How To Become A Dropshipper?

Are you looking for the best dropshipping business plan? Want to get your hands on a complete dropshipping business plan template and feasibility report? Wondering how to write a business plan for your dropshipping business? If your answers are in an affirmative, this post on dropshipping business opportunities and drop shipping business ideas will surely be of great interest to you.

The world of dropshipping can be a bit confusing to a newbie in many ways and this is exactly the reason that you should first emphasize on developing a clear and complete understanding about it. Interestingly, the term ‘dropshipper’ is referred to as two completely types of entrepreneurial activities by some websites. At times, a supplier who is involved in the process of product stocking and shipment is termed as a dropshipper and the same term is also used for describing the entrepreneur who just runs a drop shipping store and never deals with inventory, shipping, and logistics. In fact, the supplier who deals with inventory, shipping, and logistics is the dropshipping supplier (or the wholesaler or manufacturer) and the entrepreneur who just runs a drop shipping store is the dropshipping retailer. For the context of this post, we would refer to the dropshipping retailer as the dropshipper.

How To Become A Dropshipper-Finding Your Perfect Niche

One of the first things that you should think before launching your dropshipping store is to find a suitable niche.

This niche should be:

  • Promising and profitable;
  • Neither too broad nor too narrow;
  • Neither too saturated nor completely unsaturated;
  • Adaptable to evolving market and buying patterns.

How to find your target audience?

Once you have made out what you’re going to sell, the next task before you is to find out who will buy it — define your target audience! This is simply because it would be both easier and rewarding for you if you have a clear-cut idea of who all are interested in your products and services. Obviously, this gives you a better chance of converting this class of potential customers into buying customers.

Who are your customers?

Use tools such as Google Trends for making a customer avatar — this would be an average client profile. It will help you identify lots of relevant information about your target audience: language, age, gender, region, marital status, buying patterns and preferences, and their social and cultural indicators. Now, you have to start brainstorming what matters most to them, how can you evoke and retain their attention for long, what are their biggest fears while purchasing online, why do they prefer your competition, what online platforms and social networks they prefer and why, etc. By compiling and analyzing this information, you can make great inroads before you start selling products online to them.

What exactly do they need?

A product should solve the problem of a customer. Therefore, your first and foremost strategy should revolve around ways to clearly, precisely, and accurately customer’s problems, demand, preferences, and expectations. What are your customers looking for? And how can you help them with your product? Talking to your target audience in their preferred style of language after knowing them inside out is the cornerstone of smart promotion strategies.

How much money can they spend?

Unarguably, your profit while selling products on the internet is all about the kind and quantum of money that your customers would spend in your store. Therefore, it does make sense to think about their financial capabilities. Will they be ready to make impulse purchases in your store? Are there specific days or events when a big population of your target audience is ready to pay or has a tendency to buy more? When you’ve found answers to these questions, you can easily evoke the attention of your target audience by selecting the right tone of communication.

Building your store

If you want to start selling products on different online platforms like a social network account, you can surely do it. However, you would need to have your own drop shipping online store if you want to dropship like a pro. Why?

To start with, owning your own drop shipping online store gives you a great sense of achievement, motivation, and independence. You can make decisions anytime and you don’t have to obey someone else’s rules, strategies, and decisions. Moreover, you have the complete freedom and authority to add, edit, or delete any product depending upon its sales performance. Secondly, a professionally developed and custom dropshipping website inspires a greater confidence as it looks trustworthy. Thirdly, a standalone website is easier to optimize for search engines and promote for members of the target audience. Lastly, owning your own web store is an asset that can be sold at a premium by you at a future date.

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