Best Dropshipping Niches For 2019

Undoubtedly, dropshipping is among the hottest online businesses in 2019 and beyond. This is not just because it is almost free, but also because it is easy to start. All you need is to buy a ready-to-go-live dropshipping store from BE BIGGY. By doing this, you get a fully-automated web store that comes populated with trending and latest products to drop ship. Then, you can simply start marketing them on search engines and social media. Sounds easy, right?

Yes, and no. For simple and obvious reasons.

Success with the dropshipping business model, like any other online business model, depends on choosing the best and relevant niche. This is simply because your selected niche will go a long way in determining how well your business will perform in the short as well as the long run. Therefore, it is always recommended to go for a business with a high search volume and moderate to high competition. Additionally, you may opt for the most trending dropshipping products that sell like hot cakes.

While dropshipping products online is not the magical fast route to success, you can increase your chances of making profits and becoming successful by selecting the top drop shipping items and marketing them really good enough. All in all, you require three things to succeed in the world of dropshipping:

  1. The best items to sell
  2. The skills to promote these best items
  3. The motivation to succeed

Over the course of this piece, we will cover some of the hottest items to drop ship in 2019.

Let’s get started.

Dog Care Accessories

If you are looking for a profitable niche that has huge sales and profits written all over it, the world of dog care accessories is all for you. A quick glance at Google search results and social media would be enough to suggest that this is one niche that never runs out of popularity.

With more and more people expressing their love for their canine friends, the demand for dog grooming accessories, dog clothes, food and water bowls, toys for puppies, collars, leashes, dog bed, dog shampoo and conditioner, etc. will skyrocket in demand. Taking up this extremely popular niche is definitely worth it. Buy Dog Lover Shopify Starter Dropship Ecommerce Website now!

Parts And Accessories For 3D Printing Equipment

With new technologies all around us, it makes sense to sell 3D printing equipment. 3D printing technology is literally revolutionizing our world and it is expected to do so in the near future as well.

According to industry estimates, every single resident of the developed countries of our world will in a way contact with 3D printed products from the year 2025 and beyond. By 2023, the global 3D printing market is expected to reach the mark of $32.78 billion at a CAGR of 25.76 percent between 2017 and 2023. This surge can be attributed to factors like the ability to minimize overall manufacturing costs, increasing government investments in the 3D printing projects, and the ease of development of customized products to name a few. Start 3D Printer Business – Buy Shopify Dropshipping Store For Sale now!

Wireless Devices

In today’s tech-savvy world, everyone out there is looking for portable and state-of-the-art wireless devices. According to industry estimates, the router industry alone is expected to $3200.92 million by 2022 with a compound yearly growth of 8.18 percent throughout 2017-2022.

Similarly, the headphone market is expected to grow at an astonishing rate of 45 percent throughout the next 5 years. By the year 2023, the wireless audio market is expected to touch the $31.80 billion mark while maintaining a compound yearly growth of 10.06 percent throughout 2017-2023.

Smartphone Accessories

Today, human beings just cannot even imagine their day without a Smartphone in their hands. From connecting with near and dear ones to marketing or sharing pictures and audios or playing games, Smartphones are everywhere and with it comes a huge and humongous demand for Smartphone accessories. By the year 2022, the Smartphone accessories’ market is expected to touch the market cap of $107 billion.

If you want to enter a profitable dropshipping niche in 2019, this is one fast-growing market segment that you just cannot miss out on. Get your Smartphone accessory Shopify dropshipping store from BE BIGGY now and start selling screen protectors, power banks, phone cases, chargers, repair kits, earphones, etc. Thereafter, you can easily promote these products by creating demand and awareness of popular marketing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Posture Correction Belts

The world of health and fitness is one niche that can never go out of fashion and demand. With almost every second person facing issues with posture, selling Posture Correction Belts is a wonderful option. Selling them will help people by solving their problem and it will fatten your wallet at the same time.

Pocket Language Translators

The boundaries of today’s world are shrinking with more and people moving out of their states or even countries for traveling, employment, or other purposes. This makes the Pocket Language Translators a wonderful item to sell to tourists, travelers, and executives as they can be used to translate languages on the go.


Currently, the purse and handbag niche alone is worth more than $152 billion. You can get a ready-to-go-live dropshipping store from BE BIGGY now and start selling tote bags, men’s bags, women’s bags, children’s bags, laptop bags, travelling bags, backpacks, and wallets are just some of the items that you can start selling.

For adding more variety to your eCommerce web store, you can even add travel water bottles and related accessories or accessories related to adventure and outdoor activities.

Night Masks

In recent times, the online sales of night masks have skyrocketed like anything. This is simply because night masks provide the ideal solution to an existing problem by blocking off the extra light so that users can get better sleep. Night masks are admired by a huge population, especially beauty fanatics for obviously beauty sleep, sensitive sleepers and travelers when they are jetlagged or have to spend their time in a new or unfamiliar place.

Moreover, you can complement your night mask dropshipping store with items such as earplugs, travel nets, etc. That said, you can even sell night masks if you have a Beauty Define Shopify Starter Dropship Ecommerce Website.

Always remember that identifying the best products to dropship in 2019 is only the top of the iceberg. Figuring out the best way to market them, smartly and efficiently, is the #1 secret. Buy turnkey dropshipping websites for sale from BE BIGGY now!

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