Sell on Shopify: Secret Tips, Tricks, And Hacks Reveal

Sell on Shopify Secret Tips, Tricks, And Hacks Reveal

Want to sell on Shopify, you need to do a lot of things. This is where the “secret tricks” and “hacks” come into play.

The truth is that there is a lot of information to teach you how to run a Shopify store. You can watch tutorials, read articles, and search the internet for information.

Secret hacks are useful because they allow you to get your Shopify store more exposure and more customers.

Today, I won’t bore you with the same old advice on search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing (EMAIL), and creating a decent website. If you want to know the exclusive secrets, read on….

Secret Tips, Tricks, And Hacks to Sell on Shopify

Communicate with consumers on several platforms

If I ask, ” Are you more active on social media or search engines?” what would your answer be? It must be Social media.

According to the research, people spend more time on social media than on search engines. So, to increase sales, you must increase engagement and interaction on social media.

Many tools are available to help you improve your store’s sales. But the main factor that will decide the success of your online store is the time and effort you put into reaching out to your customers.

Hacks of using Social media to increase sell on Shopify

Sell on Shopify secret tips - Hacks of using Social media

  • Post frequently and maintain a schedule for each social media.
  • Try to engage your customers through poll questions.
  • Compare the two products and ask your customers about their opinions. 
  • Each post should have a link to your website and your product page.
  • Share your customer reviews on social media.
  • Run paid advertisements through your targeted customer demographic.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics for your social media marketing campaign.
  • Create consumer interest in your goods by providing helpful motivation or insight.
  • Lets customers ask questions and complain. Your mission is to help consumers.
  • Establish yourself as a pioneer in your industry through social media.

Create Engaging Content with Images and Video

You need high-quality visuals like photos and videos to increase your audience’s interest and conversion rates. 

You might think that the bigger the size, the better, but it is not true. The size of the image has to be determined per the user’s screen. You should use images that are fit for all screen types.

Hacks of using Engaging Content with Images and Video to increase sell on Shopify

Sell on Shopify secret tips - Hacks of using Engaging Content with images

  • High-resolution images are the best option for your website to make the viewers happy.
  • Use the right background to make your product stand out.
  • The background color has to be light and has to be in contrast to the product.
  • Use a combination of both text and images to create appealing content.
  • Images that convey your message should be clear and consistent.
  • Use creative and unique images that reflect the benefits of your products.
  • Write content that is helpful, useful, and informative.
  • Create posts that are relatable to your audience.

Collaborate with Social media Influencers

Social media influencers are the ones who are popular due to their social media presence and followers. These influencers are the best choice to advertise your eCommerce business.

Professional influencers are the most experienced and skilled influencers, as they are well-known and well-connected with their vast followers. But, the problem is that they are expensive as well as the competition is high among professional influencers. They are the perfect choice to promote your business.

Hacks of using Social media Influencers to increase sell on Shopify

Sell on Shopify secret tips - Hacks of using Social media Influencers

  • Choose an influencer who is active in the same industry as you.
  • Pick an influencer with a track record of producing exciting and engaging articles.
  • Make use of different channels and evaluate their efficacy. Prepare your future actions properly.
  • Ask influential people to review your products and provide them with exclusive promo codes.
  • Use your Shopify store-branded hashtags on social media platforms.
  • Give your influencer a solid call to action, so customers know what to do.
  • Host contests and giveaways with the help of influencers to reach more audiences.
  • Start writing interesting blogs on your niche. 

Discounts and competitive pricing

Do you know that discounts and competitive pricing can help you to get more sales? It is because these two strategies can attract more customers.

You can easily share the coupon codes with your customers and ask them to share them with their friends and family.

Hacks of using Discounts and competitive pricing

Sell on Shopify secret tips - Hacks of using Discounts

  • “Buy One Get One” is the best discount you can give your customers.
  • You can offer a small gift with an expensive product.
  • Create a sense of urgency by showing the time limit for a discount code.
  • You can boost sales using Shopify Scripts to apply 13 different discounts automatically.
  • Create products bundle and give discounts on the bundle price.
  • Send cart abandonment emails to your customers.

Categorized all of your products

Categories are the best way to organize your store. It is very common that people don’t know where to find the right products. To increase selling online, you should add product categories.

Make sure to add the category based on the type of products you sell. This will help your customers quickly locate any product they want.

Hacks of Categorizing your products

Sell on Shopify secret tips - Hacks of Categorizing your products

  • You can categorize the products using keywords.
  • Add categories for different seasons.
  • Categorize products into subcategories.
  • Put all of your frequently purchased items in a separate category.
  • Use different colors to categorize products.

Customer follow-up

Most new entrepreneurs forget to ask their customers about their purchased products.

That’s a big mistake!

Customer follow-up can help you to maintain good relationships with your customers. It’s the best way for you to retain your customers. You can add a discount code if you send them a thank you note or a reminder to buy something.

This will encourage them to purchase from you again. Most business owners don’t realize that they need to do this. However, you should make sure that you always keep your customers happy. You will earn their loyalty if you do this.

Hacks of Customer follow-up to increase your Shopify sale

Sell on Shopify secret tips - Hacks of Customer follow-up

  • Make sure that you offer them something to remember you. 
  • Ask about the delivery time of the products and any issues they might have had with them.
  • If they have any problems with your company, help them as early as possible.

Display Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Promote your products through reviews and testimonials. Your customers will get attracted to your products.

Customers will be sure that they are buying quality products from your site because you have a lot of positive testimonials. This can increase the conversion of your products. You can easily download any app from the Shopify app store to display reviews.

Hacks of Display Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Sell on Shopify secret tips - Hacks of Display Customer testimonials and reviews

  • Include hyperlinks to the client’s websites in the review.
  • Show some customer testimonials as quotes on your Shopify homepage.
  • On your product pages, showcase client feedback about that product.
  • Make sure your website features a dedicated testimonials page.

Several Shipping options and an Easy Return policy

Shipping options are the most crucial part of your business, as they can make the customers feel confident about your store.

In this e-commerce world, the competition is very tough. You will easily beat your competitors if you offer the same products for a lower price. So, you need to provide the most affordable shipping option.

Include all your return options on your website. You can mention everything on one page. Customers will feel much more comfortable buying from you.

Hacks of using Several Shipping options and an Easy Return policy

Sell on Shopify secret tips -Hacks of using Several Shipping options

  • Offer your customers several choices of shipping methods.
  • Make sure that the return policy is clearly stated.
  • Offer Saves money on shipping by combining many orders from one buyer into one box.
  • Use Shopify payments to cut an extra 2% of expenses.

Why do some Shopify online stores fail?

Sell on Shopify secret tips - some Shopify online stores fail

The main reason for Shopify stores‘ failure is a lack of time management. You are bound to struggle if you cannot set aside enough time to dedicate to your online business.

Several things can cause a Shopify store to fail, including:

Un-professional website

It is imperative to make sure that your website looks neat and attractive. If your website doesn’t look nice and clean, it may discourage potential customers from purchasing. In addition, a poorly designed website might cause your customers to doubt you. 

You may obtain a high-quality, responsive, mobile-friendly theme for your Shopify store from the Shopify theme store. Choose a short, simple store name.

Poor SEO

SEO is the practice of optimizing website content to increase its ranking on search engines. A store needs to be found by customers.

Billions of people use Google, making it the world’s most popular search engine. A store needs to have a good search engine ranking to get traffic.

To achieve this, it is essential to ensure that your store has a good name and URL. You can improve the search rankings by doing the following:

  • Make sure that the product title is relevant to what you are selling.
  • Use targeted keywords on product listings.
  • Make sure that you have a unique URL.
  • Ensure that your store is optimized for mobile devices.

Wrong product/product description

Sell on Shopify secret tips - Wrong product description

A poorly written product description can make a product look unappealing. A good description will help customers understand the product and why they would like to buy it.

A great product description will allow customers to make informed decisions about their purchases. Also, make sure that it contains keywords. 

Low conversions

It’s important to have a great user experience (UX), but if a website isn’t converting, it’s pointless to build it. In particular, poor user experience and slow customer service can cause customers to leave your site.

You should avoid giving your customers a bad impression of your company. Make sure that your website is clean and easy to navigate. To get higher conversions, you should design your site to be easy to use. 

No social media integration

Sell on Shopify secret tips - No social media integration

A poorly integrated website can easily lead to lost traffic and conversion failure. You should promote your site regularly and frequently on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

The more social media interactions you have with your followers, the more likely they will return to your page and interact with your content. Do not be concerned if you do not have a lot of followers. Social media users are already looking for new businesses to follow. If you use the right channels, your business will get seen by a broad audience.

Low customer satisfaction

No matter what industry you are in, providing excellent customer service and product information is the best way to get more sales. Customers will appreciate this, and they will have a better experience. Low customer satisfaction leads to low sales.

Bad customer reviews

Bad customer reviews will damage your reputation. Your reputation is your brand. You will lose future sales if your customers are unhappy with your service. They will also be less likely to refer you to friends or family. 

Low ratings on review sites can also damage your reputation.

FAQs About Sell on Shopify

Can I sell on Shopify for free?

Answer: Shopify eCommerce platform offers a free three-day trial for those interested in starting an online store. After that, monthly plans begin at $19. With Shopify, you can create online stores without prior experience or knowledge of computer programming. 

Do I need a business bank account to sell on Shopify?

Answer: To sell products on Shopify, you do not need a business bank account. You can manage your account from your Shopify dashboard. No need to go anywhere else; you don’t have to spend on monthly fees, account fees, or transfer fees. More than that, you can earn thousands of dollars in cashback every year. Shopify makes Online selling much easier than expected before.

Can I make money with Shopify?

Answer: Yes! Shopify offers a wide array of options for merchants to sell online with their own online store. 

Shopify is the perfect solution for new business owners or established retailers looking for an intuitive eCommerce solution. There is a wide variety of merchandising opportunities available on the platform. You can sell through several Online sales channels like social media, mobile apps, in-person, etc.

Shopify vs. Etsy: what are the differences?

Answer: Difference between Shopify and Etsy-

What’s Next

Sell on Shopify can be daunting if you don’t know what you’re doing. This guide is intended to help you out in those situations.

This comprehensive, step-by-step guide walks you through everything about selling on Shopify and includes a wealth of tips and tricks to help you create your best campaigns.

The key to online commerce success is building a brand reputation as quickly as possible and delivering a high-quality service. 

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