The tech giant of e-commerce, Amazon, has been championing the drop shipping business back since the year 2011. Reports suggested that of all its products sold, drop shipped products accounted for 34% of in that year alone. This only means one thing for other businesses, if Amazon can do it, then that can be seen as an opportunity for many of the world’s online stores to do the same with their businesses as well.  That is why you need to be aware of how to start a drop shipping business. The sector of e-commerce is currently labeled as the only industry worth a trillion-dollars to grow at a double-digit year on year.

This should give us a guess that you have a sufficiency of potential sales to have control on. And the great thing is that drop shipping makes it adaptable because you do not have to materially hold on to an inventory and you would just pay only when you make an actual selling. You must be wondering how much can you make from drop shipping? To your knowledge, there are approximate of 12-24 million online stores in the world. Yet, despite this huge number, only around half a million make more than $1K of annual sales.

This shows the amount of competitiveness in this market! So, the question that arises is, how does one make sure that their drop shipping business will be effective? Courtesy of an aggressive e-commerce business atmosphere and despite the ever increasing and tough nature of online shoppers, effective usage of drop shipping tactics is a tad bit difficult. Therefore, this article will aid you in tackling the obstacles of competitions by equipping you with the best of the best marketing tips which are supported through every step of a consumer’s drive. Whether you have the urge to drive new customers to your store, to thrust prevailing traffic towards conversion, or simply to uphold your existing customer’s satisfaction level, we provide you with a calculated assortment of time-tested and right out of the box marketing strategies to propel your trade and maintain an effective drop shipping business. So, let’s jump straight into it.

1.Be trustworthy: Add reviews and ratings, plus endorsements on your site

The tendency for skepticism will be high when you are running a drop shipping store, especially regarding the quality of the products you’re selling to the general consumers. It is exactly the reason why adding customer reviews, ratings, and testimonials to your online store is a brilliant tactic to build your site visitor’s trust. New visitors will be helped by product reviews from existing customers to see what the preceding buyers experienced regarding any specific product. By employing such a methodology, it could influence a likely buyer to actually complete a purchase.

As an example, drop shipping owners from the Chinese tech giant AliExpress tend to take a picture of a customer’s response from their supplier’s store and then position it on their website. Although, as you develop your online store, it is crucial that you construct your own product reviews, ratings, and testimonials. To take as an example, the website “” places a tab ‘Write a review’ piece on its product page to invite shoppers to leave behind a product review, usually after they have made a purchase. If the same marketing strategy can be applied to you as well, there is a chance that you can boost your conversion rate by an approximate 14-76%.

2. Social videos sharing: Drives traffic and customer engagement

Social videos, by 2021, will grow at a very rapid pace, since online videos are estimated to make up of more than 81% of all the consumer web traffic, that would make it one of the most sought-after forms of marketing today. It is a signal for drop shipping businesses to move their marketing focus towards using video content to promote their store or market their product sufficiently, that will help them intensify brand awareness and recollection. Taking an example, Make Beauty shares sneak peek how-to guides on popular social media services and then uses it to redirect their audience to visit their website to watch the full instructive videos.

However, for a small-scale drop shipping business, delving into the matter of making social videos can be a perplexing task because of the meticulous thinking process and creativity involved. That is why, as an alternative, look for the already established viral videos on popular sites such as those found on BuzzFeed, and then share them on your own social media site. Remember to always share your post with an attention seeking and call to action purposed mind to push traffic to your drop shipping site.

3. Identifying Niche

A niche refers to an interest usually shared by a certain group. Almost all drop shipping businesses have their own kind of niche. You need to take advantage of this thing by identifying if where your niche gets accumulated, such as those on Facebook groups or other places such as blog communities. Once a niche has been identified, it is time for you to join these groups so you can now observe what your target set of customers are conversing.

Moving ahead, you can be a representative to delicately promote your drop shipping business or announce your products to them. It would be more effective if you can act like a real user and show yourself as an expert in that niche. You can then also use the group’s social media page to feature your very own store. As an example, if you are one of those shoe drop shipping businesses, you should send fashion inspiration lookbooks. You can also ask the group to post them on its page with an acknowledgment to your store.

4. Enticing shoppers: Use upsell and cross-sell marketing

As among the drop shipping businesses, you would naturally want to maximize every transaction that you do in any way possible. For this very purpose, implementation of a product upselling and cross-selling techniques is vital and can help you in maximizing your transactional value. There’s a very minute variance between the two, that is why they are usually combined in a single marketing strategy. However, both aid in increasing spontaneous buying and enhancing growth in your store’s revenue to as high as 70%. As is the case, Amazon is commonly known to use upselling and cross-selling techniques with its “Frequently Bought Together” marketing scheme.

Marketing has become an indispensable instrument for any business to increase itself, be it drop shipping or otherwise. Keeping that in mind, the eruption of a variety of marketing channels and tactics over the past couple of years has made it quite demanding for a drop shipping business to keep up with rival strategies and soar to its full potential. To pad you up, our most comprehensive marketing guidelines mentioned above will make sure that you are equipped in every stage of the shoppers’ buying period. Be it that they are browsing, finishing a transaction or have already made an acquisition, our marketing tips will always come in handy.

5. Advertise on Facebook:

Set your budget and market goals first and then advertise through adds on Facebook because your target audience will be approached easily on Facebook as it has billions of users. It has many other benefits as well for example the data it collects is huge and diverse which helps you in such a way that you can reach your targeted audience very easily. Facebook adds are also beneficial in such a way that you can use them according to the demands of your customers end goals and need of the time.

Another very wonderful fact of Facebook adds is this that it is attached to a number of other social networks like Instagram and messenger, therefore, you have the liberty to choose that at what platform your add should be displayed. It is a very customizable opportunity which a person can avail according to their needs.

The basic and most beneficial benefit is that everything is under your control. Now let’s see some of the useful tips that can help you make your campaign even better. First of all the biggest benefit is that Facebook has video content which means a wonderful audio and visual quality taking full benefit of which you can make your customer memorize the details of your product in his subconscious. When the customer gets impressed by your products he remembers your brand as well.

The second tip is the people in your contact should be your first focal point. There is a reason why people spend a lot of money on increasing their email subscribers. It is very much easier to sell your product to your already existing customers because if they are already happy with your product they will purchase your next product within no time whereas on the other side making new customers is way difficult and time-consuming. You should, of course, make new customers but your first priority and focus should be the old ones and your contact list is the easiest and fastest way to reach your already existing and old customers.

Facebook also has an option named custom audience. With this option, you can upload your email contact list and reach the respective people very easily. The next thing is always to be patient. At first, you might feel like you are not getting your desired results and you are wasting your money and effort but this is not the truth. Everything requires time and patience to flourish. Give it some time to grow and it will eventually start giving your desired results. Keep collecting enough data and keep focusing on your work. Another very important thing is the Facebook pixel. This is a must install if you want to improve your advertising on Facebook. It provides you more online business opportunities.

6. Keep an eye on your customers, don’t lose them:

There are only 1-2 % of customers who buy on their first visit, rest won’t buy on their first visit. This is a big challenge on the part of drop shipping dealers. Retargeting is the solution to this issue, which would otherwise not yield any better results. This is a marketing strategy which aims at visitors who have earlier visited your e-commerce site but had taken no action in any purchasing.

With the usage of retargeting technique, you can exhibit relevant advertisements to those visitors who have left your site. Once retargeted with display ads, these visitors are 70% more likely to make an action, such as that of purchasing, on your website. Looking at an example, the jewelry maker, Blue Steel, executed a retargeting policy with its Facebook ads which resulted in a 325% increase in sales for their products. Blue Steel’s ad used a very commanding retargeting catch, “I saw you checking me out” with a presentation of the products viewed by the customer who had left the site.

7. Start blogging: drive organic traffic to your site

In recent surveys, Blogs are considered to be the 5th most reliable source of information on the Internet, coming behind only news sites, Facebook, retail sites and YouTube. Blog marketing is a low-cost strategy to reach your target customers by using a blog as a medium. The essential benefit of blog marketing is to shape your audience and produce more traffic and sales for your drop shipping business. Another thing is that you can also use blog contents to give past visitors a reason to return to your site. But a thing of more importance, one of the most fundamental purposes of blog marketing is its capacity to increase your SEO results.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methods being employed, that augment your content accordingly so that it enhances your organic or “free” traffic. The better you are at streamlining your blog items for SEO, the greater a chance your website will have of being listed higher on a search engine’s results page. Meaning, the better your ranking, the more the probability that people can discover and become increasingly aware of your drop shipping business. There is one caveat, you are not a great writer and you cannot spend hours and hours to write blog posts regularly!

By this point in time, you should start realizing that blogging is a valuable tool. If you can spend your time on sustaining multiple social media channels, then you would have the time to write a piece of content every week. And even if you’re not that good at writing, do not need to worry. Because, like how it happens usually, you don’t have to write a 2000+ word count post, just keep it petite and maintain the charm. You can think of blogging as the extension of a Facebook post or a product description, you write it every other day, why can’t you do the same with blogs too? A point to ponder.

8. Turning visitors into subscribers: Use compelling email pop-ups

Usually, within the first couple of seconds or so of their visit, an approximately 55% of website visitors tend to leave a website. This is why it is of utmost importance to capture your visitors’ email addresses since this is a vital step towards generating a lead conversion. Nonetheless, in order to successfully turn your visitors into subscribers, you will need to deploy a marketing strategy that will attract them to do so.

For starters, how about incentivizing an email pop-up form to stimulate them into becoming a part of your email list! The struggle becomes a little less challenging once you have their email addresses. Now, you can foster those potential customer leads with a series of emails which emphasize on the brands marketing contents. This then helps them to participate in your drop shipping business and would then ultimately drive them to purchase your products.

Looking for examples, we can see that of BKBT Concept Store. They have literally animated its email pop-up into a playable game in which it offers its visitors a chance to win a special prize. In return, the company gets to keep their email addresses for future marketing purposes. With having more than an approximate 150,000 online store customers, you can run the similar kind of marketing strategy. Start by using Better Coupon Box’s services to create a unique and strikingly designed email pop-up which is geared towards growing your email subscribers by as much as up to 68%.

All in all, it should be kept in mind that drop shipping businesses are on the rise and their investment value is increasing day by day. The time is ripe and the opportunities are rife to delve into this sector and effectively start your business. It is, after all, a great source of passive income online as well. You just need to follow the tips given above and you will be flourishing in this business in no time. Try to follow most of them, if not all, since each mentioned tip has their unique benefits.

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