15 Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers [Shopify’s Secret Weapon]

15 Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers

Elevate your Shopify store with the ultimate secret weapon: Our curated list of the 15 best dropshipping clothing suppliers! Explore top-tier partners offering the latest trends, quality fabrics, and seamless fulfillment. Transform your inventory and stay ahead in the world of fashion e-commerce. Discover the key to success with the finest dropshipping clothing suppliers for Shopify. Explore our collection now and redefine your store’s style game!

The world of e-commerce has seen an unprecedented boom in recent years, and the apparel industry is no exception. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or an established business owner looking to capitalize on the growing demand for clothing, then dropshipping might be your secret weapon.

Among the various e-commerce platforms available, Shopify stands out as a popular choice for building and managing online stores. When combined with the proper clothing dropshipping suppliers, it can be a game-changer in your entrepreneurial journey.

What is Dropshipping?

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a commerce model that enables you to offer products to customers without the need to stock inventory. Instead, you collaborate with a supplier responsible for warehousing, packaging, and delivering products directly to your customers. This model significantly reduces the upfront costs and risks associated with traditional retail, making it an attractive option for those looking to start a clothing business on a budget.

Why the Clothing Industry is a Lucrative Niche?

Why the Clothing Industry is a Lucrative Niche?

The clothing industry is a lucrative niche in the e-commerce world, constantly evolving to meet consumers’ diverse tastes and preferences. People shop online for clothing more than ever. Whether it’s trendy streetwear, sustainable fashion, or niche apparel markets, there’s a niche for everyone in the clothing industry.

Finding the Right Clothing Dropshipping Supplier

Finding the Right Clothing Dropshipping Supplier

While Shopify provides the platform to sell, the success of your online clothing store hinges on your choice of dropshipping supplier. It’s crucial to partner with a reliable, trustworthy supplier who can provide quality clothing, handle order fulfillment efficiently, and offer competitive prices.

We’ll explore a range of suppliers, from general clothing providers to those specializing in specific niches, including athletic wear, sustainable fashion, luxury brands, and more. Our list will not only introduce you to the top players but also provide insights into their unique selling points, product offerings, and customer support.

Why Choose Dropshipping for Clothing with Shopify?

  1. Low Overhead: Unlike traditional retail, you don’t need to invest in inventory, warehousing, or shipping. This significantly reduces your upfront costs and financial risks.
  2. Flexibility: Shopify’s platform allows you to customize your online store to match your brand’s identity and customer preferences. You have complete control over your store’s design and layout.
  3. Scalability: As your clothing business grows, you can quickly scale your operations on Shopify. The platform offers various plans and tools to accommodate businesses of all sizes.
  4. Robust Marketing Tools: Shopify offers a suite to attract customers and increase sales.
  5. Global Reach: With the right dropshipping supplier, you can reach a global customer base without worrying about international shipping logistics.

Key statistics of Dropshipping for Clothing with Shopify

Key statistics of Dropshipping for Clothing with Shopify

  1. Regional Revenue Share: Approximately 25% of the dropshipping market revenue is attributed to the Asia Pacific region, underlining its significance in the clothing dropshipping industry.
  2. China’s Growth: The clothing dropshipping market in China is expected to exhibit impressive growth with a forecasted Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 29.3% by the end of 2027. It is projected to reach $136.7 billion by 2027, presenting opportunities for clothing dropshipping suppliers.
  3. Canada and Japan: Canada and Japan also show promising growth potential in clothing dropshipping, with forecasted CAGRs of 21.6% and 19%, respectively, between 2020 and 2027.
  4. European Leader: Within Europe, Germany stands out as a critical player in clothing dropshipping, with an estimated CAGR of 20.3%, offering a robust market for suppliers in the clothing niche.
  5. Niche Market: Notably, 30% of the North American clothing dropshipping market is attributed to the electronics niche, indicating its popularity within this market segment.
  6. E-commerce Market Share: The e-commerce market share of the United States is anticipated to reach 16.4% in 2023, underscoring the growth potential for clothing dropshipping in this region.
  7. Industry Growth: With a 17% increase in the e-commerce industry, the popularity of dropshipping as a fulfillment model is poised to grow alongside this thriving sector. Profits in dropshipping and e-commerce are projected to surpass $4 billion, signifying robust opportunities for clothing dropshipping suppliers.
  8. Decade-Long Growth: Over the last ten years, the industry has experienced a consistent 7% annual increase, presenting a stable and lucrative market for clothing dropshipping businesses.

Selecting the right dropshipping clothing supplier

Selecting the right dropshipping clothing supplier

Selecting the right dropshipping clothing supplier is a crucial decision for your clothing brand’s success. Making the wrong choice can lead to sales challenges, while the right wholesale partner can catapult your brand to success.

  1. Membership Fees: Determine if the supplier requires a subscription fee in addition to any dropshipping charges.
  2. Quality: Investigate the quality of the clothing products, including the materials used and the manufacturing location. Check if the supplier offers an easy process for ordering product samples.
  3. Shipping Times: Assess the location of the supplier’s warehouses and the speed at which they can deliver products to your customers.
  4. Reviews: Look for feedback from other dropshippers to gauge the supplier’s reputation. Positive reviews are a strong indicator of reliability.
  5. Return Policy: Review the supplier’s return policy to ensure it aligns with your needs and provides convenience for handling returns or exchanges.
  6. Service and Support: Evaluate the supplier’s customer service and support capabilities. Determine how quickly you can receive assistance if issues arise.
  7. Product Range: Examine the supplier’s product catalog to assess the variety and quantity of clothing items available for you to choose from. Also, check if there are restrictions on the number of products you can list at any given time.

By considering these factors, you can make a well-informed decision when selecting a dropshipping clothing supplier for your brand.

My Online Fashion Store: Ultimate Women’s Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers

If you’re in search of a reliable and efficient dropshipping supplier for women’s clothing, look no further than “My Online Fashion Store.” We specialize in offering a diverse catalog of women’s shirts and a range of other stylish apparel options. With our well-reviewed Shopify app and a dedicated fulfillment location in the US, we provide a seamless and convenient dropshipping experience for your online fashion business.

My Online Fashion Store: Ultimate Women's Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers

Key Features:

  1. Guaranteed 5–7 Day Delivery: We understand the importance of fast shipping in the world of fashion. With a commitment to swift order fulfillment, you can assure your customers that their purchases will arrive in just 5–7 days, enhancing their shopping experience.
  2. Free Returns: Customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer hassle-free returns to ensure that your customers have the confidence to shop without worry.
  3. Items Shipped from Los Angeles Warehouse: Our strategic location in Los Angeles allows for efficient and cost-effective shipping, providing you and your customers with a convenient and swift order fulfillment process.
  4. Large Catalog of Products: Explore our extensive catalog of women’s clothing, including a wide selection of shirts, ensuring that you can cater to a diverse audience and stay on top of fashion trends.
  5. Frequent Restocking: We understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest styles. Most of our new items are restocked twice per week, allowing you to keep your product offerings fresh and exciting.


Our catalog page showcases a stunning selection of women’s shirts that exude style and quality.


  • Membership Fee: Get started with My Online Fashion Store with a membership fee starting from just $9 per month, following a free trial period.

AliExpress: Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers

In the realm of dropshipping, AliExpress stands as a heavyweight, offering an extensive and diverse array of products. With its widespread popularity, seamless integration with Shopify, and expansive fulfillment network, AliExpress is the ultimate destination for online entrepreneurs. Best of all, membership is free, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Key Features:

  1. Vast Selection of Products: AliExpress is renowned for its immense product catalog, covering virtually every category imaginable. Whether you’re in fashion, electronics, home goods, or any other niche, you’ll find an abundance of options to cater to your specific audience.
  2. Supplier Reviews and Feedback Data: AliExpress empowers you with valuable insights by providing supplier reviews and feedback data.
  3. Expedited International Shipping with ePacket: To ensure timely delivery of your products to customers worldwide, AliExpress offers ePacket shipping, an expedited international shipping service. This means faster order fulfillment and enhanced customer satisfaction.


AliExpress offers a broad spectrum of products, from smartphone accessories to clothing, electronics, home decor, and much more.


  • Membership Fee: AliExpress offers free membership, eliminating any upfront costs and making it an ideal platform for businesses of all sizes.

As one of the most prominent and versatile platforms in the dropshipping world, AliExpress opens the doors to endless possibilities. With its vast product selection, supplier transparency, and expedited shipping options, you can create a thriving dropshipping business that caters to diverse product categories and customer preferences. Join AliExpress today to tap into a world of dropshipping opportunities.

Syncee: Global Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers

Syncee is your all-in-one solution for access to a diverse global supplier marketplace, making it an invaluable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses alike. With seamless integration into Shopify and an expansive network of fulfillment locations worldwide, Syncee offers a wealth of opportunities in the world of dropshipping. Best of all, the Starter Plan is free, allowing businesses to get started without financial barriers.

Key Features:

  • Global Supplier Marketplace: Syncee connects you with a worldwide network of pre-vetted dropshipping clothing suppliers. This extensive marketplace ensures you have a wealth of options to source products from various corners of the globe.
  • Automatic Product Updates and Uploads: Syncee streamlines your dropshipping operations with automatic product updates and uploads. This feature reduces the manual workload, ensuring your product listings are always current and accurate.


Syncee’s extensive marketplace encompasses products from various categories, from stylish smartwatches to skincare creams and comfortable sofas.


  • Membership Fee: Syncee offers a free Starter Plan, providing a cost-effective entry point for businesses looking to explore dropshipping opportunities. Additional pricing details are available for those seeking more advanced features and support.

BrandsGateway: Luxury Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers

When it comes to luxury fashion dropshipping, BrandsGateway reigns supreme as the premier destination for high-end products. With a specialization in luxury, an expansive network of fulfillment locations in Europe and the US, and a seamless Shopify integration, BrandsGateway offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses looking to make a mark in the world of upscale fashion. While membership comes at a higher monthly fee, the value it brings is unparalleled.

Key Features:

  1. Luxury Fashion Specialization: BrandsGateway is your gateway to more than 100 luxury brands, including iconic names like Coach, Gucci, and Dolce & Gabbana. This specialization ensures you can provide your customers with high-end fashion.
  2. Global Warehouses: With strategic fulfillment locations in Florida, Italy, Germany, and Sweden, BrandsGateway optimizes order fulfillment, offering you efficient access to products and shorter shipping times.
  3. Luxury Accessories: In addition to apparel, BrandsGateway stocks a wide range of luxury accessories, including watches, bags, and jewelry. This allows you to offer a complete luxury shopping experience to your clientele.


The BrandsGateway catalog boasts an exquisite collection of luxury fashion items, from elegant clothing to opulent accessories. Whether it’s a designer dress, a statement bag, or a prestigious watch, you’ll find the perfect products to cater to the high-end fashion desires of your customers.


For businesses that prioritize offering their customers the epitome of luxury, BrandsGateway is the ultimate solution. With an array of high-end brands, global warehousing, and a comprehensive collection of luxury accessories, you can create a genuinely unparalleled shopping experience. Join BrandsGateway today to elevate your business to new heights and provide your customers with the world’s finest in high-end fashion.

Modalyst: Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers

When it comes to identifying the best clothing dropshipping suppliers, Modalyst consistently secures a prominent place in the minds of fashion-focused entrepreneurs. With its well-rounded feature set and vast catalog, Modalyst empowers businesses to offer a diverse and trendy array of clothing items, earning its place as a top-tier solution in the world of dropshipping.

Key Features:

  1. Extensive Catalog: Modalyst’s impressive catalog is a treasure trove of fashion items. Hosting millions of products across various categories enables retailers to curate a selection that perfectly aligns with their target audience’s preferences. Whether you’re looking to source men’s t-shirts, stylish hoodies, or a multitude of other clothing options, Modalyst has it all.
  2. Global Fulfillment: One of Modalyst’s key advantages is its global network of fulfillment centers. With locations spread across the world, including the US, it facilitates efficient and timely order processing. This means you can cater to a global customer base without compromising on shipping times.
  3. Print-on-Demand: Modalyst offers an invaluable feature in the form of print-on-demand products. This option allows dropshippers to provide personalized and custom-designed items, adding a unique touch to their clothing offerings.


Modalyst’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, making it an accessible choice for those embarking on their dropshipping journey.

  • Membership Fee: Modalyst’s basic plan is offered free of charge, eliminating the barrier of entry for newcomers and ensuring that even small businesses can take advantage of its features.


Modalyst’s versatility shines through as it caters to all product categories, ensuring it’s a suitable choice for retailers looking to offer a wide array of clothing items. Whether you’re focusing on men’s fashion, women’s attire, or a blend of both, Modalyst’s catalog has the diversity to meet your needs.

Kiyonna: A Plus-Size Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers

When it comes to specialized clothing dropshipping, Kiyonna stands out as a top choice, particularly in the niche of plus-size women’s clothing. Although it doesn’t offer a Shopify app, Kiyonna has built a strong reputation for its dedication to timely order processing and a convenient returns policy. Let’s delve into why Kiyonna is the go-to source for businesses focusing on plus-size fashion.


Kiyonna’s niche is clear and defined: plus-size women’s clothing. By focusing exclusively on this market, Kiyonna provides a specialized selection of products designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of curvier customers.

Key Features:

  1. Swift Order Processing: Kiyonna’s commitment to fast order processing is a game-changer for businesses. Most orders are shipped within a mere 48 hours, a crucial feature in the fast-paced world of fashion. This not only enhances the customer experience but also allows you to stay competitive and relevant in a market that values efficiency.
  2. Convenient Returns Policy: Customer satisfaction is a top priority, and Kiyonna recognizes the importance of hassle-free returns. Their returns policy is designed for convenience, making it easy for both you and your customers to navigate and manage returns or exchanges.
  3. Diverse Plus-Size Selection: Kiyonna specializes in plus-size women’s clothing, ensuring a wide variety of products specifically catered to this niche. From elegant dresses to comfortable everyday wear, the range includes a diverse selection of apparel that empowers your customers to embrace their styles.


Kiyonna follows a pricing structure that aligns with the spirit of accessibility, which is essential for businesses, especially those just starting their dropshipping venture.

  • Membership Fee: Kiyonna offers free membership, removing any financial barriers and ensuring that businesses of all sizes can explore the plus-size clothing niche.

Kiyonna –Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers:

In the realm of clothing dropshipping, Kiyonna has carved a distinctive niche by specializing in plus-size women’s fashion. While Kiyonna doesn’t offer a Shopify app, it has earned its place as a go-to destination for businesses looking to cater to this specific and vital market segment.

Kiyonna -Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers:

Key Features:

  1. Swift Order Processing: Kiyonna takes the lead in the industry with its commitment to rapid order processing. The majority of orders are shipped within a mere 48 hours, a feature that not only enhances the customer experience but also allows your business to stay competitive in a fast-paced fashion market.
  2. Convenient Returns Policy: Kiyonna understands the importance of a hassle-free returns process. Their customer-centric returns policy simplifies the return or exchange process for both you and your customers, contributing to building trust and loyalty.
  3. Diverse Plus-Size Selection: Kiyonna’s focus is laser-sharp – plus-size women’s clothing. This specialization ensures a rich and varied range of products tailored to the unique needs and preferences of curvier customers. From elegant dresses to everyday wear, Kiyonna’s selection empowers your customers to embrace their style.


  • Membership Fee: Kiyonna offers free membership, breaking down financial barriers and making it feasible for businesses to enter and thrive in the plus-size clothing market.

By partnering with Kiyonna, you’re not just adding a dropshipping supplier; you’re embracing a mission to empower and inspire plus-size women with fashion that celebrates their individuality. Kiyonna’s fast order processing, customer-friendly returns, and a curated selection of plus-size clothing make it a standout choice for businesses committed to offering the best in plus-size fashion.

BrandsDistribution – Gateway to Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers:

BDroppy, a subsidiary of BrandsDistribution, shines in the world of clothing dropshipping by focusing on major fashion brands. With its extensive collection and global shipping capabilities, BDroppy is the perfect resource for fashion-focused businesses looking to offer designer fashion products.

BrandsDistribution - Gateway to Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers:

Key Features:

  1. Designer Brands Galore: BDroppy’s collection boasts more than 120 designer fashion brands. This allows you to provide high-end fashion products to your customers, elevating your business and brand reputation.
  2. Global Shipping Network: BDroppy enhances your reach by shipping from Italy to over 50 countries. This enables you to serve an international customer base with ease, tapping into global fashion markets.
  3. Multilingual and Multicurrency Support: BDroppy’s support for 20 languages and 24 currencies ensures that you can seamlessly conduct transactions across the world. This international flexibility is vital for businesses looking to expand their reach.


BDroppy’s pricing structure is versatile and offers various features and support options.

  • Membership Fee: Integration with Shopify starts from $99 per month, providing access to a range of valuable features and resources.

BDroppy’s specialty in significant fashion brands positions it as a premier choice for businesses seeking to offer designer fashion products. With a robust catalog, global shipping capabilities, and international support, BDroppy is your ticket to thriving in the world of high-end fashion dropshipping.

AnnLoren – Children’s Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers:

AnnLoren - Children's Best Clothing Dropshipping Suppliers:

AnnLoren is a distinctive player in the clothing dropshipping landscape, specializing in patterned children’s clothing. Although AnnLoren doesn’t provide a Shopify app, it offers a unique and appealing selection of clothing options for children and babies.

Key Features:

  1. Age-Appropriate Apparel: AnnLoren’s product range caters to children aged three months to 12 years. This broad age span ensures that you can offer appropriate and stylish clothing for various developmental stages.
  2. Wholesale and Dropshipping Opportunities: AnnLoren extends both wholesale and dropshipping options, providing flexibility in your business model. Whether you’re ordering in bulk or fulfilling individual customer orders, AnnLoren has you covered.


AnnLoren adopts an inclusive approach, offering free membership that is accessible to businesses of all sizes, ensuring that you can explore the children’s clothing niche without financial constraints.

Unique Niche:

AnnLoren’s niche is distinctive, focusing on clothing for children and babies. Their emphasis on patterned designs guarantees a unique and appealing selection for young customers, allowing them to stand out in style.

By joining forces with AnnLoren, you’re entering the vibrant and creative world of children’s clothing. Their wide age-appropriate range, flexible business models, and unique designs make AnnLoren an ideal partner for businesses looking to offer an imaginative and stylish collection for children and babies.

FAQS about Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers

FAQS about Best Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers

What is the fastest supplier for dropshipping?

The fastest supplier for dropshipping can vary, but some options known for quick shipping times include SPOD and Printful, which offer rapid order fulfillment services.

How do you find the hottest dropshipping products?

To discover popular dropshipping products, research trending niches, use tools like Google Trends and social media platforms, and stay updated with market trends and consumer demands.

What dropshipper makes the most money?

The earnings of dropshippers depend on various factors, including their niche, marketing strategies, and platform choice. There isn’t one specific dropshipper that consistently makes the most money.

Is dropshipping too risky?

Dropshipping carries some risks, such as inventory control and product quality. However, proper planning, research, and effective management can mitigate these risks.

Is Shein suitable for dropshipping?

Shein is a famous fashion retailer, but it’s not typically used for dropshipping as it doesn’t offer a dropshipping program. Many other platforms specialize in dropshipping clothing and accessories.

Is branded drop shipping better?

Branded dropshipping, where you sell recognized brands, can be appealing, but it often comes with more competition and potentially lower profit margins compared to creating a unique brand or niche.

Is it wise to dropship?

Dropshipping can be a viable business model when done correctly. It offers low startup costs and flexibility but requires thorough planning, market research, and effective marketing strategies.

How to dropship streetwear?

To drop ship streetwear, find reliable suppliers, create a niche streetwear store, focus on trending and unique designs, and use social media and online marketing to reach the target audience.

How to dropship luxury brands?

Dropshipping luxury brands typically requires partnerships with authorized suppliers. Ensure you adhere to brand guidelines, offer authentic products, and maintain high-quality standards.

Who buys the most streetwear?

Streetwear is popular among a diverse demographic, including millennials and Gen Z. Urban and fashion-conscious individuals are primary consumers of streetwear.

How do I become a branded dropshipper?

To become a branded dropshipper, identify brands willing to work with dropshippers, establish a partnership, and adhere to brand guidelines while creating a brand-specific store.

Can you use Instagram to dropship?

Yes, Instagram is a powerful platform for dropshipping. You can create a visually appealing feed, use influencers, and run targeted ads to promote your products.

What is the demand for streetwear?

Streetwear has a strong demand, driven by its appeal to youth culture, fashion-forward consumers, and the desire for unique and trendy clothing items.

How to start a dropship boutique?

Starting a dropship boutique involves selecting a niche, finding reliable suppliers, creating an online store, optimizing for user experience, and implementing effective marketing strategies.

How big is the market for streetwear?

The streetwear market is significant, valued in the billions of dollars, and continues to grow, driven by the global popularity of street fashion.

What is the highest-selling clothing item?

The highest-selling clothing items can vary, but staples like T-shirts and jeans consistently perform well due to their universal appeal and versatility.

What clothing is selling the most?

Basics such as T-shirts, jeans, leggings, and comfortable loungewear often sell the most due to their everyday wearability.

What is the highest-selling fashion brand?

The highest-selling fashion brand can change over time, but luxury brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Nike consistently rank among the top performers.

Who is the mother of streetwear?

Nigo, the founder of A Bathing Ape (BAPE), is often regarded as one of the pioneers and influential figures in the streetwear fashion movement.

Does Gucci make streetwear?

Yes, Gucci has incorporated streetwear elements into its collections, blending high fashion with street style to cater to evolving fashion trends.

Why is streetwear luxury?

Streetwear’s luxury status often arises from collaborations between high-end fashion brands and streetwear designers, resulting in limited edition, high-priced collections.

What is the top 1 clothing brand?

The top clothing brands can vary by criteria, but some well-known brands consistently include Nike, Zara, H&M, and Adidas, among others.

How do I create my clothing brand?

To create your clothing brand, start with a unique concept, design or source your products, establish branding elements, create an online store, and market your brand effectively.

Which country has the best clothing brands?

The perception of the best clothing brands varies, but countries like Italy, France, the United States, and Japan are known for hosting renowned fashion houses and brands.

What is the fastest-growing fashion brand?

The fastest-growing fashion brand can change over time, but companies that embrace e-commerce sustainability and adapt to changing consumer preferences often experience rapid growth.

What is the wealthiest luxury brand?

The title of the wealthiest luxury brand can vary but conglomerates like LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) own multiple prestigious luxury brands.

Which fast fashion brands make the most money?

Fast fashion brands that make the most money include companies like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21, known for their rapid production and affordability.


In today’s digital age, custom apparel and personalized merchandise have become a significant market, offering opportunities for entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses to showcase their creativity and reach a diverse customer base. The four platforms, TeePublic, SPOD (Spreadshirt Print-On-Demand), AOP+ (All Over Print), and Printful, each play a distinct role in this evolving landscape.

These platforms empower creators to showcase their artistic talents, fulfill the desires of consumers for unique products, and build successful businesses. While each forum has its unique strengths and features, the common thread among them is the opportunity to turn creative visions into reality in the world of custom apparel. Whether you are an artist, an entrepreneur, or a consumer, these platforms offer a pathway to express individuality, support independent creators, and access personalized products that make a statement.

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