How to design a logo for Shopify Store[Pro Tips]

How to design a logo for Shopify Store[Pro Tips]

Today’s post is all about How to design a logo for Shopify Store.

Whether you are a beginner or have a good portfolio, this article will give you creative techniques for designing an excellent logo for your store. 


“Making a logo is not rocket science and can be done by anybody. In fact, you might not even need to be an artist to create a great one.”

Let’s have a look at the following step-by-step guide-

How to design a logo for Shopify: Step-by-Step Guide 

Determine your brand name

Do you ever think about the significance of your name in your life? That’s correct; it’s your very own entity that reflects you. 

In the same way, your company name is the heart of your business and a reflection of its mission.

You need to have a brand name first before you design a logo.

Consider the image you want your company to convey. Your business name must reflect the mission of the company. Make sure that it is unique. Don’t choose a name that has already been taken.

Many small business owners design their logo first and worry about branding later. But in reality, the two must be considered together as one concept.

Identify the target audience of the logo

Prior to developing a logo idea, it’s essential to determine your target audience. This will help you make the logo relevant to your needs. Think about what the logo means and what it can say about your company.

For example, if you create a logo for a children’s toy company, you can create something resembling a toy. In fact, you could base your logo on the toy itself. Or you could create a logo that combines the colors of toys and a cartoon character. 

If you are selling pet supplies, a pet logo would be perfect. You might think about designing a dog that is wearing dog boots. That way, people would know that the company sells dog supplies.

Create Brand-Related Conceptual logo Sketches

A good custom logo sketch is a powerful tool that will allow you to see your logo in action and get some early design feedback. A custom logo sketch can be just as valuable as a full-blown logo and icon set

This conceptual sketch will be used to develop the final professional logo in Photoshop. The sketches should be created based on the concept behind your brand and the personality of your business.

This process requires brainstorming. Brainstorm ideas for each element of the logo. Consider colors, patterns, images, shapes, and fonts that complement your brand.

Once you have an idea for the logo, go back and forth between the text you want to appear on the logo and your ideas. Try to figure out how to combine your chosen elements into one cohesive awesome logo design.

Layout your logo with a Free Online Design Tool

Now is the time to give your brand identity a visual representation.

Search on Google “Free logo Maker” or “Free logo generator.” There are plenty of logo templates and free online logo-maker tools that you can use to make your logo.

You can also use a software program called Canva to create a logo from scratch.

With a bit of research, you can put together a basic graphic designed to showcase the most critical aspects of your brand without wasting too much time or money.

Use Colors and Fonts that fit your business 

You should choose a color scheme that fits your business or product. Avoid using too many colors. 

Perfect logo symbols generally have four main principles: simplicity, balance, readability, and uniqueness. 

Simplicity means using simple shapes, colors, and fonts. Balance refers to the idea that your logo must strike a balance between two primary colors. For example, red and blue. Red is typically seen as bold and bolder; blue is generally seen as calmer and more relaxed.

A great logo is simple but still makes the viewer feel something. Finally, readability and uniqueness refer to the ability of a logo to stand out.

Select suitable typography

The practice of typography involves organizing fonts and text in an aesthetically pleasing manner while enabling easy reading.

Your logo will be on your business card, letterhead, website, emails, etc. So, choose a suitable typography to represent your company. 

The right font choices can make a big difference in a logo. When you select a font to use in a logo, it will greatly impact your business’s success.

Determine the final design of your logo 

Make sure that the design you use is one that your target audience will find attractive. Be creative and think outside the box. The look and feel of your logo should fit with your business. 

Once you set your company logo, you should use it everywhere your company goes.

Your logo will set the tone for your entire company. Your logo should be simple, memorable, and bold. 

Incorporate your brand’s logo into the overall look

You have created a logo for your company. You can use that logo on your Shopify website, business cards, letterhead, brochures, t-shirts, envelopes, posters, etc. 

Want your brand to stand out? You must incorporate it into your eCommerce store’s overall look. 

In order to do this, you’ll need to choose a color palette for your brand. Choose a color scheme with the same feel and vibe as your logo, and you’ll be on your way to a brand identity that makes sense.

This way, people will associate your business with your style. Your logo is your brand’s identity and should convey your company’s message to the world.

Pro Tips create the best logo for your Shopify Store

Tips create the best logo

Keep it horizontal and mobile-friendly

After you have created your logo, make sure that it’s horizontal so that it looks good on a smartphone screen. Make sure that the logo colors match your theme color so your customers can find it easily. 

Make a logo that reflects the vibe of your store

First and foremost, consider what you want your logo to represent. What is the overall feeling or emotion that you want to portray? Are you trying to create an exciting image, or are you trying to portray a serious image?

Make a logo that stands out yet is simple to recall

You should never forget that the primary purpose of a logo is to attract potential customers. You can’t just use anything as your logo; it has to be effective. Be sure your logo is easily readable and has a clear message.

Be unique in your efforts

It is essential to ensure your logo design is unique and attractive. Never try to copy anyone else. Most designers get ideas from the designs of others.

Doing something different will make you stand out. The ideas you come up with should be your own. Make sure that your logo design is original.

Consider adding an icon to your logo

Adding an icon to your wordmark logo will be an excellent idea. If you do that, you will get better results. A lot of companies add icons to their logos. This is a simple way to make your logo more attractive. An icon can be anything that you want to include in your logo. For example, you can add an anchor, a star, a clock, a flag, and many more. 

Inspire happiness in your logo

Try to inspire happiness in people’s hearts with the design of your logo. Some logos are very bright and lively, while others are very dark and mysterious. Everyone loves fun logos. If your logo doesn’t seem fun, don’t worry. You can change it to one that does. Just take some time to think about your logo. Do you love it? Or is it something that you don’t like? You can change it so that it looks more appealing to you.

Get opinions from friends and family members 

A good way to decide which one of your logos is the best is to test it out. You can send them out to people who are interested in your product. Tell them you have designed a new logo and ask them to rate it on a scale of 1-10. If most of your clients think that your logo is good, then you are sure your design will do well.

Where can I create my logo?

create my logo

You’ve basic designing knowledge; great!!

You can create your Shopify store logo yourself with Canva.

Do some RESEARCH to find out what works for you and doesn’t. You can use it easily and understand it without any difficulty. There are tons of design templates available.

The best thing is to TRY different logo designs until you find a design you are happy with. You can even edit the colors, so they match your branding. 

Don’t know how to design your logo on Canva? Then here are some tips that will help you out.

  • First, you must decide what kind of theme you want to use. You can pick a simple theme for your logo or add an element to make it more interesting. For example, a clothing firm’s logo may have an image of fabric or a color scheme inspired by the brand’s products.
  • Second, you must figure out what font style you want. There are different fonts that you can use. You can pick one with a COOL effect and use a typeface that makes your logo attractive.
  • Third, think about the overall appearance of your logo. Change the font color, the size of the font, or the font style.
  • Fourth, you must ensure that the logo is easy to read. You should come up with a creative idea for your logo. 

Hire a designer from Marketplaces

You are not skilled in this area. No worries; it may be wise to hire an expert designer.

You can hire a professional designer from Marketplaces like Fiverr or Upwork. But you have to pay the designer to do it for you.

A designer will be able to design your logo so that it is perfect. There is no doubt that a good-looking logo will help to increase your sales. It is also an excellent way to promote your business.

Steps to create my own logo for my Shopify store

Steps to create logo

  • Step1: Visit Shopify Free Logo Maker.
  • Step2: Choose your business niche.
  • Step3: Pick a graphic style or logo template that you like.
  • Step4: Add your business name and slogan.
  • Step5: Choose the mediums for logo use.
  • Step6: They’ll offer a wide variety of logo ideas from which to choose your own custom logo.

What 4 things make a good logo?

4 things make a good logo

Color selection

It is the most critical factor in any logo design. Every logo has a color palette. The designer will select the colors for the logo based on the company’s needs. A designer must know the color that will be used by the company and then choose the best possible colors for the logo.


Choosing the right fonts is very important. You cannot use a generic font for your logo. The fonts must be appropriate, and the designers should ensure that the font is readable.

Clear brand identity

Your logo must be unique and attractive. You must know how your logo will be used and what it will represent. For example, you must keep the logo simple when designing a company’s website. The logo should not look complicated or messy.

Correct usage

If you are using the logo on a business card, then you must consider the size of the logo. You should not use a massive logo on a business card. The logo must be small and attractive.

What type of logo is most effective?

type of logo

Here are some types of logos which have a high impact.


An iconic logo resembles your company and its services. It should have a unique and powerful visual effect. If you are a business selling something like food, you need an iconic logo suitable for the food you are selling. Iconic logos are the ones that have a positive and emotional response from the audience.


A symbolic logo is a logo that artistically represents your company. Symbolic logos are used to describe the emotions or feelings of your company. It helps the audience to connect with your company.


A mascot is a cartoon animal that entertainingly represents your company. Sports companies widely use it.


The cartoon is a symbol of a company or a person. Looking for a unique and robust cartoon logo, you must choose the right one. There are several famous cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter, Batman, etc.


The geometric logo is another type of logo that significantly impacts the audience. Fashion companies mostly use this type of logo. This is because the geometric logos are straightforward and have a nice modern look.


The pictorial logo is a type of logo that graphically represents your company.These logos are used mainly by companies that sell products in the electronic field.


Abstract logos are usually used by companies working in the creative field. These logos are simple, and it does not have any elements in them. The shapes used in abstract logo marks make them less recognized and more rigid. Consider creating an abstract logo mark to compress your company’s essence into a single symbol.

These were some of the most effective logos for your business. As you can see, there are so many types of logos, each of which has its own benefits. So, choose the best type of logo, which will give you a positive response from the audience.

FAQs about how to design a logo

FAQS about design logo

Q: What are the 8 steps to design a logo?

Answer: The 8 steps to design a logo are

  • Determine your brand name
  • Identify the target audience of the logo
  • Create Brand-Related Conceptual logo Sketches
  • Layout your logo with a Free Online Design Tool
  • Use a Diverse Variety of Colors and Fonts
  • Select suitable typography
  • Determine the design of your logo 
  • Incorporate your brand’s logo into the overall look

What are the 3 rules of good logo design?

Answer: The 3 rules of good logo design are-

  • Brand’s personality- Your brand reflects the values of your company. Your company’s logo should reflect your brand personality. The logo should represent you, your company, and your products. Make sure that the design and colors of your business logo match your brand personality.
  • Mission statement- What do you do in your business? How does your company benefit the consumer? Think about these questions when you design your logo. Your business logo should reflect your mission statement. 
  • Memorable & Simple- The logo should be simple and bold. The best logos are easy to remember and use. 

Have a clear purpose. Once you’ve settled on a logo, stick to it. Be consistent.

What’s Next


The reason why you need a logo is to attract and retain your customers and to present your company professionally.

Now you know everything about how to design a logo for Shopify Store. Start designing your logo now!

Logos don’t have to be fancy. They can be simple and clean and still convey the message you want to communicate. 

To figure out what works best, ask friends and family for input. They’ll be able to tell you whether the logo is too simple, too busy, or just right.

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