Things You Can’t Advertise On Facebook

It doesn’t really matter if you have spend countless hours to get every detail of your dropshipping store sorted out, or if you’ve used a pre-populated list of compelling products — of course these are great, but can they drive traffic alone? Well, the answer is a big no.

There are more than 1.8 billion websites on the World Wide Web today but does each website drives traffic? No. This is for the simple reason that you will still find many entrepreneurs who believe in the statement of the bygone days, “If you build it, they will come” that sooner or later becomes the first and foremost reason of their business either getting closed or struggling really hard to even meet the ends.

On the other hand, there are smart and profit-driven website owners who believe that a product is as good as its marketing and every business owner must continuously create and maintain demand and awareness for its products and services on as many marketing channels as possible. Moreover, the ways to do this should be engaging, useful, relevant, and unique to be able to evoke and retain attention of the customers in the short as well as the long run.

By now, you might be rightly wondering what is the most effective to market your brand. And comes Facebook, the biggest online social media and social networking giant, with more than 2.27 billion monthly active users as of third quarter of 2018. Now imagine marketing your products before a target audience of more than 2.27 billion that is growing in thousands and even millions every day and month.

Why You Should Use Facebook Ads?

Facebook, as the largest social network in the world, continues to be an attractive online marketing avenue for many businesses. The kind of potential and exposure Facebook campaigns and advertisements can give to your business is simply amazing. It has never been cheaper to create and build your brand and create and maintain demand for your products and services. If you have yet to start advertising on Facebook, you would be crazy not to, especially if you want to see your business grow like crazy.

The average person on Facebook spends approximately 1.72 hours per day or as much as 28 percent of his or her time on online social networks. Every minute, the users of Facebook Like more than 4.2 million posts, status updates, comments, videos, and photos. No wonder, today’s tech-savvy population spends a ridiculous amount of time on social media and this is where you should be to promote your dropshipping products.

In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is kind of a big deal. According to the latest figures released by Facebook, more than 1.8 billion people every month log onto Facebook and 1.41 billion visit via mobile. You need to connect with them and the best way to reach out to them is through compelling Facebook ads that will surely help you reach the right audience. Your audience.

Understanding The Ad Review Process Of Facebook

Every single piece of advertisement that you notice while browsing through the feed of your Facebook account has gone through the comprehensive ad review process of Facebook. However, there is nothing for you to worry about. Following and passing the rules is a complete breeze. Surprisingly, a big majority of advertisements are reviewed and accepted in as less as 24 hours (though it may take a bit longer in some cases).

The primary purpose of the entire Facebook ad review process is to make sure that the text, targeting, images, and positioning of the advertisement are in order and in complete alignment with the predefined policies. It is important to remember here that the Facebook staff will also check the page that your advertisement will be driving traffic to.

In other words, if the advertisement does not match up with what the advertisement is promoting or if the page is not fully functional yet, the advertisement might be simply disapproved. Therefore, it does make sense that you should only thinking about putting an advertisement on Facebook after your store is up and running. Similarly, you should NOT create advertisement for products that fall under the “Prohibited Content” category of Facebook, as they’ll certainly be denied.

If you discover that the products you’re selling fall under the Facebook “Prohibited Content” list, you will have two choices:

  1. Try to promote your brand without using Facebook advertising.
  2. Pivot with the products of your store and then update your inventory list

Truth be told, neither of those options are ideal. Therefore, it is a great idea to find out which items are prohibited to be promoted on Facebook before you approach a provider of Shopify dropshipping ecommerce premade websites and ready made turnkey websites to get a stunning, fully-automated, and ready-to-go-live dropshipping eCommerce web store.

Products You Can’t Advertise on Facebook

It is now time to start listing down the products that you presently cannot advertise on Facebook.

Adult Products

The use of adult products, including but not limited to nudity, pornography, or depictions of people in explicit situations is not allowed to be promoted through Facebook advertisements. But, you can surely promote adult products that are focused on contraception or family planning. However, you must be emphasizing on the core features of your product if you are promoting contraceptives instead of concentrating on sexual pleasure or sexual enhancement else your advertisement will be disapproved.

Unregulated Supplements

The supplements’ industry is booming today like never before and it is believed that the size of this huge market will boom to $278 billion USD by 2024. However, supplements are regulated by different rules, policies, and regulations. The complicating thing is that there can be times when one supplement is legal in one country and the same supplement is illegal in another country. This is one of the biggest reasons why Facebook does not approve advertisements of unregulated supplements as they may cause more harm than good.

It is best not to sell these products unless you have manufactured them on your own and have the required paperwork to demonstrate to the world at large that they have approved as safe for consumption.

Third-Party Infringements

Any Facebook advertisement that appears to be violating or infringing on the right of any third party will be automatically taken down or disapproved. You should also remember that third-party infringements can also get you in deep legal trouble. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should not sell anything that you assume is trademarked or copyrighted unless you have the proper and required trade agreement from the corresponding party.

If you want to sell products of another brand through your Facebook advertisements, you should tag the brand in your post.

Health Products: Before and After

There is no denying the fact that a big majority of the online health industry is thriving thanks to Facebook advertising campaigns. However, there are certain things that you must remember while advertising your health products on Facebook. Advertisements must not contain “before-and-after images, or images thtat contain unexpected or unlikely results.” Moreover, your advertising of health products on Facebook should not imply anything that may result in the development or aggravation of negative feelings in the mind of Facebook users about their body image.

Surveillance Equipment

Advertisements related to Surveillance Equipment are strictly prohibited on the advertising platform of Facebook. The list includes but is not limited to mobile phone trackers, spy cams, or other hidden surveillance equipment.

Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products are a strict no-go as far as Facebook advertising is concerned. These products are illegal and you must avoid anything to do with them.

Tobacco Products

Tobacco products including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and other related tobacco paraphernalia cannot be advertised on Facebook. However, you can create advertisements for products that are aimed at getting over an addiction to smoking.


The Facebook ad review process prevents advertisements about weapons, ammunition, or explosives.

Drugs and Drug-Related Products

Drugs and drug-related products cannot be advertisement through Facebook advertisements. You should not put out any kind of advertisement that promote or endorse the use or sale of illegal, prescription, or recreational drugs else you will be breaching the community guidelines of Facebook. This means that you cannot put advertisement or images of recreational or medical marijuana, smoking-related accessories, or similar images that could possibly imply the use of a recreational drug in your advertisements.

Follow these instructions related to the ad review process of Facebook and start promoting your business now after buying your own websites for sale that make money and sell products online without inventory now!

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