Shopify Order Tracking Apps top 10 in 2024 [Latest]

Top 10 Shopify Order Tracking Apps in 2024 [Latest]

Shopify Order Tracking Apps is an essential tool for many e-commerce businesses. Whether you’re managing a small online store or a large retail operation, order-tracking apps have become a crucial part of ensuring customer satisfaction and efficient operations.

In this article, we’ll delve into the market for the best Shopify order-tracking apps and the benefits of utilizing these tools to streamline your business. We’ll also explore some of the best Shopify order-tracking apps that you can integrate into your store for improved order management and customer experience.

What are the best Shopify order-tracking apps?

What are the best Shopify order-tracking apps?

Shopify Order Tracking Apps are software applications designed to enhance the order tracking and management process for e-commerce businesses using the Shopify platform. These apps provide various functionalities such as real-time order tracking, status updates, and customer communication, allowing companies to keep customers informed about the progress of their orders. Shopify Order Tracking Apps help streamline the post-purchase experience, improve customer satisfaction, and facilitate efficient order management, ultimately benefiting both merchants and consumers in the e-commerce ecosystem.

What is the Market Size For the best Shopify order-tracking apps?

What is the Market Size For the best Shopify order-tracking apps?

  1. Shopify’s User Base: As of June 2023, Shopify had over 4.28 million live stores, reflecting a vast user base for potential app adoption.
  2. Shopify Plus Adoption: In July 2023, there were 32,990 Shopify Plus stores in 175 countries, showcasing a significant market for advanced e-commerce solutions.
  3. Shopify Revenue Growth: Shopify’s revenue reached $5.90 billion in the 12 months, dated March 31, 2023, with a substantial 22.31% year-over-year growth, indicating a thriving ecosystem for app developers.
  4. App Diversity: There are more than 8,500 Shopify apps available on the official app store, offering a wide variety of functionalities for businesses and customers.
  5. User Engagement: With over 800,000 reviews published over the years, there’s evidence of active user engagement with Shopify apps.
  6. Developer Participation: Over 5,600 Shopify partners have at least one app on the store, highlighting the strong developer community supporting the platform.
  7. Mobile Dominance: A significant 81% of Shopify traffic comes from mobile devices, emphasizing the importance of mobile-friendly apps in the market.

These points demonstrate a dynamic and rapidly growing market for Shopify apps, including order-tracking apps, which can benefit from the platform’s extensive user base and developer community.

Advantages of the best Shopify order-tracking apps:

Advantages of the best Shopify order-tracking apps:

The best Shopify order-tracking apps offer several benefits for both e-commerce businesses and their customers:

  1. Improved Customer Experience: Order-tracking apps provide customers with real-time information about the status and location of their orders, enhancing transparency and trust in your business.
  2. Reduced Customer Inquiries: By offering self-service tracking options, these apps can significantly reduce the number of customer inquiries related to order status, freeing up your customer support team’s time.
  3. Enhanced Branding: Many order-tracking apps allow you to customize tracking pages with your branding elements, reinforcing your brand identity even after the purchase.
  4. Upselling Opportunities: Some apps integrate upselling features, enabling you to promote related products or offers to customers while they track their orders, potentially increasing sales.
  5. Efficient Order Management: These apps often come with tools for merchants to streamline order processing, monitor fulfillment, and improve order accuracy.
  6. Reduced Cart Abandonment: Providing order tracking can reduce cart abandonment rates as customers are reassured about the progress of their orders, making them more likely to complete their purchases.
  7. Customer Notifications: Many apps offer automated order status updates through email or SMS, keeping customers informed without them needing to check their order status actively.
  8. Multiple Carrier Support: These apps often support a wide range of shipping carriers, allowing customers to track orders from various shipping providers.
  9. Analytics and Insights: Some order-tracking apps offer valuable analytics and insights into order-tracking data, helping businesses identify trends and areas for improvement.
  10. Competitive Advantage: Offering a robust order-tracking experience can set your store apart from competitors, contributing to customer loyalty and repeat business.
  11. Integration with Other Apps: These apps can often be integrated with other e-commerce tools and apps, creating a more comprehensive and efficient system.
  12. Time and Cost Savings: By automating order tracking and notifications, businesses can save time and reduce operational costs related to customer inquiries and support.
  13. Scalability: As your business grows, the best order-tracking apps can scale with you, accommodating higher order volumes and more complex logistics.
  14. Data Security: Reputable order-tracking apps prioritize data security, ensuring that sensitive customer information is protected.

10 Best Shopify order-tracking Apps

1.  Parcel Panel Order Tracking: Best Shopify Order Tracking App

Elevate customer satisfaction and supercharge your sales by offering a personalized post-purchase tracking experience. Monitor your orders in real-time, proactively address any exceptions, and ensure customer concerns are addressed before they even have a chance to complain.

Efficient Order Tracking: Parcel Panel Integrates Best Shopify App

Parcel Panel offers seamless order tracking for Shopify store owners. With its integration, you can easily link to the best Shopify Order Tracking App, ensuring a smooth and efficient tracking process. This integration enhances customer satisfaction and streamlines your order management, creating a hassle-free shopping experience. With the power of Parcel Panel and the top Shopify Order Tracking App, you can stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce landscape and keep your customers informed every step of the way.

10 Best Shopify order-tracking Apps

Features of Parcel Panel Order Tracking

  1. Enhance Customer Satisfaction:
  • By offering a branded post-purchase tracking experience, you’re ensuring that customers can easily and comfortably follow the progress of their orders.
  1. Boost Sales with Personalization:
  • An innovative upsell system within the tracking experience can intelligently recommend related products or special offers to customers.
    Features of Parcel Panel Order Tracking
  • This personalization can lead to increased sales, as customers are exposed to items they might be interested in, driving additional purchases.
  1. Real-Time Order Tracking:
  • Real-time order tracking allows customers to see the current status and location of their orders, providing transparency and reducing uncertainty.
  • It’s an essential feature for keeping customers engaged and informed.
  1. Proactive Exception Handling:
  • The ability to deal with exceptions before customers complain is a proactive approach that prevents negative experiences.
  • This can help in maintaining a positive reputation and reducing customer service workload.
  1. Automated Shipping Notifications:
  1. Branded and Multilingual Tracking Page:
  • A customized tracking page with branding elements creates a consistent and recognizable experience for customers.
  • Multilingual support caters to a diverse customer base, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.
  1. Drive More Sales with Recommendations:
  1. Analytics for Optimization:
  • Access to robust analytics provides insights into the performance of your shipping solutions.
  • You can use this data to make informed decisions and continually improve your shipping processes.
  1. Simplify Dropshipping:
  • The feature to hide Chinese origin with a single click is especially beneficial for dropshipping businesses.
  • It streamlines the process, making it more efficient and reducing complications.
  1. 24/7 Customer Support:
  • Round-the-clock customer support ensures that you have assistance available whenever you need it.
  • This feature can be crucial for resolving any issues or queries promptly.
  1. Smart Dashboard and PayPal Integration:
  • The intelligent dashboard simplifies order tracking and can push parcel tracking information directly to PayPal for added convenience.
  • This integration can streamline your order management process.
  1. Reduce Customer Inquiries and WISMO Tickets:
  • By providing a branded order lookup page and seamless shipping notifications, you can reduce the number of customer inquiries and Where Is My Order? (WISMO) tickets.
  • This leads to more efficient customer support operations and a better overall customer experience.

This detailed content with points and explanations provides a comprehensive understanding of the advantages offered by the described post-purchase tracking app.

Pricing of Parcel Panel Order Tracking

Pricing of Parcel Panel Order Tracking

1.  FREE:

  • Price: This tier is free of charge.
  • Order Limit: You can track up to 20 orders per month.
  • Key Features:
    • Access to a wide range of 1100+ carriers.
    • Real-time order tracking for enhanced customer satisfaction.
    • Branded tracking page to reinforce your brand identity.
    • Innovative dashboard for efficient order management.
    • Basic analytics to gain insights into your order tracking performance.
  • Ideal for: Small businesses with limited monthly order tracking needs, such as startups or low-volume stores on a budget.


  • Price: Priced at $9 per month.
  • Order Limit: You can track up to 200 orders per month.
  • Key Features:
    • They estimated delivery dates for more accurate customer expectations.
    • Custom shipment status to provide tailored order updates.
    • Innovative marketing channels for promoting additional products.
    • Shipping notifications to keep customers informed.
    • Advanced analytics for a deeper understanding of your tracking data.
  • Ideal for Growing businesses with moderate order tracking needs and a focus on improving the post-purchase customer experience.


  • Price: Available at $49 per month.
  • Order Limit: This tier allows tracking of up to 2,000 orders per month.
  • Key Features:
    • Automatic translation to cater to international customers.
    • CSV and PDF export capabilities for convenient data management.
    • Integration with popular platforms, including Klaviyo, Omnisend, Gorgias, Zendesk, and PayPal.
    • Access to a developer API and webhook for advanced customization and automation.
  • Ideal for: Established businesses with higher order volumes and a need for multilingual support, data export, and seamless integration with other e-commerce tools.


  • Price: Priced at $399 per month, with the potential for custom pricing on higher plans.
  • Order Limit: This tier is designed for businesses with a tall order volume, accommodating up to 25,000 orders per month.
  • Key Features:
    • A dedicated tracking channel for a premium tracking experience.
    • Custom integrations to tailor the app to your specific needs.
    • A loyal customer success manager who provides personalized support.
    • Dedicated onboarding and priority support for a seamless experience.
  • Ideal for: Large enterprises with substantial order tracking requirements and a need for highly customized and managed tracking solutions.

These pricing tiers are designed to cater to businesses of varying sizes and requirements, ensuring that each can access the features and support they need at a price point that suits their budget and order volume.

2. Synctrack PayPal Tracking Sync

Synctrack is a comprehensive tool that automates and simplifies the synchronization of tracking data with PayPal and Stripe. It offers numerous benefits, including faster fund release, improved account verification, dispute resolution, and overall efficiency in managing e-commerce orders and payments.


  1. Auto-Sync PayPal and Stripe:
  • Synctrack streamlines the process of syncing tracking information to PayPal and Stripe with a single click.
  • Benefits: This automation ensures faster release of funds, builds trust with customers, and reduces the likelihood of disputes.
  1. Sync Old Orders within 365 Days:
  • Synctrack allows you to retroactively sync tracking data for orders up to a year old with PayPal and Stripe.
  • Benefits: This feature helps in managing historical orders, providing transparency and trust even for older transactions.
  1. Enhanced Account Verification:
  • Synctrack assists in adding tracking information to support PayPal account verification quickly and efficiently.
  • Benefits: This speeds up the verification process, leading to faster fund availability and improved trust with payment platforms.
  1. Defend Disputes with Proof:
  • Synctrack provides clear proof through synced tracking data, enabling you to defend against payment disputes confidently.
  • Benefits: Having access to detailed tracking information can help resolve disputes in your favor.
  1. Automation for Efficiency:
  • Synctrack’s automation reduces manual work and its associated costs, safeguarding your cash flow.
  • Benefits: By minimizing manual data entry, you save time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing your business.
  1. Real-Time Sync to Minimize Fund Hold Time:
  • Real-time sync of tracking information helps reduce the time funds are held by payment platforms.
  • Benefits: Faster fund release means improved liquidity and cash flow management for your business.
  1. Multi-Store Management:
  1. Instant Digital Order Sync and Courier Mapping:
  • Synctrack provides instant synchronization of digital orders and allows mapping rules for supported couriers when working with PayPal.
  • Benefits: This feature ensures that digital orders are seamlessly processed and the correct courier information is provided.
  1. Dashboard for Monitoring:
  • Synctrack offers a powerful yet user-friendly dashboard for monitoring the status of PayPal tracking sync.
  • Benefits: You can easily keep track of your sync operations and ensure they are running smoothly.

SyncTrack PayPal & Shopify: Streamlined Order Tracking

SyncTrack PayPal enhances the order tracking process by seamlessly integrating with the best Shopify Order Tracking App. This integration streamlines the customer experience, providing real-time updates and transparency in order delivery. By linking PayPal with your Shopify store, you ensure that customers can easily monitor their purchases, promoting trust and satisfaction. With simplified tracking, you create a hassle-free shopping journey, fostering loyalty and repeat business. Streamline your order management with SyncTrack PayPal and Shopify for a better e-commerce experience.

Pricing for Synctrack PayPal Tracking Sync

Pricing for Synctrack PayPal Tracking Sync

1. FREE:

  • Price: Free of charge.
  • Order Limit: Allows tracking of up to 30 synced orders per month.
  • Key Features:
    • Unlimited PayPal Accounts: You can link multiple PayPal accounts.
    • Sync Old Orders: Ability to sync tracking data for historical orders.
    • Auto-Matching Courier: Automatic matching of couriers for accurate tracking.
  • Ideal for: Small businesses or individuals with basic order tracking needs who want to manage PayPal accounts and sync old orders at no cost.


  • Price: Priced at $6.99 per month (or $58.70 per year, saving 30%).
  • Order Limit: This tier accommodates tracking of up to 500 synced orders per month.
  • Key Features:
    • All Features in the Free plan.
    • 1 Stripe Account: Integration with Stripe for payment processing.
    • Sync Digital Product: Allows syncing of digital product orders.
    • 2 Courier Mapping Rules: Custom courier mapping rules for order tracking.
  • Ideal for: Small to mid-sized businesses that require more order tracking capabilities and want to integrate with Stripe.

3. PRO:

  • Price: Available at $11.99 per month (or $100.70 per year, saving 30%).
  • Order Limit: This tier is designed for businesses tracking up to 6,000 synced orders per month.
  • Key Features:
    • All Features in the Basic plan.
    • 10 Mapping Rules: Greater customization with ten courier mapping rules.
    • Premium Processing Data: Enhanced data processing for better insights.
    • Unlimited Stripe Accounts: Integration with multiple Stripe accounts.
    • Multi-Store (2 Stores): Manage and sync orders for two different stores.
  • Ideal for Growing businesses with moderate to high order tracking needs, multiple stores, and a preference for more advanced data processing.


  • Price: Priced at $39.99 per month (or $335.90 per year, saving 30%).
  • Order Limit: No order limit; unlimited synced orders per month.
  • Key Features:
    • All Features in the Pro plan.
    • Multi-Store (4+ Stores): Manage and sync orders for four or more stores.
    • PCI & SOC2 Compliance: Enhanced security and data compliance features.
    • Dedicated Sync Cluster: A dedicated infrastructure for efficient order syncing.
  • Ideal for: Large enterprises or businesses with substantial order tracking requirements, multiple stores, and a need for enhanced security and performance.

Each pricing tier offers a range of features to cater to businesses of different sizes and needs, with options for free users and those looking for more advanced capabilities, payment integrations, and scalability.

3. Track123 Order Tracking Upsell

The features and benefits of Track123:

  1. Branding Your Order Tracking:
  • Track123 enables you to create a branded tracking page to enhance your brand’s image.
  1. Shipment Analytics Dashboard:
  • The app provides a dashboard for analyzing carrier performance.
  1. Shipment Notifications:
  • You can keep customers informed about their orders with shipment notifications.
  1. Cross-Selling with Product Recommendations:
  • Track123 allows you to cross-sell products by providing personalized recommendations.
  1. Dropshipping Mode:
  • It offers a dropshipping mode to hide specific keywords or carriers in tracking details.
  1. Intelligent Estimated Delivery Date:
  • The app offers an intelligent estimated delivery date feature for your product page.
  1. Support for 1200+ Couriers:
  • Track123 supports a wide range of couriers for tracking orders from various providers.
  1. Order Lookup with Branded Tracking Page:
  • Customers can quickly look up their orders on a branded tracking page.
  1. Powerful Analytics:
  • Access to analytics for optimizing carrier and tracking page performance.

Pricing tier for Track123:

Pricing tier for Track123:


  • Price: Free.
  • Order Limit: Allows tracking of up to 100 orders per month.
  • Key Features:
    • Branded tracking page for a professional post-purchase experience.
    • Automatic shipment import for streamlined order tracking.
    • Real-time tracking and delivery notifications.
    • Access to a vast network of 1500+ carriers.


  • Price: Priced at $9 per month (or $84 per year, saving 22%).
  • Order Limit: This tier accommodates tracking of up to 300 orders per month, with an additional cost of $0.05 per extra order.
  • Key Features:
    • Custom order status and transit time reports.
    • Export tracking data for data management.
    • Integration with Google Analytics, PayPal, and Stripe.


  • Price: Available at $49 per month (or $468 per year, saving 20%).
  • Order Limit: Designed for businesses tracking up to 2000 orders per month, with an additional cost of $0.05 per extra order.
  • Key Features:
    • All features from the Growth plan.
    • Checkpoint translation and estimated delivery date.
    • Integration with Klaviyo and Omnisend.
    • Option to remove Track123 branding from the tracking experience.


  • Price: Priced at $399 per month (or $3,828 per year, saving 20%).
  • Order Limit: Tailored for large enterprises, with tracking support for up to 30,000 orders per month and an additional cost of $0.05 per extra order.
  • Key Features:
    • All features from the Advanced plan.
    • A dedicated customer success manager for personalized support.
    • Custom carrier and platform integration for a highly tailored tracking solution.

These pricing tiers cater to businesses of various sizes and tracking needs, offering a range of features to enhance order tracking, analytics, and integration capabilities.

Track123 Order Tracking Upsell: Elevating the Shopify Customer Experience

Track123 Order Tracking Upsell is designed to enhance the Shopify customer experience by offering an integrated and streamlined order-tracking solution. By providing customers with real-time updates and a seamless tracking process, you boost trust and satisfaction. With Track123, you can easily upsell related products during the tracking process, increasing sales and customer engagement. This integration ensures a more efficient order management system and encourages repeat business, making it a valuable addition to your e-commerce strategy. Elevate your Shopify store’s performance with Track123 Order Tracking Upsell.

4. Rush – Order Tracking & Upsell:


  1. Order Tracking and Notifications:
  • Activate global order tracking quickly.
  • Provides SMS and email shipment notifications for order status updates.
  1. Boosting Customer Loyalty:
  • Converts one-time buyers into loyal customers.
  • Craft branded order tracking experiences that enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Offers relevant upsells and cross-sells to increase repeat sales and customer lifetime value (CLV).
  1. Customization:
  • Build beautiful Track My Order pages to create a compelling post-purchase journey.
  • Customize the order tracking page and display estimated delivery dates with 1,300 carriers.
  • Offers AI prediction on product pages (PDP) to improve customer satisfaction.
  1. Dropshipping Support:
  • Improves customer loyalty by providing carrier masking and concealing origin addresses, which is vital for dropshipping businesses.
  1. Integration:
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Klaviyo, Yotpo SMSBump, Postscript, Omnisend, and Attentive.


Rush - Order Tracking & Upsell:

1. 0-Day Free Trial:

  • Free to install.
  • $0.08 per extra shipment.
  • Includes 50 shipments per month.
  • Access to 1,300+ carriers, Shopify shipping notifications, drag-and-drop tracking page, product recommendations, and review app integrations.


  • Priced at $9 per month (or $97 per year, saving 10%).
  • $0.09 per extra shipment.
  • Includes 100 shipments per month.
  • All features from the Free plan, plus Shopify shipping notifications, drag-and-drop tracking page, shipment lookup, and basic analytics.


  • Priced at $49 per month (or $529 per year, saving 10%).
  • $0.09 per extra shipment.
  • Includes 1,000 shipments per month.
  • All Basic features, along with SMS and email notifications, integrations with Klaviyo, Omnisend, Yotpo SMSBump, pre-shipment status, and carrier masking.


  • Priced at $199 per month (or $2,149 per year, saving 10%).
  • $0.09 per extra shipment.
  • Includes 5,000 shipments per month.
  • All Growth features, predictive estimated delivery, personalized analytics, private Slack updates, API access, and onboarding support.

Rush – Order Tracking & Upsell: Optimizing the Shopify Customer Journey”

Rush: Order Tracking & Upsell is a powerful addition to your Shopify store, designed to optimize the customer journey. This integration provides efficient order tracking and offers upsell opportunities during the process. By ensuring real-time updates and a seamless tracking experience, you enhance customer satisfaction and trust. The ability to upsell related products within the tracking process boosts sales and customer engagement. With Rush, you can create a more streamlined order management system, driving repeat business and elevating your e-commerce performance. Make the most of your Shopify store with Rush – Order Tracking & Upsell.

5. ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges:


  1. Branded Self-Service Return Portal:
  • Offers a branded, self-service return portal for easy returns management.
  • Provides a positive post-purchase experience through automated, AI-powered return handling.
  1. Returns Management:
  • All returns and exchanges can be managed in one centralized platform.
  • Includes features for product and variant exchanges, gift returns, order cancellation, and store credit processing.
  1. Customization and Automation:
  • Allows customization of return and exchange policy rules, eligibility conditions, resolutions, and return reasons.
  • Automation rules, such as auto-exchange, auto-refund, auto-approval, and auto-credits, streamline the return process.
  1. Shipping Labels:
  • Automatically generates pre-paid return shipping labels for easy tracking of returns.
  • Provides tracking and notifications for every shipment, ensuring an end-to-end post-purchase experience.
  1. Flexible Options:
  • Offers flexible return reasons, follow-up questions, and the ability to upload images and videos.
  • Supports various resolution options, including item exchange, store credit, and more.
  1. Integrations:
  • Integrates seamlessly with shipping carriers, 3PLs (Third-Party Logistics), ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), helpdesks, APIs, and more.


best Shopify order tracking apps

1. 14-Day Free Trial:

  • Free trial with access to standard features for evaluation.


  • Priced at $17 per month.
  • Includes 20 returns, with $0.95 per extra return and available add-ons.
  • Features full returns solution, variant exchange, return labels, unlimited policies, store credit, bonus credit, auto RMA approval, and support for two languages.


  • Priced at $97 per month.
  • Includes 110 returns, with $0.90 per extra return and add-ons.
  • Offers all standard features, product exchange, AI-powered instant store credit, gift returns, item donation, order cancellation, app integrations, and more.

4. PRO:

  • Priced at $267 per month.
  • Includes 350 returns, with $0.85 per extra return and add-ons.
  • Encompasses all advanced features, auto-refund, auto-exchange, validated returned stock, packing slip, auto RMA completion, white-label portal, and support for five languages.


  • Priced at $850 per month.
  • Includes 1000 returns, with $0.95 per extra return.
  • Offers dedicated account management, 24/7 human customer support, multi-store plans and quotas, actionable return insights, data analysis, and a global solution.

6. Proveway PayPal Tracking Sync:

Proveway PayPal Tracking Sync


  1. Auto PayPal Tracking Sync:
  1. Past Order Sync:
  • Allows you to process and sync tracking for past three months’ worth of orders with just one click.
  • Streamlines historical order tracking and PayPal integration.
  1. Instant Digital Order Sync:
  • Provides instant synchronization of digital orders.
  • Offers advanced courier mapping and matches couriers with PayPal for accurate tracking.
  1. Insights and Tracking:
  • Gain insights into order shipments across 900+ couriers with a single click.
  • Track the status of orders with a branded tracking page for customer convenience.

Proveway PayPal Tracking Sync: Elevate Shopify Order Tracking

Proveway PayPal Tracking Sync is dedicated to elevating the Shopify order tracking process. This integration ensures real-time updates, transparency, and an overall enhanced customer experience. With the capability to sync PayPal transactions, you can streamline order management and increase trust. This seamless tracking solution provides customers with a convenient, hassle-free experience, leading to higher satisfaction and potential repeat business. Make the most of your Shopify store’s order tracking with Proveway.


Proveway PayPal Tracking Sync:

1. 7-Day Free Trial:

  • Free trial for evaluating the service’s features and benefits.


  • Priced at $9.99 per month.
  • Designed for Shopify Basic users.
  • Allows unlimited syncing of PayPal and Stripe orders.
  • Supports past order sync, courier mapping rules, and tracking for 500 shipments.
  • Integrates with over 900 couriers and supports multiple PayPal accounts.


  • Priced at $19.99 per month.
  • Tailored for SHOPIFY PLUS and Advanced Users.
  • Enables unlimited syncing of PayPal and Stripe orders.
  • Supports tracking for 1200 shipments per month.
  • Offers premium priority sync and integration with popular payment platforms like Better Cart, Klarna, and Funnelish.

7. AfterShip Order Tracking


  1. Branded Tracking Pages:
  • Provides branded tracking pages with personalized product recommendations to enhance sales.
  • Offers a professional post-purchase experience for customers.
  1. Timely Notifications:
  • Offers email and SMS notifications to keep customers informed about their shipments.
  • Reduces customer anxiety and minimizes Where Is My Order? (WISMO) calls.
  1. Centralized Shipment Dashboard:
  • Features a centralized shipment dashboard for tracking shipment status and identifying exceptions.
  • Provides insights into carrier transit times and on-time rates.
  1. AI-Powered Estimated Delivery Dates:
  • Offers AI-powered estimated delivery dates to reassure customers and set clear expectations.
  • Reduces anxiety among customers waiting for their orders.
  1. Built-in Analytics:
  • Includes built-in analytics for gaining insights into shipment status and on-time performance.
  • Helps optimize delivery strategies for a better customer experience.

“Enhanced Order Tracking: AfterShip and Top Shopify Apps

AfterShip Order Tracking seamlessly links with the top Shopify Order Tracking Apps. This integration offers real-time tracking, enhancing customer experience. By partnering with the best Shopify apps, you ensure efficient order management and trust-building. Provide customers with hassle-free tracking, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Best Shopify Order Tracking Apps

1. 7-Day Free Trial:

  • Free trial for evaluating the service’s features and benefits.

2. FREE:

  • Free of charge.
  • Includes 50 shipments per month.
  • Offers order lookup, branded tracking pages, 24/7 live chat support, 800+ courier integrations, and 7 standardized order statuses.


  • Priced at $11 per month (or $108 per year, saving 18%).
  • Includes 100 shipments per month, with $0.08 per extra shipment.
  • Encompasses all Free features, email and SMS notifications, CSV import and export, and shipping performance analytics.

4. PRO:

  • Priced at $119 per month (or $1,188 per year, saving 17%).
  • Supports 2,000 shipments per month.
  • Offers advanced tools, dynamic tracking pages, multilingual tracking pages, and integration with Klaviyo.

8. Tracktor Order Tracking:


  1. Package Tracking and Order Lookup:
  • Offers real-time package tracking and order lookup capabilities for your store.
  • Integrates with all popular carriers, providing comprehensive tracking functionality.
  1. Email/SMS Notifications:
  • Provides automated email and SMS notifications to inform customers when a package is out for delivery or has arrived.
  • Enhances post-purchase communication and customer engagement.
  1. Branded Tracking Page:
  • Allows you to control what buyers see with a branded tracking page.
  • Provides a consistent and professional post-purchase experience.
  1. Mission Control Dashboard:
  • Offers timely tracking insights with a 3D interactive map on a mission control dashboard.
  • Provides visual tracking status and location information.


Shopify Order Tracking Apps

1. 7-Day Free Trial:

  • Free trial for evaluating the service’s features and benefits.

2. FREE:

  • Free of charge.
  • Includes 75 orders per month, access to 1500+ carriers, a tracking page on your domain, and Shopify email & SMS integration.


  • Priced at $9.99 per month.
  • Includes 300 orders per month, with $0.05 per additional order.
  • Encompasses all Free plan features, customizable branding, whitelabeling, product upsells on the tracking page, and CSV export.


  • Priced at $39.99 per month.
  • Includes 2,000 orders per month, with $0.05 per additional order.
  • Offers all Starter plan features, translated carrier messages, custom order statuses, and delivery reporting.


  • Priced at $99 per month.
  • Includes 6,000 orders per month, with $0.05 per additional order.
  • Encompasses all Essential plan features, API access, and premium data sources.

Tracktor Order Tracking: Streamlining Shopify Order Management

Tracktor Order Tracking streamlines order management in Shopify by providing customers with real-time updates and transparent tracking. It enhances the overall shopping experience, fostering trust and satisfaction. With Tracktor, efficient order tracking contributes to customer loyalty and repeat business.

9. Wonderment Post-Purchase

Wonderment Post-Purchase is a Shopify order-tracking app that focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction through a branded post-purchase tracking experience and personalized product recommendations.


  1. Branded Post-Purchase Tracking: Wonderment Post-Purchase offers a branded and professional-looking post-purchase tracking page. This not only keeps customers engaged but also reinforces your brand identity, increasing trust and loyalty.
  2. Personalized Product Recommendations: The app provides customized product recommendations to customers while they track their orders. This can boost cross-selling and upselling opportunities, increasing the average order value.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: By offering a seamless and informative tracking experience, the app helps improve customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate being kept in the loop about their orders, reducing anxiety and support inquiries.
  4. Engagement: Keeping customers engaged post-purchase is essential, and Wonderment’s tracking experience accomplishes just that.


Wonderment Post-Purchase offers a free plan for users to get started with its essential features. However, for more advanced functionality, there are premium plans available:

  • Starter Plan: They offer $ 99.99 monthly with additional features and customization options to enhance the post-purchase experience.
  • Pro Plan: The Pro plan offers even more advanced tools and features, ensuring an even higher level of customer satisfaction. Pricing details for this plan are available on the app’s website.

Wonderment Post-Purchase: Enhancing the Shopify Customer Journey

Wonderment Post-Purchase enhances the post-order experience in Shopify by providing customers with personalized order updates, tracking information, and seamless communication. It fosters trust and loyalty by keeping customers informed and engaged after their purchase. With Wonderment, Shopify stores can create a more satisfying and interactive post-purchase experience.

10. CODFIRM COD Verification Suite

CODFIRM COD Verification Suite is a Shopify app designed to provide Cash-On-Delivery (COD) payment verification, ensuring that orders paid through COD are legitimate and reliable. Below are the key features and pricing details for the app:


  1. COD Verification: CODFIRM offers a comprehensive COD verification process. It validates the authenticity of COD orders, ensuring that they are genuine and reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions.
  2. Automated Verification: The app automates the verification process, making it efficient and hassle-free for merchants. This helps save time and resources while maintaining the security of your COD transactions.
  3. Order Review: It provides tools for reviewing and approving COD orders. Merchants can quickly identify which orders have been verified and are ready for processing.
  4. Fraud Prevention: By verifying COD payments, CODFIRM helps prevent fraudulent orders and reduces the likelihood of chargebacks and disputes. This is crucial for maintaining a secure and trustworthy e-commerce environment.


While the app offers a free trial period, it doesn’t openly disclose specific pricing plans on its website. To obtain pricing details and choose the plan that suits your business, it is recommended to visit the official website of CODFIRM or contact their support for a customized quote. This allows you to get accurate and up-to-date pricing information based on your specific requirements.

11. TrackingMore – Order Tracking

TrackingMore – Order Tracking is a robust Shopify app designed to streamline order tracking and enhance the post-purchase experience for both merchants and customers.


  1. Comprehensive Order Tracking: TrackingMore supports over 900 carriers worldwide, allowing customers to easily track their orders from different shipping providers. This comprehensive coverage ensures that customers receive accurate and up-to-date tracking information.
  2. Real-Time Order Updates: The app provides real-time updates on the status and location of packages in transit. Customers can stay informed about their order’s progress, reducing the need for support inquiries and Where Is My Order? (WISMO) calls.
  3. Branded Tracking Pages: Merchants can create branded tracking pages that match their store’s aesthetics. This helps reinforce brand identity and customer trust, as customers are directed to a familiar, branded environment.
  4. Timely Email and SMS Notifications: TrackingMore allows you to trigger email and SMS notifications to customers when their packages are out for delivery or have arrived. This feature improves customer engagement and satisfaction.
  5. Customizable Order Statuses: You can create custom order statuses that align with your fulfillment process. This helps customers understand where their order is in the journey.


TrackingMore – Order Tracking offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different business needs:

  • Free Plan: The app provides a free plan with basic features that include 50 shipments per month, order lookup, branded tracking pages, 24/7 live chat support, and integration with over 800 courier services.
  • Starter Plan: Priced at $9.99 per month, the Starter Plan includes 300 orders per month, and you can purchase additional orders for $0.05 each. It offers all features from the free plan and adds customizable branding, whitelabeling, product upsells on tracking pages, and CSV export.
  • Essential Plan: For $39.99 per month, you get 2,000 orders per month, and additional orders are available at $0.05 each. This plan includes all Starter plan features, plus translated carrier messages, custom order statuses, and delivery reporting.
  • Advanced Plan: Priced at $99 per month, this plan includes 6,000 orders per month, with additional charges available at $0.05 each. It encompasses all Essential plan features, API access, and premium data sources.

FAQs about Shopify Order Tracking Apps

FAQs about Shopify Order Tracking Apps

How do I keep track of my orders on Shopify?

You can track orders on Shopify by navigating to the Orders section in your admin panel. Here, you can view, filter, and manage your orders, including order status, customer details, and tracking information.

Can you track orders with Shopify?

Yes, you can track orders within your Shopify store. Shopify provides order tracking features that allow you to monitor the status and details of each order, ensuring smooth fulfillment.

Is Shopify tracking app free?

Some Shopify tracking apps offer free plans with basic features. However, many advanced tracking apps come with pricing plans to access additional features and higher order volumes.

What is the best shipping carrier for Shopify?

The choice of the best shipping carrier for your Shopify store depends on your location, shipping needs, and budget. Common options include UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and local postal services.

Is Shopify tracking accurate?

Yes, Shopify’s order tracking system is accurate. It provides real-time updates on order status, shipping, and delivery, ensuring customers and merchants have up-to-date information.

Is shop pay safe?

Yes, Shop Pay is a secure payment option on Shopify. It offers advanced security features and encryption to protect sensitive payment information, making it a safe and trusted payment method.

Is it easy to get sales on Shopify?

While success on Shopify varies, it offers a user-friendly platform and various tools to help you create a successful e-commerce business. Building sales typically involves effective marketing and product offerings.

How do I enable ecommerce tracking on Shopify?

To enable e-commerce tracking in Shopify, you need to integrate Google Analytics with your store. Configure your Google Analytics account to track e-commerce data, including transactions and revenue.

How do I set up shipping and tracking on Shopify?

In your Shopify settings, configure your shipping options, define shipping zones, and integrate preferred carriers. You can also add tracking numbers when marking orders as fulfilled.

What is inventory tracking in Shopify?

Inventory tracking in Shopify involves monitoring and managing your product stock levels. You can set up alerts, track sales, and maintain accurate stock records to prevent overselling.

Do I need Google Analytics for Shopify?

While Shopify provides built-in analytics, integrating Google Analytics can offer more in-depth insights. It’s not necessary, but it can enhance your understanding of customer behavior.

Should I use Google Analytics or Shopify Analytics?

The choice between Google Analytics and Shopify Analytics depends on your needs. Google Analytics offers more advanced tracking and is preferred for detailed insights, while Shopify Analytics is simpler and user-friendly.

How do I start tracking inventory on Shopify?

To begin tracking inventory on Shopify, enable the Track quantity option in your product settings. This allows you to manage stock levels, receive alerts, and prevent overselling.

What is e-commerce tracking?

E-commerce tracking refers to monitoring and analyzing online sales and transaction data. It helps businesses understand customer behavior, measure revenue, and optimize their online store.

How do I track customer behavior on Shopify?

To track customer behavior on Shopify, you can use tools like Google Analytics. Set up goals and e-commerce tracking to monitor actions such as page views, conversions, and purchase behavior.

How do I set up Google e-commerce tracking?

To set up Google e-commerce tracking, configure your Google Analytics account with e-commerce tracking enabled. Implement the tracking code on your Shopify store, and specify goals and funnels.

How do I control shipping on Shopify?

In Shopify, you can control shipping by configuring shipping zones, rates, and carrier integrations. You can also set shipping rules and offer various shipping options to customers.

How to use Google Analytics?

To use Google Analytics, create an account, set up a property for your website or store, and install the tracking code. Explore the dashboard to access insights and reports about your site’s performance.

How do I add a GTAG to Shopify?

To add a GTAG (Global Site Tag) to Shopify, you typically edit your theme’s code to include the GTAG script. You can do this in the Online Store settings in your Shopify admin panel.


Tracking orders efficiently is vital for managing your e-commerce business and keeping your customers informed. Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform, offers a range of order tracking apps to streamline this process. These apps not only help you keep tabs on your orders but also provide a seamless post-purchase experience for your customers.

In this guide, we introduced you to some of the best Shopify order tracking apps, sharing insights on their features, pricing, and how they can enhance your e-commerce operations. Whether you’re a seasoned online retailer or just starting, these apps can make a significant difference in your business’s success.

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