Dropshippers for Shopify: Select the Best [Expert Opinion]

Dropshippers for Shopify - Select the Best [Expert Opinion]

You’ve decided to start dropshipping on Shopify and sell online. But the problem is you don’t know where to get Dropshippers for Shopify.

That’s okay. We do!

This is a list of the BEST dropshipping suppliers for Shopify in 2023. 

We’ve compiled it after HOURs and HOURs of research and testing. We tested many different sites, from those specializing in dropshipping to ones offering a wider variety of services.

Let’s start by looking at what dropshipping is.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an online retail model where you sell products on your own website and send them directly to your CUSTOMERS from SUPPLIERS.

The advantages of dropshipping include not having to store inventory and just having to pay for products when they are sold.

 You outsource products from third-party dropshipping suppliers that provide you with the products you sell.

Top 10 Best Dropshippers for Shopify

Shopify’s dropshipping platform makes eCommerce super simple, but many people don’t realize how big the drop shipping market is for them.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best dropshippers for Shopify that will help you get started easily. You can get Shopify’s dropshipping integration applications for the 10 best suppliers on the Shopify App Store. Our list consists of dropshipping wholesalers and print-on-demand suppliers.


Dropshippers for Shopify - AliExpress

AliExpress provides the fastest way to get started with dropshipping. You can choose from over 100 million products to sell on AliExpress. 

You will also have lots of choices when it comes to payment methods and shipping methods.

They also have a very user-friendly interface. This makes starting easy, especially if you are new to this service. 

To sell AliExpress goods, import their photos and descriptions to your Shopify store. You can import multiple products using a dropshipping app like “Dsers.” Set your price according to your desired profit margin.

When your customers place an order, send it to your AliExpress suppliers and pay the wholesale price. Once the order is placed, the supplier will ship the product directly to the customer.

China is the main source for both AliExpress products and dropship suppliers. So you can get your products at a reasonable price.


Dropshippers for Shopify - Spocket

Spocket is the best app where the vast majority of sellers are based in the United States or Europe. They offer authentic, well-screened goods with lightning-fast shipping.

Spocket’s goal is to offer the best online retail experience to provide customers with ease and convenience.

Its simple Shopify integration apps make it more convenient for customers. These apps allow you to do the whole process automatically. You can now order products from anywhere in the world at your convenience.

The suppliers send all of their products from the United States. Thus their prices are lower than those of competitors.

The software keeps a close eye on your Shopify inventory and makes necessary adjustments in real-time.

Before deciding to import a product, you can order a sample from the supplier. Each and every time you call, someone is there to help you always.


Dropshippers for Shopify - Salehoo

Salehoo is your worldwide supplier and wholesaler directory. You’ll get over 2.5 million goods from 8,000+ vendors here. All of the products provide significant profit potential.

SaleHoo operates in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The extensive market research tool helps to find trendy products.

If you sign up for SaleHoo, you’ll get the discounts and deals often reserved for the most loyal consumers of the best dropshipping companies. You can confidently bargain for the price on your products.

Salehoo requires a yearly subscription fee of $67.


Dropshippers for Shopify - Alibaba

Alibaba.com was started in 1999. Since then, it has become the largest provider of global trade services. A global company, it provides a platform that facilitates the exchange of goods and services between buyers and sellers.

It is not only the largest online shopping site in China, but it’s also a major player in the U.S. market.

Alibaba provides well-established retail and e-commerce enterprises with direct access to manufacturers at wholesale prices. 

A good thing about Alibaba is that there is no fee. That means it’s free to use!

You can even order custom-made and designed products. Alibaba safeguards its customers through Trade Assurance and Verified Suppliers.

CJ Dropshipping

Dropshippers for Shopify - CJ Dropshippping

CJ is a trusted eCommerce dropship fulfillment provider in China, facilitating international sales for Chinese retailers.

The company maintains storage facilities in various countries, including China, the United States, Germany, Thailand, and Indonesia. They’ve been working with regional storage facilities in the UK, France, Australia, etc.

In most cases, items are purchased from the 1688 and Taobao marketplaces. So, you can import them into your Shopify store at a lesser cost than those found on AliExpress. 

Get your hands on whatever you like, and store it in their warehouses. 

You can get your orders through FedEx, UPS, DHL, and the United States Postal Service. CJ has its own shipping line, CJPacket.

If you use CJPacket, you’ll get your delivery within 7-12 days to the United States.

Worldwide Brands

Dropshippers for Shopify - Worldwide Brands

“Worldwide Brands” is the largest directory of dropshippers and wholesale distributors. You can get top-level certified wholesale suppliers here.

It is a bit expensive yet a superior alternative. High-end retailers may use Worldwide Brands to locate wholesalers that carry name brands.

They provide several different wholesalers for drop shipping to attract clients from around the world.

Because of their extensive network, they can help you reach a wider audience online and grow your business.

Moreover, they often have robust R&D skills, which results in superior goods for e-commerce sites.

Eventually, the value of their brand will provide them an edge in the market. You can count on them to lend a hand that actually helps.


Dropshippers for Shopify - Doba

Doba is a dropshipping service that mediates communications between retailers and suppliers. Incredibly, Doba has almost 2 million goods available for dropshipping.

Doba provides many additional resources to help locate and upload items to your online shops.

Experts and the in-house sourcing team can help you compile a list of potential suppliers and items. 

Doba’s filtering system and extensive search options make it easy to locate the highest-quality niche items for your business.

You’ll get an email with the latest list of top vendors every month. Approximately 30 of the best goods in each category are showcased there. With Doba, you may receive email notifications about new suppliers, sales, and more. 


Dropshippers for Shopify - DHGate

DHgate is a global online marketplace offering over 10 million wholesale and dropshipped items.

As a general rule, DHgate’s prices are low, dropping even more when you buy in bulk quantity. 

With low-priced goods, the profit margin is much higher. Many reliable suppliers are available for you to use as a dropshipper.

Most vendors now provide free shipping, which is a huge money saver. For the safety of the buyers, the vendors offer a return policy.

Signing up for an account on the DHgate website is totally free. However, caution is advised. Unfortunately, some dropshipping vendors trade in counterfeit versions of popular brands.


Dropshippers for Shopify - Modalyst

If you’re a business owner seeking the greatest dropshipping products and trendy print-on-demand items, look no further than Modalyst. The website offers hundreds of high-quality, on-trend items. All are delivered to consumers in the United States in less than a week.

Getting started with Modalyst is simple and costs you nothing. Just a simple Integration with your Shopify. 

Discover top AliExpress vendors and thousands of US and European suppliers that provide expedited delivery with a single click.

They’ve made it easy to add millions of goods from AliExpress with just one click. You can install their Chrome extension. Their Private Label Dropshipping service allows you to sell items with your own label and hangtags, giving you an edge over competitors.

You may add thousands of dropship providers for your eCommerce store with a single click.


Dropshippers for Shopify - Printful

Do you Want to establish your own online store brand?

Create your own products and brands with the help of Printful, an on-demand printing and fulfillment service provider.

You can find dropshipping suppliers that specialize in white-label items. Their names won’t appear on products. So, your customer will get products with your logo and name.

After receiving an order, the printer will only produce the item. Meaning, no need for bulk purchases.

You can simply add new designs to your business and see whether clients like them using POD. It allows you to take greater chances with the designs you provide.

You may get started for free, but upgrading to a paid plan is required if you want access to more advanced features.

How to Spot trustworthy dropshippers for Shopify?

Are you new to the dropshipping business?

Then you will not know how to spot trustworthy dropshippers. So, I am here to provide you with a list of tips for finding trustworthy dropshippers.

Trustable dropshippers should be transparent

If a merchant is not transparent in their shipping policy, then it is better not to choose them as a dropshipper. They should have the shipping rates and policy clearly displayed on their website.

Look for transparency in terms of payments

Before choosing a dropshipper, make sure they have a clear and transparent payment policy. Dropshipping companies should have the details of their payment methods clearly displayed on their site. They should also disclose all information related to any charges or fees associated with the sale.

Offer free Sample

A reliable supplier must provide you with a free sample. Before you purchase a product, you must ensure that you are getting what you expected.

Free samples can help you with this. They can help you compare the product to similar ones to help you make a decision.

A lack of sample availability from a potential supplier indicates poor quality assurance.

Ask for customer reviews

If you are looking for a dropshipper then it is better to look for their reviews. Customer reviews will help you decide whether the merchant is trustworthy. 

Sometimes the reviews may be fake. Investigate the review source to make sure the reviews are legitimate.

Pay attention to their return policy

Always look for a merchant who has a good return policy. Ask them if they will provide any refund for wrong products or defective products.

Trustworthy dropshippers should be easy to get in touch with. They should be easy to communicate with via phone, email, or chat. You should be able to contact them if you have questions about their products. You can ask them anything, and they should be willing to answer your queries promptly. 

How can a beginner start dropshipping?

Select a profitable dropshipping business niche

First, you should come up with a list of your top ten niche ideas. Then, you should start with the one you’re interested in and with the highest profit margin.

For example, if you are interested in starting a fashion niche, you can easily start a dropshipping business on that.

Do some competitive research about your niche

The Internet is the best place that you can search for information. Look for the competitors that are selling the same as you. They will help you learn about marketing and how to succeed in this business.

You can even use social media to your advantage. Selling products through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is a great idea. There, you may find some of the most innovative thoughts in the fashion industry.

Choose an eCommerce platform and create a dropshipping store

There are a wide variety of choices when setting up an online store. Shopify is a great platform to consider.

Shopify will help you with the entire process of starting and growing a dropshipping business. You need to register for an account and create your online store.

You can set up shop by answering a series of questions presented by Shopify in no time. Shopify no credit card, and a free trial of Shopify make it easy to enter the platform.

Research and add some trending products

To make money online with dropshipping, you have to be really clever. Find products that are trending to make a profit. You should search for trending products on Google, Facebook, Instagram, youtube, and other websites.

You can even find trending products on Pinterest as well. Make a list of trendy products and add them to your store. Be sure to include detailed descriptions and high-resolution photographs of your products.

Find out a reliable dropshipping supplier

Finding a trustworthy dropshipping provider is essential to your success. You can do so by asking many questions and reading customer reviews. Good customer service is important when choosing a supplier. You should also look at the prices and shipping costs that they offer. Make sure that the prices are reasonable.

Start marketing your products

After you have chosen your product, you should now start marketing it. It doesn’t matter whether you will sell clothes, cosmetics, toys, or anything else. Marketing is the most important thing when starting your dropshipping business. Make sure that you are getting the word out about your brand. 

You should make sure that people will find you. Use Facebook, SEO, email, and social media marketing to reach a broad audience with your product. This will help you sell your products. You will also attract more customers. 

FAQs about Dropshippers for Shopify

How much do Shopify dropshippers make?

Answer: Dropshipping is a business MODEL, and any business’s earnings depend on the effort dedicated to it. You can earn as much as $10000 or as less as $100 per month.

Approximately monthly income from Shopify can range from $1000 to $1500 for a small, established business. But again, it’s your EFFORT and DEDICATION that matters the most. So if you put a little effort into it, you will only earn a few dollars a month, maybe as low as $100.

You can easily make thousands of dollars a month if you work on your store and promote it effectively!

Who are the best Dropshippers for Shopify in 2023?

Answer: The best Dropshippers for Shopify in 2023

  • AliExpress
  • Spocket
  • Salehoo
  • Alibaba
  • CJ Dropshipping
  • Worldwide Brands
  • Doba
  •  DHGate
  • Modalyst
  • Dropified
  • Wholesale2b
  •  Printful

How do I find a local dropshipping supplier?

Answer: At the heart of any marketing strategy are two words: Research and Leverage. You are in luck because I’m going to tell you exactly what I did to find the local suppliers 

  • Attend local trade shows-

Taking part in trade shows will help you connect with local suppliers and discover new products. This is an easy way to find out what’s happening in your area.

  • Search on the Internet-

The effective way to find a supplier is to use the Internet and type in the word “dropshipping suppliers near me.” You’ll get a list of suppliers that are available in your area. You should select one of the suppliers and start dealing with them.

  • Check online supplier directories-

You must search for suppliers in local directories to buy wholesale from the local area. A good dropshipping supplier directory will provide a lot of information about the best companies. You can locate a trustworthy provider with much less effort.

  • Check Local Chamber of Commerce-

Another method is to go to the local Chamber of Commerce and see if there are any suppliers listed. You can also contact your local business association and ask them if they know of any good dropshipping suppliers.

Where to find USA dropshippers for Shopify?

Answer: Top 8 best USA dropshippers for Shopify 

  • Spocket
  • Salehoo
  • Sellvia
  • Wholesale2B
  • Modalyst
  • Dropified
  • Sunrise Wholesale
  • DropCommerce

What’s Next

Entrepreneurs know that Shopify dropshipping is a great way to earn extra money online.

One of the main reasons I am recommending these dropshipping suppliers is that they provide numerous products and have received many good customer reviews. Learn all the tricks to choose trustworthy dropshippers for Shopify. 

I hope you found this guide useful. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments.

Thanks again for reading!

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