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It has never been easier to start your own eCommerce business by purchasing an optimized turnkey drop ship website. You are free to choose a niche that fits your interest and market knowledge, and find a website already filled with products and integrated with suppliers.

Read on to find out how to get started with your drop shipping business today.


Whether you’re interested in opening an online boutique, a pet store, a gadget store or a travel website, we have you covered.

Prior to deciding on what type of eCommerce business to start, conduct a research to find the right mix of a niche you’re passionate about and a competitive niche to ensure success of your new business.

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When you decided on your niche, it is necessary to conduct market research that will help you to position your drop shipping business for success.

Market research will help you get the insight into following:

  • Competitors’ Behavior – Learn about which products your competitors are offering, how they present and market them, to identify the gap in the current supply that you’re able to fulfill either with a product, price or any other convenience that you can offer to the potential buyer.
  • Customers’ Behavior – Learn about how your potential customers are engaging with your niche and on which platforms they are most active on. This will help you choose the most effective marketing channels to reach them and advertise your online store.
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Optimizing your online dropshipping store is essential for making money out of your dropship business. When you optimize your store effectively, you’ll make it easily reachable by your target customers and you’ll increase the chance to convert website visitors into buyers.

Here are some valuable tips to optimize your online store:

  • Make your website attractive, attention-catchy at first look and standing out from your competitors;
  • Identify your customers’ most common challenge and present your website as a problem solver through your marketing messaging;
  • Make your website navigation simple and minimal, so that customers can find products with 2 clicks;
  • Build trust by adding reviews and testimonials;
  • Optimize your website for search engines (SEO);
  • Make sure your product descriptions are compelling and product images are high-quality;
  • Cause the effect of “scarcity” by adding limited offers and promotions;
  • Use your website for leads generation by adding pop-ups with special offers or newsletter subscription forms.

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