.

Do you want to know about some other ways through which you can find the potential keywords? Just know that it is important! According to the data combined by Custora, 26% of the e-commerce online orders generated from the organic search engine traffic. This means, the better the SEO, the more the traffic would follow its way to your website through the search engine. Here are the ways to catch the best keywords for your website:

  • Google Keyword Planner: This is one of the most amazing programs that you can use to find relevant keywords for your business. The words “We’re able to stay on top of keyword trends to refine search campaigns and ensure content remains relevant” said by Brad Beiter, the VP Performance Content, Performics are quite reassuring and briefs the entire idea of using them in the first place. By, using this planner, you can find the keywords, compare the latest keyword trends and cross-check your plans with the experts in this field.
  • Google page: The Google web page itself is an amazing help for choosing the correct list of keywords. Its autocomplete function of the search bar gives away a lot of good keywords and the search related links at the end of the page helps a lot too.
  1. Site architecture

Before we keep on stressing upon the importance of the e-commerce website architecture, here is a short list of must-haves according to the SEO’s ideal plan:

  • The viewers must be able to visit the product page with a minimum/ maximum of 2 to 3 click.
  • The web pages are SEO- crawling spiders friendly making your website easy to search
  • Boost proper indexing by interlinking your product pages to the home page of your e-store.

We all love to visit beautiful places and so do our customers. They look forward to visiting a dropshipping e-commerce website that has a surprisingly impressive architecture and gives them what they want within no time. The improvements that you can make in the site architecture are as follows:

  • Navigation of the website:

Is your website easy-to-maneuver? Even if not, you have this moment to make it right. The navigations of your platform need to be smart. The homepage of a website is usually what casts an impression on the viewer, so yeah! You need to make sure it looks attractive, is not too stuffed and has just the right things/ content/ keyword product categories that will make it look fantastic. Next thing that appeals the viewer is the layout, secondary menus, subcategories, and the search function.

  • Internal linking:

Increasing customer engagement is the top priority of every business and by improving your internal linking system; you can achieve both your targets. One is impressing the Google crawlers and the other impressing the viewers.

  • Breadcrumbs and URL structure:

No one likes to be lost at a place and especially in a shopping store. So, it is advisable that you add breadcrumbs on your website screen which will guide the viewers back to where they started from. Moreover, add logic to your URL structure. Keep it short and use hyphens instead of spaces.

  1. Focus on social proof

The third way on our list is to focus on the social proof as much as you can for the success of your dropshipping business. The studies show that people depend more on referrals now when they go out to purchase a product. Finding a product review or a friends’ recommendation for a product boosts their confidence in the brands and compels them to try it once. After that, it is the charm of the product that keeps them connected to the shop. Relying on the same idea, by focusing on the social proof, you can attract both the search engines and the customers.

There are multiple types and strategies of social proof and the top ones are as follows:

  • Adding product reviews and ratings:

While surfing an online store, finding yourself in the products reviews page is quite common now. It’s because we want to find out about the functionality and usability of the product from the person who has bought and used it because of course, the sellers would praise it at all cost. Isn’t this what we all have at the back of the mind? Thus, by using the product reviews of the customers, you can support the authenticity of your product and enhance your business.

  • Using expert’s recommendations:

If you search for ‘how to start an online boutique’, and you find an article written by a professional and leading boutique owner, wouldn’t you find yourself reading each and every word of it? This is an impulsive act that forces the viewers and the customers to try the expert recommender product. Using them to sell products on your e-commerce website will produce the same results.

  • Many other ways:

The other many ways to enhance the SEO efforts by using such referral content include influencer endorsements, logos, badges, subscriber counts, social connections and the already present clients.

  1. Backlinks

In an SEO guide for ‘dropshipping for dummies’, one thing that you’ll always find at the top is the advice to create backlinks for your website. It is because if anything can bring more customers for sure to your website, it is the backlinking technique. These are the links that point from another website back to your website. But to create these, you first need to understand the two types of backlinking.

  1. No follow backlink:

The no follow backlinks are an acknowledgment of your website but the other website doesn’t take responsibility for it.

  1. Follow backlink:

These links help the SEO a lot. They witness in front of the search engine by endorsing your website and are good for building your reputation.

Now you know the difference between both the types.

Let’s learn how to get such useful backlink.

The top ideas in our minds direct us towards creating irresistible content, writing guest blog posts, using the product reviews and getting a backlink from the product manufacturers that you support. Nonetheless, going public on the press or the social media and promoting your e-commerce store will definitely get you more backlinks. Also, keep in mind that the idea here is not to buy the backlinks at all or Google will penalize your website and all the effort will go down the drain.

  1. Add Schema Markup and Structured Data to your website:

You must be excited to try all these ways on your dropshipping website in order to enhance its SEO functioning but we are still on our second last way and this one is pretty amazing!

The structured data, also known as the schema markup, as Neil Patel says in one of his articles is a type of code that makes it easier for search engines to crawl, organize, and display your content. Well, every other SEO practice does that but this one, in particular, gives away great results. You need to be a bit more cautious in dealing with it though as it requires technical work. There are three types of structured data, the JSON-LD (recommended one), Microdata and the RDFa. The Google’s official customer support website has the details regarding these so that no one goes off the track.

The ultimate benefits of this feature include:

  • Increasing the clickthrough-rate of the website
  • Enhancing ranking in Google
  • Enjoying increased user-engagement with the web page
  1. Improve SEO ranking with unique Meta title and Meta Description

Trying to find the wisdom in using the meta title and appropriate meta description? Here, let us make it easy for you. Anything that is going to appear on the Google’s search web page once you hit the go button on the search bar is important for SEO. The meta description is one of those things as it has to appear below the title tag of the website. The goal here is to make it interesting and attractive for the viewers.

Well, dropshipping SEO is done to enhance the business and this makes it your number one priority to add high-quality, click-encouraging metas. The description in particular needs to be catchy, irresistible and up to 122 to 150 words. For such content, you can add data about the top offer or a discount price of a product, a how-to guide or a majority’s favorite product list. The goal is to outrank your met description from others in order to get the traffic.

Now for the meta titles, they are the title of the web page that appears above the meta description on the Google’s search result page. To make them perfect, you need to stay within the characters limit and do not add too many keywords so that it becomes unattractive. And also, according to Moz’s testing, the keywords that are placed in the beginning of the title tag have more impact on the SEO rankings. Thus, always place the important ones ahead followed by other words.

SEO is all about creativity and so you are required to design a different meta title for every web page of the website. For a dropshipping business website, it means that every category page must have a new different meta title.

By this, we end our article explaining the best ways to use organic SEO for your dropshipping online business. Of course we weren’t able to explain all the techniques in the article above but the six pretty ways will definitely turn your project around and put you among the best competitors. When doing a business online, SEO is the answer to pretty much every question you have in mind. Thus, take your points, re-read the article if you have to and get started on optimizing your e-commerce store according to the SEO’s favorite style.

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