How To Start an eCommerce Business With No Money?

Looking to buy an established business for sale? Wondering how to start an eCommerce Business with no money? We got you covered. Learn how to start and grow your eCommerce store now.

So you want to start making money by selling products on the internet! And we’re surely not talking about dropping a few affiliate links. We are talking about creating and maintaining a complete storefront — best products to sell on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms, a huge variety of merchandise, automation at its very best, and lifelong customers — all with you in the charge.

That’s the world of eCommerce for you and time for you to forget the complexities and technicalities plus the huge upfront costs of physical retail. In a world dominated by giants like BE BIGGY, the future of commerce surely lies in selling products on the internet.

With consumers across the world increasingly relying on online shopping, it is estimated that 95 percent of all purchases will be made online by 2040. In the United States alone, online shopping already accounts for more than 15 percent of retail sales. By 2021, eCommerce will be responsible for $4.5 trillion in sales. The interesting part is that Millennials and Gen Xers are the biggest online shoppers today with 56 percent of Gen Xers 67 percent of Millennials preferring to shop on the internet versus in a brick-and-mortar store. All these statistics truly suggest that if ever there was a time to start an online business, it is now or never! But how? Well, time to know more about dropshipping!

Let’s Talk About Dropshipping

Dropshipping can be classified as an eCommerce approach wherein you don’t handle or store physical products yourself. Instead, the products are stored, packed, and shipped by a third party (called the dropshipping supplier, usually a wholesaler or manufacturer) to leave you only handle marketing and customer service.

However, things are not easy as they appear. The world of dropshipping is competitive but not saturated to even suggest that you will not end up making profits. But, you must be smart with your choices. You have an option to create a website for your eCommerce business by scratch or instead buy a turnkey, readymade website for sale to get started immediately. In the former option, you have to wait for months to even conceptualize the idea of how to start an online business and then identifying the best Shopify website designers and Shopify website developers before they come out with a proposal.

You will then have to carefully assess their proposal and provide your consent and then they’ll take few more months to make your dreams of being the owner of an online business a reality. However, there is a possibility that you make think about making some changes or the freelancing or full-time professionals hired by you don’t have the expertise — a perfect recipe for disaster.

The latter option is instant, effective, realistic, and sound — you buy readymade eCommerce website from BE BIGGY and it gets delivered to you within just 24 hours. These professional Shopify dropshipping eCommerce websites reduce swipes and taps for customers that make it faster for them to purchase your products and/or services. Not only this, turnkey readymade eCommerce websites from BE BIGGY look stunning on any device as they work flawlessly on every device, from smartphones to laptops. 

The best thing is that your drop shipping store comes preloaded with niche-specific, personalized, bestselling, popular, and latest products to sell on Shopify — the world’s most successful eCommerce platform. You don’t have to spend countless hours to process and manage orders as everything can be completed with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can handle everything related to your drop shipping from any geographical location of the world, anytime. This means that you can handle all orders of your web store even while attending the wedding of a close relative or friend or you can even sneak some time out from a social gathering or meeting of colleagues and then get back to the partying mode.


BE BIGGY is the world’s most trusted business for sale marketplace when it comes to turnkey websites for sale that make profit and traffic. Since its inception, BE BIGGY has been admired for the impeccable quality and variety of Shopify dropshipping eCommerce web store building capabilities. It allows you to start an eCommerce business with no money as you don’t have to spend any money on or handle inventory, packaging, and shipping as everything is handled by the dropshipping suppliers.

Moreover, you don’t have to spend anything on hiring Shopify designers and developers as BE BIGGY provides fully-functional and automated eCommerce websites that are ready to go live within just one day. Moreover, you don’t have to hire any employee to manage store as while order management can be handled by you alone, the complicated and time-consuming tasks of inventory, packaging, and shipping are with the dropshipping suppliers. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend money on reaching out and associating with the dropshipping suppliers before putting out their products on your web store as that too is already handled by BE BIGGY on your behalf. 

BE BIGGY preloads your web store with the best and latest products to sell on Shopify so that you can just relax and start marketing your store and sell your store products. With a few hours of daily store promotion, you can expect your target audience to start knowing about you. Once you have extended your reach to members of the target audience, you can create engaging, unique, and relevant content and collaterals to evoke and retain their attention for long. By helping them make informed decisions by providing clear, precise, useful, and accurate information about the benefits and usefulness of your store products, you can easily create awareness about your products and brand in the mind of your target audience.

Grab your fully-functional and automated eCommerce website from BE BIGGY now!

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