How To Find Drop Shipping Companies, Wholesalers, & Suppliers?

Believe it or not, a big majority of dropshipping suppliers are not known to market themselves appropriately and enough to their audience. This is simply because they divert all of their resources (time, efforts, and energy) on manufacturing or selling products at wholesale prices. It is also the reason why the very concept of dropshipping came into prominence as the market of manufacturing was missing out on one of the most important aspects — marketing and selling — and this is where dropshipping retailers came into the picture.

It is because of this inability to market themselves enough that you (as a retailer) may find great difficulties to find and get associated with the right dropship suppliers for your company. You must note here that the entire process of identifying and associating with the best dropship suppliers for your Shopify dropshipping business could take days, months, and even years in some rare cases. The worst part is that most dropship suppliers are often based in countries like China and other non-English language native countries. Therefore, there is a possibility that you may also face some language barriers.

Here are a few steps to find the right dropshipping supplier for you after you decide what to dropship and what wholesale products to sell from home.


Research. Research. And, Research! There is no substitute for research when it comes to finding the best dropship suppliers for your Shopify dropshipping business. Once you’ve decided what you would like to sell, you must spend quality time to locate and research about potential suppliers for your drop shipping business. This will also be the time when you have to decide whether to go for domestic or overseas dropshipping suppliers, depending upon the count of the supplier in selected product segment. It will require more research into delivery times, service potential, raw material sourcing, etc.

Contact Suppliers

Once you have identified a few suppliers, you should get into a conversation mode with them to find out if their products and services are a good match to what you want to sell. Moreover, you should also find out if the price offered by them is reasonable enough for you to make profits by getting products of your store drop shipped to the world at large.

It is always a good idea to ask for recommendations from their existing customers so that you can find out how they carry out their business activities — do they provide quality products, are the products delivered on time, what are the shipping methods used, etc.? This will help you get first-hand knowledge of the entire functioning processes that will go a long way in helping you interpret and understand how the customers of your store will be treated by the dropshipping suppliers through timely delivery of premium-quality products at reasonable prices while using safe and secure shipping methods.

It is important for you to know the inside-out about the dropshipping supplier and even start the journey of a meaningful, long-term, and mutually-beneficial business relationship that can help the suppliers sell their products through your marketing tactics and you getting hands on enough profits by earning profits from those purchases. This understanding will also go a long way to resolve disputes (if any) straight away in the future.

Order Samples from the Suppliers

Once you have identified top 2-4 suppliers to do business with, you should go to the next step of ordering sample products from them. This is to test their quality of service, methods of packaging and shipping, and delivery times. It will also help you find out firsthand how the visitors of your Shopify dropshipping web store can expect when they receive their ordered products from the same drop shipping suppliers.

Order From the Competition

It is always a good idea to even try out the competitors of your selected suppliers. You will already have a brief understanding by now of how things work in this segment and what is the most reasonable price to be paid and margin to earn. For getting better deals, you may even suggest to those competitors that you have been given some offers by their peers and they would surely like to outclass them by offering better deals and improved quality. Everyone is winning here! The customer gets best products by paying the lowest price. The competitor supplier gets to sell his products through you. Obviously, you can earn more profits by selling the products at lower or competitive prices.

Find The Right Supplier For You

It is very important for you NOT to fall into the trap of misleading reviews, comments, feedback, and suggestions on directories, websites, forums, etc. in the context of best dropshipping suppliers. We all know that there have been occasions when business owners have gone on to the extent of paying people to post bad reviews about their competitors. Moreover, people are also paid to write favorable reviews to bring a business into the good picture and put their competitors in a negative picture.

The point is — you may trust reviews, but NOT blindly! Get the hard facts real time by your own! Therefore, you must have a one-on-one conversation with the suppliers and get everything checked before you commit to them. You can always decide not to use a bad supplier after issues arises, but the damage might have already happened and your brand may already been harmed by then. So, you have to stay alert before selecting the ideal dropshipping supplier for your web store.

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