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College Things Shopify Starter Dropship Ecommerce Website

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  • Type: Ready to go live Shopify Dropship Store.
  • Delivery: 24 hours.
  • Design: High Quality Custom Design.
  • Responsive: Mobile Friendly.
  • Products Import: Unlimited Products Import.  1 click Product Import
  • Automation: Automated Order Processing
  • Shipping: FREE Shipping to USA & Worldwide
  • Products: Upto 100 Top Selling & Top Rated Products
  • Value Addition: Edited Product Names & Images
  • Suppliers: Highly Reliable suppliers
  • Support: Lifetime after sales support
  • Domain Name: Custom Domain Supported
  • Ownership: Full & Permanent Ownership
  • Profit Sharing: No.  Keep all profits
  • Editable: Full freedom to change anything including design, products & prices
  • Pricing Setup: Full control including ability to setup your own prices & profit margins
  • Liquidity: Grow & Resell the business at higher price
  • Monthly Expenses: Shopify Subscription starting at US $ 29/mo.


  • Type: Ready to go live fashion Shopify Dropship business.
  • Delivery: 24 hours.
  • Design: High-Quality Custom Design.
  • Responsive: Mobile Friendly.
  • Products Import: Unlimited Products Import. 1 click Product Import
  • Automation: Automated Order Processing
  • Shipping: FREE Shipping to USA & Worldwide
  • Products: Up to 100 Top Selling & Top-Rated Products
  • Value Addition: Edited Product Names & Images
  • Suppliers: Highly reliable suppliers
  • Support: Lifetime after-sales support
  • Domain Name: Custom Domain Supported
  • Ownership: Full & Permanent Ownership
  • Profit-Sharing: Keep all profits
  • Editable: Full freedom to change anything, including design, products & prices
  • Pricing Setup: Full control, including the ability to set up your prices & profit margins
  • Liquidity: Grow & Resell the business at a higher price
  • Monthly Expenses: Shopify FREE Trial and US$1/mo for 3 months on Select plans.

“Your one-stop-shop for everything you need to start your eCommerce business”

We’re proud to announce our new College Things Shopify Starter Dropship Ecommerce Website! Our college eCommerce website is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to start their own dropshipping business right away. We’ve designed it to be easy to navigate and understand, with lots of features to make it easier than ever to get up and running in no time. You’ll be able to customize your website with your logo, add any products you wish, and add your own store and blog. With College Things, you can be up and running in just 24 hours!

This means that you can start and run your college things’ online store from the comfort of your home or even while remaining on the move or as a full-time business while availing Shopify fulfillment services. Your store would be preloaded with the very best of college things and accessories from the best suppliers in the town.

What You’ll Get

All you need is to just buy Shopify starter store or Shopify premium store from us, just wait for one day for us to turn it from a ready-to-go-live store to a fully-functional and live store.

  • You can then enter your domain name and connect it with your payment provider and start promoting it and selling on Shopify.
  • The best thing about our custom-designed and fully-automated college things’ dropshipping Shopify online store is that customers of your store don’t have to pay anything as shipping charges as shipping is absolutely free worldwide.
  • In addition to these advantages, we at BEBIGGY connect you with some of the most successful, admired, and top industry suppliers of college things (and even access their Shopify fulfillment services)
  • The suppliers are specializing in a comprehensive range of products including college mugs, college memorabilia, decorations, lighting, storage, etc. You can even showcase all of your available products with a user-friendly catalog.

Why Dropship College Things Is One of The Best Business Ideas?

In every country of the world, there are hundreds and thousands of colleges and educational institutions. This simply means that there are millions and billions of potential customers for your eCommerce store right from day one. You can promote your web store using a wide range of marketing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to create brand awareness and evoke the attention of one and all, help them make informed decisions, and purchase from your Shopify store using safe and secure payment options.

The possibilities of profit-making with a college things’ Shopify Starter Dropship Ecommerce Website are endless, to say the least. It is primarily because thousands, millions, and billions of potential customers across the world are already searching for college things and ready to pay a reasonable price for them. With the effective promotion, your college things’ store can be the first and obvious choice of these countless customers.

Why should buy BEBEGGY’s starter dropshipping store

We at BEBIGGY do understand that it is difficult for budding entrepreneurs to identify the best Shopify designers and Shopify developers when it comes to Shopify design and Shopify development. This is the reason why our teams of Shopify designers and Shopify developers work round-the-clock to ensure that all your concerns regarding the best Shopify designer and Shopify developer are handled to the best of your satisfaction without compromising on the quality of the final deliverables.

By choosing BEBIGGY, you can be assured of the maximum exposure in today’s tech-savvy and internet-dominated world as our teams of professional and experienced Shopify designers and Shopify developers have the skills as well as the resources to turn a ready-to-go-live website into a fully-automated and money-churning eCommerce store in absolutely no time.

Join hands with us and ride on the exciting journey to become the owner of successful Turnkey dropship websites for sale and explore exciting Turnkey online business opportunities. Buy a dropshipping website now and start dropshipping on Shopify.

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Grab this exclusive and comprehensive college things’ eCommerce Shopify dropshipping store before anyone else. The list of advantages associated with a college things Store Shopify Starter Dropship eCommerce store from BEBIGGY is endless, to say the least.

Complete ownership of business

You get complete ownership and freedom to add, edit, or delete products as per your wish or according to prevailing market trends. You can even make changes to product or website content to further boost your presence in search engine result pages. You have the complete freedom to approach us if you need any kind of assistance pertaining to a temporary technical glitch or assistance regarding adding, editing, or deleting a specific product, page, or category or guidance with Shopify for sale stores.

The Facebook marketing training program

You can even take optimum advantages from our free Facebook marketing training program that is available to our clients. Using it, you can easily learn the most profitable, successful, and cost-efficient social media marketing tools, techniques, and promotional strategies to quickly put your online college things’ Shopify drop shipping eCommerce store ahead of the competition and start and continue making lots of profits in the quickest and best possible ways.

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Successful Shopify dropshipping store

You can always count on BEBIGGY to give you a store that can easily feature in the list of top and most successful Shopify dropshipping stores. You can even make the most out of user-friendly and experience-optimizing online shopping products, services, and solutions to evoke and retain the attention of existing and potential customers on a consistent basis.

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Professionally-designed logo

We can even help you out with logo creation if you want to get a professionally-designed logo for your online Shopify store or want to revamp an existing logo to get more value from the logo. You can simply reach out to us and we will design a custom logo for just an extra $20.

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Free Offers

BEBIGGY wants you to make informed decisions and run your Shopify web store. Therefore, we offer a free subscription of 3 months to our Winning Products’ services. Using them, you can spy on the processes and functioning of the most successful Shopify stores to identify and implement their bestselling products, promotional strategies, etc. You can even use this data to avoid promotional mistakes to stay ahead of the competition in the short as well as the long run.