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Shopify For Dummies

Do you want to sell products on Shopify? Looking for a turnkey website that can get you started with selling best products to sell on Shopify immediately? Buy ready made websites for sale from BE BIGGY now and get your custom, fully-functional, and professionally developed Shopify eCommerce dropshipping website now!

What Is Shopify?

Shopify offers comprehensive eCommerce online solutions that let you set up an online store to showcase best products to sell online without spending anything on inventory, packaging, and shipping. Yes, you read that absolutely right! All these aspects are handled entirely by the Shopify dropshipping suppliers. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend endless hours to get connected with these Shopify dropshippers and you also don’t have to pay any additional charges to avail these FREE services for you.

How Much Does Shopify Cost?

If you have been wondering how much does Shopify cost, here is the complete information for you.

Shopify fees for different packages are:

Lite – $9 per month

Basic Shopify – $29 per month

Shopify – $79 per month

Advanced Shopify – $299 per month

In addition to these Shopify packages, you can even avail the enterprise-grade solution (Shopify Plus) that is meant for large businesses and high volume merchants. It is however important for you to choose the right plan for the specific requirements of your business. Market critics recommend choosing a well-known provider like BE BIGGY when it comes to how to choose the best Shopify plan for business.

The best thing is that BE BIGGY understands that the budget and requirements of each and every client are different. It is for this reason that the world’s most preferred provider of custom and pre-made websites for sale has come up with Shopify starter stores and Shopify premium stores so that it is extremely easy and affordable for you to get started with selling best products on Shopify.


BE BIGGY is the world’s most trusted name in the world of Shopify dropshipping eCommerce websites for sale. We deliver custom turnkey readymade websites for sale and Shopify stores for sale so that you can start the operations of your eCommerce drop shipping store almost instantly. Shopify dropshipping was never that easy! Not only, our teams of Shopify experts with their years of experience and expertise get started with custom Shopify custom theme, Shopify design, and Shopify dropship integration. We have already assisted hundreds and thousands of budding entrepreneurs by delivering state-of-the-art Shopify dropshipping stores to them within just 24 hours of their orders with us.

With BE BIGGY, you are always assured of the best Shopify drop shipping websites that help you make money in the short as well as the long run, provided you work extensively on the marketing aspect after choosing your specific market niche and trending products to sell on Shopify. If that is not all, the Shopify businesses for sale websites built and sold by us are user-friendly that always ensure the visitors to your web store have delighting user experiences.

By doing this, we indirectly help you extend the reach of your business to explore new markets, opportunities, and customers that would obviously result in more website traffic, leads, conversions, mouth-of-word recommendations, sales, and profits. All in all, you would possibly have endless reasons to succeed when you choose BE BIGGY for Shopify dropship pre made websites for sale.

How To Sell Products With A Shopify Dropshipping Website?

To get started, you simply need to buy a turnkey Shopify dropshipping website from BE BIGGY — the world’s best Shopify expert. You will get a custom and fully-functional eCommerce web store from it within just 24 hours. This web store will come preloaded with hundreds of bestselling, popular, and trending products to sell on Shopify. Moreover, these products will be shipped by some of the world’s most-trusted Shopify dropshipping suppliers on time using reliable shipping carriers.

Once you get a turnkey Shopify dropshipping website from BE BIGGY, you just need to promote it across a wide range of marketing channels so that more and more customers are made aware of the rich and wide variety of the niche-specific products sold by your store. Once a customer places an order at your store and makes a payment for it, you just need to buy from the wholesale Shopify drop shipping supplier at a wholesale price. The entire difference between the price paid by the customer to you and the price paid by you to the wholesale supplier is your profit. You don’t have share this profit with anyone and you are also not required to pay any commission to anyone, including Shopify or BE BIGGY. All yours!

Thereafter, the dropshipping supplier packs and ships the ordered products to the customer of your store on your behalf. During the entire process of shipping and order delivery, the customer does not know that someone is packaging and shipping the order on your behalf. The customer gets the ordered products, the supplier gets a price for the items purchased by you and sent to the customer, and you (as the dropshipping retailer) gets a profit for the difference between the price paid by the customer to you and the price paid by you to the wholesale supplier. Everyone is happy!

Moreover, you don’t have to spend hours to identify if any product has gone out of stock as every out-of-stock is automatically removed from your store and gets added back once it is back in stock. Not only this, you can handle all orders with the customers and the suppliers with just a few clicks. In other words, you can get orders managed while remaining on the move or during a commercial break watching your favorite television show or enjoying a vacation with loved ones.

There is surely nothing better than buying a pre-made website for sale from BE BIGGY and exploring the wonderful option of selling the bestselling and trending products on Shopify — the world’s most successful and popular eCommerce platform that is already serving more than 600,000 web stores across the world.

Grab your turnkey ready made website for sale eCommerce dropshipping store from BE BIGGY now!

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